"A long way to go, but at the moment it's looking good for Republicans in Florida"

Rush to Hannity on Oct.18 - "Voting is the answer. I know people think their vote is not enough but it is. Turnout is everything"



UPDATED: #WalkAway

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

Walkaway from the Democrat Party movement marches today in D.C. Congratulations to Brandon Straka for starting something very special. @foxandfriends

Thousands of former Democrats marched at the #WalkAway rally in Washington D.C. Saturday, urging leftists to leave the Democrat Party and support Trump and Republicans ahead of the midterm elections.

Despite frigid weather and pouring rain, participants dressed in red, white, and blue and Make America Great again hats waving American flags as they marched from John Marshall Park near the Capitol to Freedom Plaza near the White House.


#WalkAway from Democrats Rally in Washington, DC Brandon Straka is taking his #WalkAway from the Democrat Party campaign to the streets of the nation’s capital with a rally expected to draw hundreds of former leftists. 

Read - #WalkAway - By Penny Starr


Exclusive — Blexit: In My Own Words

By Candace Owens 


When I uploaded my first video onto YouTube one year ago, I entitled it “Mom, Dad, I’m a Conservative.”

It was a two-minute satirical stab at the social exiling that many Americans face when they announce their conservatism to friends and family. Soon thereafter I would discover that for black Americans, the punishment that awaits is far worse than any social exile: it is a full-court social lynching.

Search the name of any prominent black conservative and peruse the words written by liberal journalists:

Dr. Ben Carson is a “porch monkey”

Larry Elder is but an “Uncle Tom”

Kanye West is “in the sunken place”

Clarence Thomas is “a womanizer”

I have been branded a self-hating black, Nazi-sympathizer and rather astonishingly — a white supremacist.

The underlying sentiments are clear; black people are meant to think and act within the confines of what white liberals deem acceptable. But while in the past the threat of slander has worked to lag the spreading of black conservatism, over this last year, I have observed something of the opposite effect.

In fact, what many have misdiagnosed as political tension between two ideologically disparate groups is actually something far greater, far more deep-rooted, and much more likely to alter the trajectory of this country as we know it. Across America, black people are beginning to question political orthodoxy. We have been quietly building an ecosystem of free thinkers and at long last, the intellectual dam is breaking.

This unique moment will come to be known as BLEXIT: the black exit from the Democrat party.

For decades, the black community has been in an emotionally abusive relationship with the Democrat Party. Our fidelity to leftist politicians coupled with our false belief that a larger government might facilitate solutions, has led to the overall collapse of our families, neighborhoods, and incidentally, our futures.

BLEXIT is a national movement of minorities that have awakened to the truth. It is for those who have taken an objective look at our decades-long allegiance to the left and asked ourselves “what do we have to show for it?”

The media has betrayed our focus. They have learned the value of our untethered emotionality and have chosen to emphasize certain topics in an effort to suspend our rational thinking. This is why in 2016, the 16 unarmed black men shot and killed by police officers took headline-precedent over the approximate 330,000 black babies aborted each year.

This is why the topic of illegal alien children being separated at the border earned excessive coverage, while the 70% black single motherhood rate — a tragedy encouraged by our government welfare programs — is ignored.

The investment into our permanent state of outrage is opportune; it inspires a predictable outcome at the polls.

Until now.

Beyond anything else, BLEXIT is a chant of freedom. It is a chorus of voices from across the country whose hearts are exploding with the realization that we are more than the color of our skin.

Read it all @ BLEXIT

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Mark Levin vaporizes Dem candidate Andrew Gillum’s idiotic views on law enforcement


© Conservative Review 

Mark Levin vaporizes Dem candidate Andrew Gillum’s idiotic views on law enforcement


Reality check: Some bad guys have to be stopped with guns.

 Nate Madden
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"It is the mainstream media that is the malefactor in our life and time. We cannot escape their Marxist/socialist opinions."

  • "We are subjected to their views and values, their plans for transforming America, all day, every day, in print and on television. 
  • Ever so gradually, though, people are waking up to the left's disdain for us all -- black, white, brown, they view us all with contempt."


The American  left to this day is unable to accept the results of the 2016 election.  So certain that their candidate would prevail they have suffered a psychotic break from which they have not recovered.  

Every sentient being now knows that it was Hillary, the DNC, FBI, DOJ, and the NSA that  collaborated to prevent Trump from becoming President.  She/they fabricated the "dossier," planted spies in the Trump campaign, falsified FISA warrants, and leaked to the media.  Their plan was a deep state coup like nothing else in US history.  All the evidence is out there for all to see and read.

All of which brings us back to the fake bombs, the left’s October surprise to swing an election.  The migrant army marching toward our southern border was likely a lefty ploy.  They hoped to have the specter of "children in cages" on Election Day to rout Republicans.  

The Democrats still have not grasped the majority of Americans' horror at this coming invasion, and it was backfiring.  So a person or persons unknown deployed the fake bomb scare; phony, inert, devices lacking detonating devices, meant to look like bombs but clearly evident as a hoax to bomb experts.

By Patricia McCarthy 

Much more @ The Left's War on U.S.  


OBTW .. Hillary Clinton is staging her comeback.

In 2016, she nearly chose Andrew Gillum to be her Vice-Presidential running mate, and now she’s having her inner circle raise millions of dollars for his gubernatorial campaign.

Ron Desantis

They’re helping Gillum raise MILLIONS from progressive mega-donors across the country, in a desperate attempt to use this election to resurrect Hillary Clinton’s failed agenda.

Read more
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Standing in awe of the force of nature that is Hurricane Trump

Hurricane Trump

He is a freak of nature. It's possible you have to be an athlete to notice it, but Trump is blessed with amazing energy, stamina and quickness (at least intellectual quickness), and he does not sleep very much. I noticed early on that in physical terms, and even in intellectual terms, he was a world apart from any politician practicing today -- and he is 72 years old. In this election, he is running day and night. It is Trump against hundreds of Democrats, and perhaps thousands of media types.

By Emmett Tyrrell - Read it all @ THE WINNER - 
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October Surprise: "Sending a bunch of bombs that are not gonna go off and that are gonna be discovered"

False flag operations are covert operations conducted by governments, corporations, or other organizations, which are designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as if they are being carried out by other entities.

"This is gonna be instant fodder for the Democrats and the media to blame it on Trump and his supporters. .... It doesn’t make any sense for ... a Republican or conservative, to do this, if they care about the elections. None whatsoever," suggested Rush.

It would, however, make sense if a Democrat(s) were behind the devices, suggested Limbaugh. Everything has backfired on the Democrats, from their wild tactic with now Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh to their uptick in "mob" tactics.

Limbaugh then read the following tweet from freelance journalist Alessandra Bocchi:

As a journalist, my job is to be skeptical. Terrorist attacks are committed during times of desperation, not victory. People who’ve won against Obama/Clintons/Soros have no reason to attack them now, when they’ve all but become irrelevant. 

— Alessandra (@alessabocchi) October 24, 2018

By AMANDA PRESTIGIACOMO - Read it all @ October Surprise

© The Gateway Pundit 

Bomb Disposal Officer: Today's Pipe Bombs - Appear to be "Hoax Devices"


Several bombs were sent out to Democrat leaders Wednesday – none of which detonated. The Secret Service announced that suspicious packages w

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Sleeping Giant Awakens -- Early returns indicate a massive GOP turnout.

© New York Post 

The activists behind the latest migrant caravan dream of dissolving national frontiers. But all they’re doing is hardening existing borders — and the hearts and minds of Americans fed up with such stunts.

Invasion defined: "an unwelcomed intrusion into another's domain." -- "an incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity." -- "the incoming or spread of something hurtful"

An invasion does not have to be armed. We have fights against insect invasions. We have fights against invasions of privacy. Until THE WALL is built and reinforced with the appropriate number of border patrol officers, THE INVASION will continue. President Trump is doing his constitutionally mandated job of protecting the American people by sending whatever amount of troops to our border as necessary. God Bless him. 

© The Federalist 

Migrant Caravan Giving Republicans The Midterm Push They Need


By Helen Raleigh

The more illegal border entries such as the caravan are forced upon the United States, the more Americans will demand law and order.

By Joe Hoft -
 We reported last week that early ballots show a huge increase in voting in favor of Republicans.
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Greyhound Adoption Groups + Daytona Chamber of Commerce + Republican Party of FL + Republican Party of Volusia Co. AGREE


Nearly 90 greyhound adoption groups

now oppose racing ban


Adoption groups who oppose Amendment 13

• Amendment 13: Ends commercial dog racing by 2020.

Despite one's view on dog racing, it is another measure (similar to the 2002 “pregnant pig” amendment) that does not belong in the Constitution. To abolish greyhound racing statewide would put greyhound owners/ breeders out of business.

Daytona Chamber recommendation: Oppose (For an executive summary - contact Jim Cameron at the Chamber.)


  • Over 95% of retired greyhounds are adopted by loving families. 
  • The State of FL inspects and regulates all greyhound kennels at all tracks.
  • The FL Greyhound Association and the National Greyhound Association have a ZERO tolerance for animal abuse of any kind.
  • FL Greyhound Tracks grossed over $200 Million last year. $80+ million was from Live Greyhound Racing.
  • $11 Million was generated in State Revenues.
  • Over 3,000 Florida Family Jobs. Many of the Greyhound men and women have been in the business for generations. For them, it's a labor of love.

Read more
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Things are moving fast now. Visit your RECVC site often for the latest.

Newsline Stories

.© Townhall  

Pelosi Confident Dems Will Take House and 'Pretty Comfortable' She'll Be Speaker: 'I Am a Great Legislator'


Pelosi Confident Dems Will Take House and 'Pretty Comfortable' She'll Be Speaker


Trump's Merkel Moment -- and Ours

Every time you see a Caravan, or people illegally coming, or attempting to come, into our Country illegally, think of and blame the Democrats for not giving us the votes to change our pathetic Immigration Laws! Remember the Midterms! So unfair to those who come in legally.

Hurricane Willa grows to Category 5 force as it heads toward Mexican coast

© Daily Caller 

Approval surges ahead of midterms

© Townhall  

As Illegal Caravan Swells, President Trump Just Got One Step Closer to Deploying the U.S. Military on the Border


As Illegal Caravan Swells, President Trump Just Got One Step Closer to Deploying the U.S. Military on the Border - Katie Pavlich: Since last

 Katie Pavlich
© Townhall  

BREAKING: President Trump Announces Aid Cuts to Multiple Countries Over Illegal Caravan


BREAKING: President Trump Announces Aid Cuts to Multiple Countries Over Illegal Caravan - Katie Pavlich: President Trump announced Monday m

 Katie Pavlich
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Vote Democrat if you want to abolish ICE - U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Gillum joined the list of Democrats calling to abolish ICE in July.

Democratic Florida gubernatorial candidate and Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum was pressed by his Republican opponent in a Sunday debate on whether he would comply with an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainer request.

Gillum, who has called to abolish ICE “in it’s current form,” refused to answer the question regarding immigration, an increasingly notable issue in November elections.

“Will you honor a request from Donald Trump’s ICE agency?” Florida Rep. Ron DeSantisasked.

“If they provide a detainer request will you honor it as governor? Will you work with Donald Trump, yes or no?” (RELATED: Steyer Plows $5 Million Into Gillum’s Campaign As He Works To Turn Florida Blue)

Gillum didn’t appear to want to answer the question, and shifted the topic back to DeSantis.

“You can proceed with your time,” Gillum said.


ICE places detainers on illegal immigrants who have been arrested on local criminal charges. The agency will take custody of the immigrant after he or she is released from local custody and then decide whether or not to deport the criminal.

“He won’t answer,” DeSantis said. “Jake [Tapper], that’s important.”

“[If] there’s a detainer request from ICE, you turn [him or her] over to ICE or release [him or her] back into the community. Andrew will not answer the question. That tells me he’d be willing to release them back.”

President Donald Trump weighed in on the debate on Twitter, saying the Republican representative was victorious.

Donald J. Trump

Ron @RonDeSantisFL DeSantis had a great debate victory tonight against Andrew Gillum, a mayor who presides over one of the worst run, and most corrupt, cities in Florida. Ron will build on the great job done by Governor Rick Scott. Gillum will make Florida the next Venezuela!

9:49 PM - Oct 21, 2018 

Read it all @ RADICAL DEMOCRAT - by Hanna Bogorowski - 

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The President Needs Our Prayers .. And Our Votes 

Pastor Andrew Brunson prayS for President Donald Trump in the Oval Office at the White House - Oct. 13, 2018.

Lord God, I ask that you pour out your Holy Spirit on President Trump. That you give him supernatural wisdom to accomplish all the plans you have for this country and for him. I ask that you give him wisdom on how to lead this country into righteousness. I ask that you give him perseverance and endurance and courage to stand for truth. I ask that you protect him from slander from enemies, from those who would undermine. I ask that you make him a great leader for this country. Fill him with your wisdom and strength and perseverance, and we bless him. May he be a great blessing to our country. In Jesus' name, we bless you.


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