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President Trump is Making America Great Again

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Democrat / Hollywood / Media obsession with overturning the 2016 election is taking them (and U.S.) to crazytown.


Watching the way liberals “handle” disappointment is a clear warning that they cannot be trusted in a crisis. They could no more be expected to sanely steer our Ship of State than Captain Ahab was to take proper charge of his whaling vessel.

In fact, Moby Dick is the prototype for what is happening to the obsessed minds of the liberal establishment. Like Ahab, who lost a leg to a Great White Whale, the crazed swamp-dwellers lost an election to a Great “Orange” creature that seems to have come out of nowhere. He has not only crippled them, he has blinded them with rage and plunged them into a vast sea of obsession from which they cannot seem to rescue themselves.

The lasting popularity of Melville’s novel speaks to the self-destructive power of obsession. To visit vengeance on Moby Dick, Captain Ahab would destroy everything -- not just his sea-worthy nemesis, but his entire crew -- and, indeed, what was left of his vengeful self. In the same manner, the all-consuming vendetta that grinds away at the leaders of the Democrat Party could end up destroying them and it.

The last that readers of Moby Dick see of Captain Ahab, he is lashed helplessly to the body of his mortal enemy. That is the risk fools take when they are unable to cut the punishing ropes of obsession.

Read it all @ "The Ahabs of the Left"  by Doris O'Brien  


We can beat these crazy liberals. Join US ..

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'This is political mortal combat'.. by Conrad Black.


There is no point engaging in the traditional sportsmanlike nomenclature of describing the opposition as “adversaries.” They are enemies and the president would not wish it any other way. He ran for office against both parties, the lobbyists, almost all the national political media, and the politically active elements of Wall Street, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley. 

Trump has won the first three rounds, the Republican nomination, presidential election, and effective takeover of the Republican congressional delegation and party apparatus. But his enemies, in both parties, didn’t realize they were under serious threat until Election Night. 

By its nature, this battle can’t lead to compromise, just as there was no honeymoon. This level of division and antipathy can be resolved only by a decisive win.

Democrats fired an instantly fizzling cannon with the inevitable Bob Woodward’s customary pastiche of fabrications, unsourced misquotations, and malicious gossip. Woodward, the old sniper who never dies, on Tuesday had the distinction of being called a liar by two four-star Marine generals, John Kelly and James Mattis, both among the very few holders of high public office in living memory whose integrity could not be and never has been questioned.

Finally, Robert Mueller will now accept written answers to questions from the president on collusion matters. This is a concession that he can’t subpoena the president and has no evidence of Trump–Russia collusion and no chance of a perjury trap. The thought, expressed by many in the media, that Mueller could still hang tough on questioning of the president about obstruction of justice is, like the Democratic-media echo chamber’s joyous ululations over the Woodward drivel, rubbish. 

The conventional wisdom remains that the Democrats will win the House. I don’t think so. No president has ever run a midterm campaign remotely as determined as this president will, his objective performance in office is good — the economy, the border, and trade; his only weaknesses are stylistic, but he is a good deal more substantial and even likable than his gutter-sniping enemies.

Trump has not got to this historic point by being the blustering and crooked buffoon portrayed by his enemies. He is a cunning and pitiless enemy. This is political mortal combat.

Read it all @ Trump and His Enemies    

Do you want to Win?

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Chuck Schumer signals his readiness to impeach our president .. “The sooner the better”

Can You Hear Me Now?

Senate Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) revealed Democrat plans for next year at a Labor Day parade on Monday when he, using a bullhorn, told a crowd member that he and Democrats intend to impeach President Donald Trump should they gain control of the Congress.

“When are you going to impeach Trump?” a man shouted as Schumer walked by, carrying a bullhorn.

“The sooner the better” the Senate minority leader fired back.

“The sooner the better? That’s not answering the question,” the man yelled back.

“We got to get a few Republicans,” Schumer replied. “The Democrats are on your side.”

Read it all @ IMPEACH

Ready to Fight Back?

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Bill Nelson entered politics in 1972. He was first elected to the Florida Legislature. Enough is Enough.












(Photo by: EFE News Agency / Alamy Stock Photo)


Now it's time for Rick Scott

Support Rick Scott's Campaign

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The next governor of Florida must be smart, tough and know how government works. That's Ron DeSantis.

click to 



"Rod Rosenstein has a peculiar view of the Constitution and rule of law," said DeSantis. "The rule of law [to Rosenstein] is whatever arbitrary decision is made by him [or] others in his department. DeSantis said Rosenstein appears to believe that the Congress, president and courts are all subordinate to the Justice Department.


The DOJ "is a statutorily-created department .. [They] get [their] money from Congress." DeSantis said Congress therefore has the right to conduct oversight over Rosenstein and the Justice Department. "He has botched this whole Mueller thing .. He has let this thing go far beyond its original mandate."


Smart. Tough. Ready to Lead Florida.

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Nancy Soderberg is endorsed by Planned Parenthood Action Fund. (and it gets worse)



Former Vice President Joe Biden,

Former Fl. governor Charlie Crist,

Former candidate for Fl. governor Alex Sink.

Also, the following organizations:

NARAL Pro-Choice America,

Indivisible United Florida

LGBTA Democratic Caucus

J Street PAC

New Dem PAC,

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's “Red to Blue.”

End Citizens United

Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

Nancy Soderberg may as well be Nancy Pelosi.

They'll vote the same way 100% of the time.  


Vote Republican

Vote for Michael Waltz


Join the Waltz Campaign

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'If Democrats regain the House in 2018, that will be the end of the Trump agenda'

"Conservatives must turn out to vote in November. 

The stakes are too high for them to stay home."

Most Republicans don’t realize just how dire the situation is.  If Democrats regain the House in 2018, that will be the end of the Trump agenda, and conservatives may not get another chance to implement such an agenda.  Democrats in Congress will probably attempt to impeach President Trump, which will likely fail in the Senate, but the attempted impeachment will divide the country like nothing else since the Civil War. 

Read it all @ "We Must Fight Back"

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2018 Midterm Elections -- Here They Come

"Some of Hollywood’s most powerful and prominent figures are throwing their unending influence behind progressive candidates in a string of elite fundraisers, while other showbiz stars and operatives are holding secret strategy meetings to help elect liberal candidates."

Celebrities such as Jimmy Kimmel, Jeffery Katzenberg, and Alyssa Milano are all mobilizing to help elect Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections.


And The Deplorables are Ready for Them

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