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Chopper pressers are the best pressers.  Sunday evening as President Trump is departing New Jersey en route back to the White House he delivers remarks to the press pool and answers questions:

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Ayatollahs in check as sanctions bring Iran's economy down


Iran Warns - Will turn Persian Gulf into 'sea of blood'...


Iranian oil tanker impounded by UK Marines on its way to Syria. Troops of the Royal Marines boarded and impounded the vessel in keeping with European Union sanctions in force against Syria since 2011.

President Trump has shown insight and deliberation on Iran as he attempts to renegotiate what was a horribly bad deal brought forward by the Obama team and his Secretary of State, Kerry in particular. It was a sellout. That deal did not achieve what it sought, failed on many areas and sent money to a terrorist state without getting sufficient benefits. It was in other words, what Trump has termed, “a very bad deal.”

What Trump is doing on Iran is trying to fix decades of bad policy and deflect their atrocious behavior in the region and as the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism. The pressure Trump has applied and the persistence to stay the course is increasingly likely to achieve another outcome. It is something Trump would applaud, and his advisors would all support, namely: regime collapse.

That is not military based regime change. Here is what it means: the Iranian economy suffers and suffers and then suffers some more. Inflation is out of control; the currency falls precipitously; goods are hard to find and dearly expensive; oil revenues plummet; and GNP continues to decline. All of this, in time could cause implosion—or regime collapse.

Read More @  by Ted Malloch 

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Strong job growth is back

Payrolls jump in June well above expectations

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WATCH: President Donald Trump Surprises Visiting Tour Group

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“A Republic ... If You Can Keep It”

"We will always be the people who defeated a tyrant, crossed a continent, harnessed science, took to the skies, and soared into the heavens. Because we will never forget that we are Americans and the future belongs to us. The future belongs to the brave, the strong, the proud and the free.

We are one people chasing one dream and one magnificent destiny. We all share the same heroes, the same home, the same heart, and we are all made by the same almighty God. From the banks of the Chesapeake to the cliffs of California, from the humming shores of the Great Lakes to the sand dunes of the Carolinas, from the fields of the heartland to the Everglades of Florida, the spirit of American independence will never fade, never fail, but will reign for ever and ever and ever."

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Upon exiting the Constitutional Convention Benjamin Franklin was approached by a group of citizens asking what sort of government the delegates had created. His answer was: "A republic, if you can keep it."

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 .General George Washington, Colonel Ross, and Robert Morris are said to have visited Betsy Ross in 1776 and requested she create a flag with 13 stars and 13 stripes according to a sketch they provided.          .  

 .Betsy is said to not only have accepted this request, but to have suggested significant changes to the design which included putting 13 stars in a circle and giving the stars five points.






The British Army was the most powerful on earth. They considered American militiamen a deplorable rabble.


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JULY 4TH, 2019 

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President gives Salute to America speech at the Lincoln Memorial

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President Trump’s role as Commander in Chief of the American military is more important now than ever, with the neoconservative wing agitating for a costly war with Iran and with left-wing radicals staging violence in the streets that many fear could threaten the stability of the American homeland.

America’s borders are under siege as migrants from Central America, Mexico and the Ebola-ridden Congo breach the border and gain entry into our country.

Control of the military will be a paramount issue in the 2020 election. Can Americans trust any Democrat at this point to properly preside over the most powerful military in the world? Americans must understand the dire situation we would be in if that scenario becomes a horrifying reality.



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Regional Field Director at Republican Party of Florida

Volusia County

In the last weeks of the 2016 campaign, Maryann was appointed RPOF Field Director after the promotion and transfer of her predecessor. And we all know how important Volusia County was on that amazing November 8th night. Trump won Volusia by 33,970 votes. That was nearly a 13-percentage-point difference in a county that eight years earlier had backed Barack Obama by nearly 14,000 votes.

Maryann Pistilli, from New Smyrna Beach, led a core group of women in Southeast Volusia who knocked on thousands of doors, encouraging the unregistered to register, Democrats to switch to Republican, and – most of all – to vote for Trump.

When those people answered the door and talked with her, the same subjects tended to arise. “Jobs. Jobs. Jobs,” Pistilli said. “National security. ... People know they’ve been lied to every day when they turn on the media.”

And in Trump, they trusted. “Being from New Jersey, and having been in real estate, I’ve known about Donald Trump for years,” she said. “He’s a huge job maker.”

Posted Nov 9, 2016 at 1:00 PM 

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Watch: President Trump meets Chairman Kim at the DMZ

With President Donald Trump making massive strides toward peace and stability surrounding North Korea, the media cannot accept -nor allow- the common sense solutions to succeed.  President Trump is clearly perceived as a risk because his success highlights just how useless and manipulative a professional political class of consultants, advisors and DC think-tanks really are.

The U.S. media are desperate to find something to criticize and openly cheering for failure, so long as it provides fuel for their anti-Trump narrative.  It is stunning to watch against the backdrop of President Trump cutting the Gordian knot known as North Korea.

It all began on August 15, 1945 with the creation of the 38th Parallel.

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 38th Parallel Created, Korea is divided - August 15, 1945

From 1910 to 1945, Korea was ruled by Japan, but when Japan surrendered at the end of World War II, the United States, the USSR, and Great Britain agreed at the Yalta Conference to divide Korea into two parts along the 38th parallel, with the Soviet Union controlling the northern part and the United States controlling the southern part. In 1948, the People’s Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea was established.

  North Korea invades South Korea - June 25, 1950

5 years after Korea was separated, the leader of North Korea, Kim II Sung, decided to launch an invasion on June 25, 1950, to try to reunify Korea. American officials were surprised by this attack and suspected that the Soviet Union was behind this. They feared that this would result in communists taking over the world. For this reason, the United States decided to provide military force to South Korea to stop North Korea’s invasion.

 North Korea and South Korea agree to a truce - July 27, 1953. 

After two years of peace talks, in which the two sides continued to fight in the brutal war, North Korea and South Korea finally agreed to a truce. The truce marked the end of the Korean War on July 27, 1953. The negotiations had been extremely difficult.

 Talks at Geneva fail to unite Korea - April 1954

When peace talks resulted in a truce, they still left the two halves of Korea divided. The Geneva conference aimed to unite them into a country. However,  the diplomats from the United States, China, Soviet Union, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and the Republic of Korea couldn't agree on favorable terms for their respective countries. Thus, the country remained divided.


In Japan: He stood before the world and answered questions for 1 HOUR  13 MINUTES

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NEXT: In South Korea. POTUS Attends Reception - Dinner

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Then at the DMZ, an incredible moment

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President Trump and Chairman Kim leaders shook hands over the concrete slab that forms the military demarcation line between South and North Korea. “Good to see you again”, said Kim in English, adding that he would have “never expected” to see President Trump “at this place”.

At 3:46pm, President Trump crossed the demarcation line, becoming the first sitting US president to ever step into North Korea. President Trump then walked a few meters into the North together with Kim. “Good progress, good progress”, he said as the two leaders crossed back to the South.

Asked to recount the moment and first words with Kim when they approached the North-South line of demarcation, President Trump later said he asked Kim: “would you like me to come across. Kim said he would be honored. It was my honor to do it,” said Pres Trump.

Then Chariman Kim crossed into South Korea and the two leaders met with South Korean President Moon Jae-in. The North Korea problem goes back to 1950 and Harry Truman. For 69 years and after 11 presidents, No one had been able to get a grip on what to do about NK -- until now. Our POTUS will earn the Nobel Peace Prize .. and this time it won't be a joke.


When seemingly intractable problems are met head-on by true American leadership.

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Democrat contempt for America and Americans laid bare

"These candidates want to transform America even more than Obama did, American citizens be damned. The difference between Trump, who loves this country, and all twenty Democrat candidates who seem to hate everything about America could not have been clearer in these two debates"

If there were ever two evenings that exposed the economic idiocy of the Democratic Party, it was both debate nights.  Every single candidate promises a wish list of free things for all, including a $1,000-a-month income (Yang) courtesy of the government. College will be free; health care will be free, even for illegal aliens; abortion will be free on demand; student debt will be erased; etc.  Not one of them explains where all this money will come from.

And if there was ever an evening that made American citizens double down on protecting their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, it was hearing all of them talk about abrogating that right.  They all clearly believe that law-abiding citizens should not own guns.

They all are abjectly committed to the hoax that is climate alarmism, which proves that all of them are a bit dim, ignorant of science, and subject to mass hypnosis.  If any one of them knows better, he is too afraid to say so.  Only Biden had the guts to say the U.S. is not the problem with regard to CO2 emissions, but he still thinks we should pay for the pollutants of other nations, like China and India.

The most destructive policy they all support is open borders.  To this bunch, illegal migrants, the hundreds of thousands of them breaching our border, are far more important than American citizens. 

Read it all @  By Patricia McCarthy

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The Democrat 'Snake Oil' Party .. ILLEGALS FIRST


The Deplorable gaffe was ruinous because of the word itself - The Illegals First gaffe will be forever remembered because of this image:
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New York GOP @NewYorkGOP

Raise your hand if you’re ready to hand President @realDonaldTrump victory in 2020 by putting illegal immigrants before American citizens.

That’s everyone, right?


UPDATE: Who Won Medals at the Woke Olympics Debate?

I am ashamed to say I watched the entire debate.  BY LIZ SHELD JUNE 27, 2019

Who was the winner? I would say it was a tie between Donald Trump and those who did something else. Here is a summary for the smarter people among us who did not watch.

* Most of the candidates claimed that Trump's economic policies are not working for the middle class, only the rich are benefiting. But According to Rasmussen's latest survey released on Wednesday, 50 percent of likely voters say the economy is good or excellent. By comparison, only 34 percent said the same about Obama at the same point in his administration

* De Blasio and Warren both want to put you into a government-controlled health care program and take away your healthcare choices.

* Julian Castro who doesn't speak Spanish, believes in "reproductive justice." I don't know what that is but it sounds scary.

* On national security, some of the candidates said China was the biggest geopolitical threat while others said it was Iran. I can't remember which ones, they all blurred together since they aren't really that different policy-wise, said climate change was the biggest threat.

* One big topic was immigration. Most of the Democrats on the stage wanted to decriminalize unauthorized crossings across the U.S.-Mexico border. This is insane, is there another country on the planet that allows people unauthorized access to their country?

Perhaps the second round of debates (TONIGHT) will be different. Just kidding. Read more @ Carousel of Freaks 


It may be traditional that in the scrum of politics, candidates make overly optimistic promises that the electorate somewhat discounts. Even so, we would wager that never in the history of this country have so many absurd statements been made, and unrealistic policy prescriptions been advanced.

Virtually all the 26 candidates vying for the Democratic Party nomination for president are espousing positions no more credible than the snake-oil salesmen of old. To get a clear sense of the absurdity of some of the claims, several examples are worth highlighting:

Snake Oil #1: The ‘Green New Deal’ 

The idea that the United States can solve a global problem while India, China, and others with many times the U.S. population grow their carbon emissions is nonsensical. Furthermore, the notion that this country could offset the emissions of others without destroying our economy is downright delusional.

Stunningly, but not surprising, the Dems seem unfazed by the Green New Deal’s $93 trillion estimated price-tag. 

Snake Oil #2: ‘Medicare for All’

“Medicare for All,” as Robert Pozen pointed out in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, isn’t Medicare at all. Under such a scheme, private insurance coverage would be outlawed. In fact, the current proposals are draconian even compared to the single-payer systems in Canada and Britain, which ration services and fail to provide high-quality care.

Snake Oil #3: Income Redistribution

We have a do-nothing, know-nothing Congress that can’t agree on how to get right the most basic issues facing the nation today, yet we are being asked to trust them to dictate to companies how to deploy their resources and profits? The resulting shift away from shareholder to “stakeholder” (i.e., political) interests would collapse the stock market.

Snake Oil #4: Raising the Minimum Wage

Another old chestnut that refuses to die is the foolhardy call to raise the minimum wage. A study of Seattle’s minimum-wage hike found that it actually lowered average incomes among entry-level workers. Employers simply reduced hours, hired fewer workers, and offset the cost of the wage hike. 

Snake Oil #5: The ‘Wage Gap’ Fallacy

And then there is Sen. Kamala Harris’s (D-CA) equal pay hoax. Harris’s plan would fine companies that cannot sufficiently prove to the government that they pay men and women the same for “the same kind of work.” (“The Equal Pay Act of 1963 already prohibits employers from paying men and women differently for the same jobs. And Title VII of the Civil Right Act of 1964 outlaws sex-based employment discrimination of any kind.”)

Snake Oil #6: Reparation

How would it be just to punish (via taxation) a vast number of people whose parents never even entered America until decades, or even a century or more, after slavery ended? What of those whose families never resided in places where there was slavery? How would we calculate how many African-Americans are descended from slaves and would qualify?

Snake Oil #7: Open-Borders and Amnesty

Many of the 26 hopefuls often say that opposing it is “not who we are.” Wrong. It is completely legitimate—actually, responsible and civic-minded—to demand that immigration be legal. We should be discussing how much legal immigration is good for America

MORE @  


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