“While so many other states kept locking people down, Florida lifted people up"

“Friends, legislators, Floridians, lend me your ears: We will not let anybody close your schools, we will not let anybody take your jobs and we will not let anybody close your businesses!”

“Florida’s schools are open – and we are one of only a handful of states in which every parent has a right to send a child to school in-person. All Floridians have a right to earn a living – and our citizens are employed at higher rates than those in the nation as a whole.

“Every job is essential. If you are working hard to earn a living, we got your back in the state of Florida. Every business in Florida has a right to operate. We have stood up for small, family-owned businesses and have saved thousands of them from ruin.

“Because of our actions, Florida is leading the nation in the number of people submitting business formation applications and we are one of the top destinations for business relocation.

Governor Ron DeSantis’ State of the State Address - March 2, 2021

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"Donald Trump is back. More like him are appearing. ...

... And his enemies are not doing as well as they would wish. But it is not enough."

It’s Time to Engineer a New MAGA Machine

"MAGA and America First was never just about one man. It was a populist movement of “forgotten men and women” betrayed by a political establishment convinced its members are above ideas of representative and accountable governance."

The Republican Swamp is still very much full of swamp creatures. It was a key moment of the CPAC speech when the president named and shamed the worst of them, from Mitt Romney to Liz Cheney. The question is, can we find and support enough MAGA candidates to make the fake conservatives irrelevant?

There are some very positive signs that despite not having our man in the Oval Office, MAGA is very much alive and well.

Of course, this includes the double acquittal of President Trump, but it also pertains to the arrival of new Trumpian citizen-politicians on the national stage, such as Lauren Boebert, to local victories and establishment upsets like Mark Robinson, who leveraged his anonymous viral defense of the Second Amendment at a local council meeting to become the first black lieutenant governor of North Carolina.

MAGA 2.0 also includes obvious events, such as Trump establishing his new Office of the Former President and endorsing his first candidate, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Read More Sebastian Gorka

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Democrats using school kids as political hostages .. but not in Florida

“It’s a pathetic failure of leadership to not stand up for these kids and for these families.”

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During an interview on Fox News, Governor Ron DeSantis said the evidence is clear that in-person education hasn’t caused COVID-19 outbreaks. Democrats, including Biden, are listening more to teachers’ unions than the science.

“This is just purely being subservient to a special interest, and Biden has been one of the worst in it, because when he says, ‘My goal is to get 50% of the schools in person in 100 days,’ ... we’ve already had that,” DeSantis said. “His goal should have been yesterday to get everybody back in school, but he can’t do that because he doesn’t want to upset the teachers’ union.”

School closures have disproportionately affected students from low-income, blue-collar and middle-class families, the Governor said.

“The wealthy son and daughters of, say, elected officials and other powerful people, they’re sending their kids in person in private schools, but they’re not affording that right to the folks who need to go to the public school system.”


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America First - America Forever

Florida headlines CPAC

We will do what we've done right from the beginning, which is to win. We are not starting new parties, and we will not be dividing our power and our strength. Instead, we will be united and strong like never before. I am not starting a new party. That was fake news."

Click on image - Full Speech

  Sen. Rick Scott applauds America First

President Trump did something that has never been done in our lifetime – he stood up to all of establishment Washington and said NO. 

    • NO, I will NOT accept business as usual. 
    • NO, I will NOT allow any more bad trade deals that favor Communist China and hurt American workers. 
    • NO, I will NOT cozy up to Iran or back down from supporting Israel
    • NO, I will NOT support unnecessary foreign wars or giveaways of American treasure or lives  
    • NO, I will NOT stop pushing for secure borders. 
    • And NO, I will NOT accept your political correctness or the push to silence conservative voices in America. 

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“We are in an oasis of freedom in a nation that’s suffering from the yoke of oppressive lockdowns’'

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To see complete list of who spoke at CPAC click here


 "The Republican Civil War is now cancelled"

The Democrats control the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. In other words, they control Washington,” Sen. Scott writes. The memo continues:

Here is what they have done and are in the process of doing so far: cutting border security, granting amnesty to illegals, cancelling the Keystone pipeline destroying thousands of jobs, allowing males to compete in women’s sports, banning fracking on federal lands making us less energy independent and using tax dollars to pay for abortion in foreign countries. And they have built an amazing military-style wall around the US Capitol, at the same time they are stopping construction on the wall at our southern border.

Looking backward won’t help us win. Let us look forward and fix our eyes on what is important – an America with plenty of good-paying jobs, an America with great schools and safe communities, an America with freedoms and liberties people around the world would die for.  The only way we can lose is if we stop ourselves by needlessly fracturing

Read More @ Breitbart


 Keynote Speaker: President Donald Trump

CPAC will be held at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando Feb. 25-28. The conference, which is usually held in the Washington, D.C., area, was moved to Florida.

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Fake News Stunned: American Workers Are Republicans

According to NBC News, "There are signs across racial and ethnic demographic groups that Republicans are becoming the party of blue-collar Americans and the change is happening quickly."

Over the last 10 years, the percentage of “blue-collar voters” who describe themselves as Republicans grew by 12 points, while at the same time, the number in that group who identify as Democrat went down eight points.

The GOP saw a 13-point increase in Hispanic blue collar workers.

Black blue-collar workers also increased from five percent to 12 percent over the last 10 years.


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Florida’s election system is the most transparent and efficient in the country

Last November, Florida held the smoothest, most successful election of any state in the country." 

“While we should celebrate this feat, we should not rest on our laurels. Today, we are taking action to ensure that Florida remains a leader on key issues regarding our electoral process, such as ballot integrity, public access to election information, transparency of election reporting and more," said Governor DeSantis.

"By strengthening these election integrity protections, we will ensure that our elections remain secure and transparent, and that Florida’s electoral process remains a blueprint for other states to follow. The proposed legislation takes an important step in designing some of the nation’s strongest election integrity protections and providing unprecedented election transparency for Florida residents."
The proposed legislation would include the following measures:
Ballot Integrity
  • Address the use of ballot drop boxes.
  • Address ballot harvesting so that no person may possess ballots other than their own and their immediate family.
  • No mass mailing of vote-by-mail ballots—only voters who request a ballot should receive a ballot.
  • Vote-by-mail requests must be made each election year.
  • Vote by mail ballot signatures must match the most recent signature on file.
Transparency in the Elections Process
  • Political parties and candidates cannot be shut out from observing the signature matching process.
  • Supervisors of Elections must post over-vote ballots to be considered by the canvassing board on their website before the canvassing board meets.
  • Prohibits counties from receiving grants from private third-party organizations for “get out the vote” initiatives. 
Transparency in Elections Reporting 
  • Requires real-time reporting of voter turnout data at the precinct level.
  • Supervisors of Elections must report how many ballots have been requested, how many have been received, and how many are left to be counted

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Now Playing In Heaven ..

January 12, 1951 - February 17, 2021

"Rush, in recognition of all that you have done for our Nation ..

.. the millions of people a day that you speak to and that you inspire, and all of the incredible work that you have done for charity, I am proud to announce tonight that you will be receiving our country's highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom."

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Sen. Scott / Rep. Waltz -- Move / Boycott the CCP Winter Olympics


Republican Rep. Mike Waltz has introduced a resolution urging the U.S. to boycott the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing if they are not moved, saying the U.S. "cannot in good conscience" have American athletes celebrating an event hosted by "a brutal dictatorship" and warning that China's Communist Party would be "emboldened by the legitimacy conferred by the Olympics."

Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., earlier the month also introduced a resolution in the Senate, calling on the International Olympic Committee to move the 2022 Winter Olympics out of China and rebid it to another country unless Beijing "immediately addresses its egregious and numerous violations of human rights." Scott has been calling for the IOC to move the games from Beijing for over a year.

"Think about what we've gone through in the last year as a country – what it is doing to our children, to our elderly, to our families in terms of the coronavirus," Waltz told Fox News, saying it is "indisputable at this point that the Chinese Communist Party covered" the virus up.

"So you have that, on top of, what is increasingly coming to light a genocide – forced labor, internment," Waltz continued. "To see the American flag and to see American athletes in Beijing celebrating what is the worst of the worst authoritarian regimes right now – I can’t imagine it."

"It makes me sick to think of the Olympics – in just 11 months – being celebrated in Beijing after all of that." 

Waltz added that his resolution is "focused on the CCP." "There is no issue with the amazing culture and long history of the Chinese people. They are being brutalized by the Chinese government."

By Brooke Singman | Fox News

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"Lara Trump Will Win If She Runs for US Senate in North Carolina"

“The biggest winner I think of this whole impeachment trial is Lara Trump” - Sen. Lindsey Graham

 Lara knows North Carolina and North Carolina knows her. If she decides to run, she’d bring an unmatched ability to connect with voters, while also being able to raise the money necessary to compete in a close election.”

Lara Trump is a native of Wilmington, North Carolina, who describes herself in her Twitter profile as an “NC girl in NYC.” She is married to Eric Trump, the middle son of former President Donald Trump; the couple has two children.

If Lara decides to run, she will trample the competition in a Republican primary. It won’t be close,” a former Trump White House official told The Epoch Times. “And as far as the general goes, remember North Carolina is a state that former President Trump won twice, and Lara probably has room to grow that support with independents who value a softer tone.”


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Ron DeSantis is the leading candidate to carry the mantle of the MAGA community.

As Governor DeSantis notes schools have been open for in-person tuition all year and almost all businesses are operating without issue.  Millions of people are flowing into the Sunshine state as they flee the totalitarian dictates from Democrat governors.

Additionally DeSantis outlines the issues with Big Tech capturing confidential information from Floridan’s cell phones.  The privacy issues are being addressed by the FL legislature.

DeSantis says the threats from the Biden administration to institute a travel ban on Florida are unconstitutional.

Click to Watch

Ron DeSantis is the leading candidate to carry the mantle of the MAGA community.  A commonsense outlook and a pragmatic approach toward retaining all inherent freedoms and liberties are the smart cornerstone of DeSantis policy.

Read more at The Conservative Treehouse

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