Red States have strong economic growth. Blue States are having negative results.

White House economic adviser Kevin Hassett appears on Fox News to discuss how the U.S. has been able to turn around the economy faster than expected. 

FED Chair Powell has a negative outlook on the economy (Powell supports Blue states), while President Trump has a positive outlook on the economy (Trump supports Red states).

Hassett admits the unusual internal dynamic around the Red States having strong economic growth but Blue States having negative results. Clearly this distinction is by design. Democrats are so blinded to their ideology they are willing to put their citizens through intentional economic hardship just so they can try to hurt the president.

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BREAKING: Republican National Committee Announces New Location For Convention

Jun 11th, 2020

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel announced on Thursday that the party has moved its summer convention to celebrate the re-nomination of President Donald Trump to Jacksonville, Florida, after running into problems in North Carolina. 

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Trump Talk Now -- The Thursday June 11th Show

Featuring special guest, noted historian, scholar and commentator Victor Davis Hanson.

Dr. Hanson is a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution and the author of The Case for Trump. 


June 11, 2020
Volusia Top Gun
2900 Bellevue Avenue Ext
Daytona Beach, FL.

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This is not a drill - Enemies, foreign and domestic, want American history erased. 

The Woke Taliban have won. HBO Max announced on Tuesday it is blacklisting Gone With the Wind (1939)

  Watch - Battle of Atlanta

Buy hard copies of the art you love — books, movies, TV, music — because it is all about to quietly and not-so-quietly disappear.

Purchasing a digital copy is not enough. Fascists like Amazon will either delete entirely or desecrate your digital copies with censorship.

No content is safe because no content can meet the Woke Taliban’s list of demands, which is by design…

You see, it’s all about terrorizing us with Kafka-esque rules, which means there are no rules, which means we’re always terrorized and therefore timid.

This is not a drill.


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Democrats / Media have used George Floyd

If you’ve been following the week-long, highly political, three state grievance tour consisting of five funerals and viewings timed and located to maximize a 2020 political narrative; today is the culmination of the effort. However, you might also notice a big difference between how the media announced the program to the final day events.

The media previously claimed funeral number four for George Floyd in Houston, Texas, would be a small private gathering of family and close friends and that’s why Joe Biden would not be present to give his remarks in person.

As the Biden/Clyburn campaign explained to Reuters: “He is not expected to attend the service to avoid any disruption to mourners that could be caused by his Secret Service protective detail.”

That Biden/Clyburn claim was always transparently silly. As you can see today from the funeral dozens of congresspersons, senators, state and national officials were included in a large made-for-television, live-broadcast, event that was not the least bit “private”, “small” or reserved for close family and friends. Instead it was what we expected it would be; a Joe Biden political rally exploiting the death of George Floyd.

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