“And I sought for a man among them who should build up the wall and stand in the breach ...”

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Believe in U.S. Our opposition is weak. They feed on fear and trepidation.

President Trump Contrasts The Biden Message of Despair, With His American Message of Optimistic American Spirit

Put that smile on a person’s face and you will win every battle

This segment from President Trump’s speech today deserves some emphasis and contemplation.  As we have shared for several months the sales pitch of the DNC and leftists, writ large, is full of despair, doom, anger, hate and darkness.  This is what they are selling in order to generate support…. and they are relying on their heavily created COVID crisis; hence the push to demand masks etc; to solidify this sensibility in the electorate.

The opposition’s arguments are weak, antithetical to the spirit of America, and their platform based on negativity.  This provides a much stronger position for President Trump and all USA supporters to emphasize the opposite.  We are a resilient nation.  We live amid the most fortunate and abundant economic system in all the world; and we are not a people comfortable with despair.

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Rally to the standard you set for yourself.  Live your best life and influence those around you with a positive message.  You might not even recognize it but there are people looking for you, looking for optimism and joy. Give that to them.

Our opposition is weak. They feed on fear and trepidation. Be courageous of spirit not just for self, but for those who need to see the path in others. Do not concede an inch in the battle of ideas by entering a space structurally designed to perpetuate a negative outlook toward our country.  Stay focused, faithful to our American spirit, and optimistic. That is the way we build our coalition.


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Trump Talk Now Presents - **DIAMOND and SILK** -- WATCH

Volusia Top Gun
2900 Bellevue Avenue Ext

** Special call-in guest - Webster Barnaby. Click on image

  • How the sisters Lynette and Rochelle Hardaway—a.k.a. Diamond and Silk—“were created for such a time as this”
  • How the bridge between their mother’s sharecropping family and their father, a middle-class business owner, shaped their characters
  • Why being “preacher’s kids” was a blessing—and a challenge
  • How working in North Carolina textile plants gave Diamond and Silk early insight into the way NAFTA was hurting Americans and exporting jobs to Mexico
  • Why they supported Donald Trump from the minute he announced his candidacy
  • Why Diamond and Silk will never desert Trump—despite being offered large monetary rewards to switch candidates
  • How social media moguls tried to shut them down and shut them up, lied to them, and gave them the run around
  • How after gaslighting them for 6 months, 29 days, 5 hours, 40 minutes, and 43 seconds, Facebook made the preposterous claim that Diamond and Silk were “unsafe for the community”
  • Practical advice for succeeding the Diamond and Silk way: why “rejection is God’s protection—and redirection” and “your haters make you greater"

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 click this link: TRUMP TALK NOW 

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Congratulations Volusia County Republicans - Now on to November 3

August 18, 2020

Republican : Public Defender 7th Judicial Cir
(121 of 125 Precincts reporting)
  . Votes % of votes counted
George Burden (REP) 28159 30.3
Anne Marie Gennusa (REP) 24525 26.4
Matt Metz (REP) 40192 43.3
  Totals: 92876  
Republican : State Rep 27 Florida House District 27
(37 of 39 Precincts reporting)
  . Votes % of votes counted
Webster Barnaby (REP) 4985 43.3
Erika Benfield (REP) 4179 36.3
Zenaida Denizac (REP) 2356 20.5
  Totals: 11520  
Republican : Tax Collector
(121 of 125 Precincts reporting)
  . Votes % of votes counted
Will Roberts (REP) 55656 59.9
David Santiago (REP) 37279 40.1
  Totals: 92935  
Republican : Rep Party State Committeeman
(121 of 125 Precincts reporting)
  . Votes % of votes counted
Santiago Avila Jr (REP) 14564 36.5
Victor Waldorf Baker (REP) 25344 63.5
  Totals: 39908  
Republican : Rep Party State Committeewoman
(121 of 125 Precincts reporting)
  . Votes % of votes counted
Debbie Phillips (REP) 26143 65.5
Maria Trent (REP) 13775 34.5
  Totals: 39918  


*In the County Chair race, Jeff Brower garnered 44.8% percent of the total votes with all precincts counted. Deb Denys was a close second with 40.2%. (Nov 3 runoff)

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Nancy & Chuck want the post office to run their 'ballot harvesting' scam

Don't Let These Bandits Win

On Sunday White House trade and manufacturing adviser Peter Navarro accused Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) of trying to turn the U.S. Postal Service into a “ballot harvesting service.”

“The irony of what’s getting Chuck and Nancy back to Washington; it’s not concern about the working men and women of America, who really need our help right now. They want to come back so they can rename the post office the United States ballot harvesting service. So it’s unfortunate we get these – in the middle of the election – we get all these new cycle things going on that they seize upon.”

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