WE THE PEOPLE are donating 6 of every 10 dollars being raised by the Trump Campaign.

“Our movement is built on love, we love our families, we love our faith, we love our flag, and we love our freedom, that’s what it’s about. We love our neighbors and we love our country.”

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Sixty-one percent of money raised directly by the Trump campaign this election cycle came from small donors (donations under $200), according to Federal Election Commission figures. That is similar to the proportion Trump raised during the 2016 election cycle, when 65 percent of donations were under $200. 

And this is dramatically higher than previous Republican nominees. Mitt Romney raised 26 percent of his direct contributions from small donations in 2012, and John McCain raised 25 percent from small donations in 2008.

He's in a brutal fight for U.S. 

"I love our country. I am the president of the United States of America. I am not the president of the world."
President Donald Trump at rally in Manchester, NH


Our money is on him to win.

It's a good bet.

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President Trump supports the nationalistic position, purposes and intents of Brexit.

President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson are walking their respective trade teams through a process to deliver a U.S-U.K trade deal on the day after a no-deal Brexit is scheduled to happen October 31st.  An interim trade agreement that goes into effect November 1st 2019 is pure Trump win/win deal-making.

PM Johnson has promised to deliver Brexit by the mandatory date of October 31st.  One of the benefits, and also concerns amid the political left in the U.K, surrounds the economic impacts.  President Trump and PM Johnson would counter all those concerns with the announcement of an agreement for an interim bilateral trade deal ahead of Brexit.

This strategic approach, a deal that delivers both the Brexit result and the economic stability to offset any Brexit downside concerns, was the original idea that President Trump proposed to Theresa May two years ago.

by sundance  Read Conservative Tree House  

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2019 LINCOLN DAY DINNER -- Tickets Now On Sale

This is our biggest and most important fundraiser of the year, when patriots join together to ...

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NOV. 3, 2019

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TRUMP VICTORY TEAM is registering new Republican voters.

Training by RPOF Regional Field Director Maryann Pistilli. #LeadRight


Training in Deltona with Volusia TARS  ....  at Ormond Beach Public Library -----> getting it done at the Ocean Center



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Candidate Trump ran against the American state media and won. It's why they hate him .. and US.

President Trump continues to beat a media determined to bring him down

.U.S. President Donald Trump speaks to the media aboard Air Force One
while flying between El Paso, Texas and Joint Base Andrews in Maryland,

Conrad Black

Conrad Black

The Globe and Mail’s commentators on political events in Washington have, like the rest of the Canadian media, completely missed the story. So have most of the American media, which the Canadian media witlessly parrot. 

Trump ran against the American media and won. He demonstrated that they were complicit in all the economic and strategic blunders of the George W. Bush and Obama years: the Great Recession, the endless Mideast wars and humanitarian disasters, 20 million illegal and unskilled immigrants and a flat-lined “new normal” economy. GDP growth per capita declined from 4.5 per cent in the Reagan years to one per cent under Obama.

This president ran against every part of the political establishment of both parties including especially the national media, whom he has rendered almost irrelevant by using social media and dominating the talk-radio circuit. The traditional media, whose Trump-hating excrescences are inflicted on Canadian readers and viewers have, to their towering chagrin, almost no influence in the U.S. Trump has outmanoeuvred them. Most of the American national media is now an embittered, rabid, unclothed emperor, but their Canadian analogues spout their bilious nonsense anyway.

Illustrative of the Globe and Mail’s purblind leadership of our thoroughly misinformed country was Sarah Kendzior’s piece late last month, where she wrote of President Trump’s son and son-in-law as “apparently complicit in foreign interference in a U.S. election,” referred to Lt.-Gen. Michael Flynn simply as a “criminal,” and accused the U.S. attorney general, William Barr, of “misleading” the public with “a deceitful summary” of the findings of the Mueller report about Russian interference in the 2016 election.

She blamed Mueller and his team for not exploring “Trump’s possible involvement with organized crime … and shady finances … He did not want to indict anyone, even when their offences were blatant.” She grimly concluded that all this “could mean that Americans lose their own free will in the years to come.” All of this is just nonsense; an exhaustive investigation found no proof that anyone in Trump’s inner circle colluded with the Russians or any foreigners. Flynn was mouse-trapped without counsel. There was no obstruction. Trump handed over all documents requested, allowed all staff and collaborators to give sworn evidence, never invoked executive privilege and never interfered in any way with the investigation, as Mueller affirmed, under oath at the House judiciary committee.

All of this is just nonsense; an exhaustive investigation found no proof that anyone in Trump's inner circle colluded with the Russians or any foreigners

The outrages that did occur were that senior elements of the CIA and FBI co-operated with the Clinton campaign before the election and after, to publicize the spurious Steele dossier, a pastiche of lies and defamations ultimately funded by Hillary Clinton’s camp. The Justice department’s highest officials then used the same dossier as part of the basis for applications to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court (FISA), to authorize espionage against the Trump campaign and transition team.

The justice and intelligence apparatus of the U.S. was unconstitutionally politicized, the closest the United States has ever come to a presidential election rigged or undone by unlawful official interference. When all else failed, the canard of Russian collusion was dredged up, and although as FBI agent Peter Strzok acknowledged to his FBI girlfriend by text (he said he felt “concern there’s no there there”), this farce was kept going for two years in the hope that Trump would blow up and fire Mueller, as Nixon did Archibald Cox in 1973, so some sort of obstruction charge could be cobbled together to force an impeachment trial.

FBI agent Peter Strzok, was fired. 

It was a formidable bit of skulduggery. There has never been the slightest credible suggestion of any connection between Trump and organized crime, and the Internal Revenue Service has audited him constantly for decades and has never gone beyond contested reassessments. The only shade occurs where he has exercised his absolute constitutional right not to release his tax returns to the public. He also happens to be the only president in history who has made billions of dollars.

Lawrence Martin, in the Globe and Mail this weekstays clear of the Russian collusion nonsense, presumably recognizing that it was a fraud, and focuses on the vagaries of Trump’s personality. There is room for pause on some of Trump’s stylistic eccentricities. But he did not call all Baltimore “disgusting (and) rodent-infested,” only the district of Congressman Elijah Cummings after Cummings shouted outrageously at the acting Homeland Security secretary in a congressional hearing.

He did say four congresswomen should go back where they came from after they (Ms.’s Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley, Omar and Tlaib) had variously described life in the U.S. as “garbage,” trivialized the 9/11 atrocities, spewed out anti-Semitic screeds, compared southern border detention centres to Nazi death camps, and other such exalted apercus. The fact that two of them were Muslim, one Puerto Rican and one African-American (as is Elijah Cummings), had nothing to do with it. Trump would have said something similar if all of them and all of the 20 million unskilled people who have entered the country illegally were Caucasian Presbyterians.

The post-Reagan bipartisan consensus of soft-left passivity and decline, as the Bushes and Clintons passed the great offices back and forth, is over. (For 32 years, 1981-2013, a Bush or Clinton was president, vice-president, or secretary of state.)

The United States is now in a political contest between the Democratic atomizers who inflame and pander to every conceivable group of aggrieved people, and the Trump movement that rallies everyone to the flag through full employment, reducing the taxes of 83 per cent of taxpayers, ending illegal immigration, being cautious over unproved claims about climate change while protecting the environment, reviving the promotion of nuclear non-proliferation, where predecessors and allies had surrendered to Iran and North Korea, and in finally standing up to China, where even the Democrats and all China’s neighbours except Russia and North Korea support Trump. 

Read it all @

National Post


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President Trump’s economic policies are reversing a decades-long erosion of the middle-class.

This is not a theoretical exercise.  The execution of a broad-based economic and global trade reset is underway. Today’s economic results, the growing strength of our U.S. economy, is a testament to the success of MAGAnomic policy being delivered. These results, when fully realized, will secure our economic future and last for generations.

Factually, substantively and empirically the workers of America are gaining ground. Bigger and better than before and far beyond what anyone else could have delivered.



Just sit for a minute and think about the scale of opposition…. it really is an incredible accomplishment, beyond almost anything anyone would have hoped or imagined.

Follow. The. Money.

The Federal Reserve, Interest Rates, Currency Manipulation and Wall Street

In the past 35 years the Wall Street multinationals gained as cheap money flowed overseas to start global manufacturing operations; Main Street USA suffered.  When you reverse this process by punishing the multinationals (tariffs), shifting the global supply chain, and changing the best location for investment dollars, Main Street USA benefits.  President Trump August 7th tweets statement:

Notice the “we are competing against other countries” part of the statement.  This is key to understanding what is in the future.  The Wall Street ‘multinationals’, corporations making and selling goods, are invested in production within other countries.

On one hand, Wall Street loves cheap money (low fed rates). However, on the other hand Wall Street multinationals are invested in overseas manufacturing; and those corporations don’t want to see the retention efforts of China and the EU undermined with a lower dollar value (lower fed rate).  So Wall Street is schizophrenic (check the stock market).

U.S. tariffs hurt the Wall Street multinationals because they want to keep making cheap goods overseas and they have invested in this process.  To retain the multinationals, the EU and China are devaluing their currency in an attempt to lower the price of goods they produce.

Lowered currency means their stuff costs less when exported to the U.S. market.  They need the U.S. market for their products; AND they don’t want to move their supply chain, or manufacturing into the United States.

Devaluing currency is what competing countries are doing to offset tariffs and try to block Trump’s America-First policies.  China also directly subsidizes their industries with free electricity, free domestic raw materials, and zero cost loans from their central bank.

As the EU and China devalue their currency, the value of the dollar increases.  President Trump responds to this in a Twitter thread today:

One way for the U.S. to respond is for the federal reserve to cut interest rates, which should lower our dollar value and make it easier to export products; but can also raise the price of things we import.  That is why President Trump notes “(there is no inflation)”.

[However, I doubt any action from the Fed will change anything.  All the data looks to me like the Fed is disconnected in this process.]

We are currently importing deflation as the devalued cost of goods from China and the EU is lower than the tariff rate upon them.   The goal is to move those manufacturing jobs out of China.  Thus the incentive is for President Trump to raise the tariff rate on China even higher.  This looks like the most predictable outcome.

Three variables:

(1) The USMCA ratification.  If/when the USMCA is ratified, this will give multinational manufacturers an established and cemented option to evaluate for supply chain moves.  (Watch Canada election; Trudeau loses and the U.S. stock market will bump.)

(2) The Fed’s rate cut.   If/when the Fed cuts the lending rate again; it will only modestly benefit domestic investment.  The rate cut is against the interest of multinational corporations because it undercuts the defensive efforts of China and the EU; though the cheaper money could help offset relocation costs.  [I strongly doubt much impact.]

(3) Timing.  The Chinese delegation is scheduled to visit in September.  There is almost zero possibility for a deal, unless the Chinese economy is in collapse.

President Trump has a quiver filled with deadly arrows; and after labeling China a currency manipulator, he’s now more likely to raise the tariff rate, perhaps as high as 25% across all sectors.  When this happens U.S. multinational corporations with heavy investment in China will see their supply chain and business model completely changed.

 Read more by sundance

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"Open wounds cannot heal if we are divided. Now is the time to set destructive partisanship aside."

“We are a loving nation, and our children are entitled to grow up in a just, peaceful, and loving society. Together we lock arms to shoulder the grief. We ask God in Heaven to ease the anguish of those who suffer and we vow to act with urgent resolve.”

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President Trump will not accept anything less than a complete structural change in our trade relations with China.

UPDATE: Trump Faces Down the China Threat

POMPEO: “unbreakable” U.S.-Australia alliance

Speaking Sunday in Sydney, Pompeo condemned China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea and unfair trade practices, painting these contemporary tensions as a generational test for the “unbreakable” U.S.-Australia alliance. The secretary of state drew a direct link between China’s economic boom and its expanding military footprint across the Indo-Pacific. 

“I’ll hear folks talk about trade and economic issues as separate from national security. Let’s make no mistake about it, China’s capacity, the People’s Liberation Army’s capacity to do exactly what they’re doing is a direct result of trade relationships that they built.”

Pompeo went on to praise Australia for its proactive opposition to China’s 5G networks—a lingering bone of contention with some European allies—as well as Australia’s efforts to thwart covert Chinese disinformation campaigns and electoral interference.

Read it all @  by Nolan Peterson



U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has slapped a whopping $4.4 billion countervailing duty on Chinese cabinet manufacturers.  The rate of manufacturing subsidy identified within the ‘wood cabinet‘ study shows a massive 229% subsidy rate via discounted land, free lumber, electricity, raw materials, direct grants from government and discounted loans from Chinese banks to enhance export incentives.

 Ckick on image 

If you ever wondered how come Chinese furniture is so cheap, well, it’s not a stretch to consider those same subsidy rates likely apply to their household furniture and wood products.

(Bloomberg) Add $4.4 billion in imported cabinets to the long list of Chinese goods slapped with U.S. levies in the escalating trade dispute between Washington and Beijing.



Beijing has once again used their proxy province of North Korea to launch small two short-range ballistic missiles as leverage in the U.S. and China trade confrontation.

WASHINGTON – For the fourth time in less than two weeks, North Korea has fired projectiles into the Sea of Japan, a U.S. official said.

The two projectiles, fired on Tuesday morning local time, were assessed to be similar to the short-range ballistic missiles tested by North Korea last week, the official said. (read more)

Moments later President Trump and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin fired a counter-missile directly into the heart of Beijing’s trade currency manipulation:

(Treasury) The Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988 requires the Secretary of the Treasury to analyze the exchange rate policies of other countries.

Under Section 3004 of the Act, the Secretary must “consider whether countries manipulate the rate of exchange between their currency and the United States dollar for purposes of preventing effective balance of payments adjustments or gaining unfair competitive advantage in international trade.” Secretary Mnuchin, under the auspices of President Trump, has today determined that China is a Currency Manipulator.

As a result of this determination, Secretary Mnuchin will engage with the International Monetary Fund to eliminate the unfair competitive advantage created by China’s latest actions. (more)


Currency manipulation, intellectual property theft and forced technology transfers for U.S. companies in joint ventures with Chinese companies.

U.S.-China trade war developments have roiled markets for more than a year, and there have been signs the rafts of additional tariffs from both sides are having real effects on economies around the world. Click HERE to read more

  • The reforms within the original agreement were antithetical to Beijing. Chairman Xi Jinping and the communist politburo rejected them. 
  • For Beijing the compliance and enforcement sections within the agreement were too severe and did not allow China to retain control over the trade terms.  The agreement was rejected.
  • As a consequence it’s not a matter of “if” Trump will apply more tariffs; it is a matter of “when” will Trump apply the tariffs.
  • That said, there’s no duplicity in the U.S. Position. Mnuchin and Lighthizer are earnestly working in good faith; but President Trump is expecting ‘no deal’.

Secretary Wilbur Ross was very insightful last week when he also spoke of the current U.S. perspective toward the U.S-China trade negotiation.  

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PROMISE MADE: The Constitution Will Guide Our Federal Courts

When Trump ran for the office he promised conservative voters that he would take recommendations from groups like the Federalist Society. 


Senate Confirms More Judicial Picks

This week the Republican-led Senate confirmed 13 new federal judges. President Trump’s total is now 144

 99 District Judges — 43 Circuit Judges — 2 Supreme Court Justices

The very best part of this success is that the judicial slots are being filled by young (ish) nominees who will sit on the bench for many years to come. The move back to judicial decisions based on the Constitution rather than Democrat feel-good ideology will be sustained well into the future.

Conservatives fed up with decisions made by liberal judges can rest assured that McConnell has got this. Take that, 9th Circuit of Appeals. That court’s liberal dominance is in the crosshairs, too.


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AMERICA FIRST: We are now the world's top producer of petroleum and natural gas


U.S. Natural Gas Will Soon Run the World

"Fossil fuel — particularly, natural gas — will be at the forefront when it relates to soft power, national security, and robust economic growth for mature and emerging markets.  The U.S. now uses natural gas converted to liquid natural gas (LNG) from shale deposits in states such as Texas, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania to transform geopolitics.

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  • Positively, it means that the U.S. no longer has to rely on Middle Eastern authoritarians to power its economy, and the world order that has depended on the U.S. for global security since the end of World War II
  • The industry is expected to support 3 million jobs by next year. This new energy market will also contribute $62 billion in federal and state tax revenues in gas-producing states.

Natural gas production and liquefied natural gas exports are an important part of President Donald Trump’s America First energy policy. In a speech outside a Louisiana liquefied natural gas plant, Trump said, “We should be producing [energy] at home, not enriching foreign adversaries abroad.”

Domestic natural gas production will provide the United States with a stable supply of affordable energy well into the future.

A strong liquefied natural gas trade policy that removes burdensome regulations and empowers the states will strengthen our global energy leadership and protect our allies abroad from manipulative energy suppliers, such as Russia and Iran.

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