AMERICA FIRST: We are now the world's top producer of petroleum and natural gas


U.S. Natural Gas Will Soon Run the World

"Fossil fuel — particularly, natural gas — will be at the forefront when it relates to soft power, national security, and robust economic growth for mature and emerging markets.  The U.S. now uses natural gas converted to liquid natural gas (LNG) from shale deposits in states such as Texas, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania to transform geopolitics.

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  • Positively, it means that the U.S. no longer has to rely on Middle Eastern authoritarians to power its economy, and the world order that has depended on the U.S. for global security since the end of World War II
  • The industry is expected to support 3 million jobs by next year. This new energy market will also contribute $62 billion in federal and state tax revenues in gas-producing states.

Natural gas production and liquefied natural gas exports are an important part of President Donald Trump’s America First energy policy. In a speech outside a Louisiana liquefied natural gas plant, Trump said, “We should be producing [energy] at home, not enriching foreign adversaries abroad.”

Domestic natural gas production will provide the United States with a stable supply of affordable energy well into the future.

A strong liquefied natural gas trade policy that removes burdensome regulations and empowers the states will strengthen our global energy leadership and protect our allies abroad from manipulative energy suppliers, such as Russia and Iran.

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President Trump rips Democrat's "far-left destructive agenda" at Ohio rally

“The Democrats have never been so far outside the mainstream”


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Delivering his review of the Detroit debates, Trump said; “That’s was long, long television. The Democrats spent more time attacking Barack Obama than they did attacking me, practically”

He mocked some of the leading Democratic contenders, reviving his nickname of “Sleepy” for Joe Biden, teasing Elizabeth Warren for claiming some Native American heritage and lashing the Democrats for their health care and immigration proposals.

“The Democrats have never been so far outside the mainstream.”

Robert Morris, of Jasper, Tenn., wears a giant hat as he waits in line to enter a rally by President Donald Trump Thursday, Aug. 1, 2019, in Cincinnati. (AP Photo/Gary Landers)

Robert Morris, of Jasper, Tenn., wears a giant hat - Aug. 1, 2019, in Cincinnati.


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"Here’s a quick cheat sheet. All the Democrats support policies that would raise taxes. They all support policies that would make the country poorer because less energy independent. Some want to give free college tuition to illegal immigrants, all want many more immigrants, legal or illegal. Most think Trump should be impeached. Some want to abolish private insurance, most want ‘Medicare for all.’

Gov. Inslee insisted that ‘it is time to give people adequate mental health care,’ a statement that won a round of applause. Judging from what was said from the platform tonight, I think he may be right." 


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Democrat Party Presidential Debates - It's so pathetic.

An embarrassment to have these Democrat Party fools presented to the world as candidates for president of our great nation. It's very sad for all of U.S. It's a shame.

Watch Trump age 34 talk about it -

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By the numbers: Fighting for cities like Baltimore

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Over the weekend, President Trump shined a spotlight on one of America’s hardest-hit cities. For years, corruption and poor leadership have cost residents of Baltimore their livelihoods and—in far too many cases—their lives.

Baltimoreans have witnessed a rise in both violent crimes rates and poverty in recent years. In a city with largely one-party rule, Democrat politicians have enriched themselves and their families while failing their constituents for decades on end.

President Trump wants cities like Baltimore across America to thrive. The only way to get there is by laying out all the facts—including those the Beltway media would rather ignore. Here’s the real story out of Baltimore that they aren’t talking about:

WATCHTrump is right – Baltimore mistreated by elected Dems, residents deserve better


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President Trump’s ‘Remain In Mexico’ Policy Is Working 

UPDATE: Barr Overturns Asylum Decision – Limits Migrants Seeking Asylum Based on Family Ties

US Attorney General Bill Barr ruled on Monday that migrants claiming to be family members of people being targeted by gangs is not enough to qualify them for asylum. Barr’s ruling will likely block tens of thousands of people seeking asylum based on family ties.

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UPDATE: This can be a true game-changer

On the surface, it’s hard to overstate the importance of the third-party asylum deal the president signed with the Guatemalan government in the Oval Office on Friday.

Geographically, Guatemala is the choke point for all migration coming north. Anyone from the other countries in Central and South America, as well as from Africa, Haiti, and Cuba, ultimately come through Guatemala before pressing on to Mexico.

Once this deal is fully implemented, in August, according to DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan, all these migrants except those from Guatemala will be ineligible to seek asylum in America. While the Central American migrants were overwhelmingly from Guatemala at the start of this crisis in 2018, in recent months there have been almost twice as many from Honduras. Thus, fully enforcing the requirement to first seek asylum in Guatemala will shut off most of the migration.

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“There is a big difference between waiting in Boston for your case and waiting in Mexicali or Monterrey.” Mexico is offering migrants the choice of waiting around for their court dates in the rough towns just south of the border or a free bus ride farther south. Many are choosing the bus, having realized that their attempts to game the system aren’t working out as planned"

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Franklin Lopez, 44, came to the U.S. border with his 8-year-old daughter and dreams of getting some new work tools he could bring back to Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua.

“We all came with the illusion that with a child you could get through, and unfortunately they reached the limit,” Lopez said. Now he’s headed home $8,000 lighter — $4,000 of it in the hands of a coyote who left him stranded in Guatemala, and $4,000 to get across the U.S. border only to get sent back to Mexico a few days later.

The official name for the “remain in Mexico” initiative is Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP). Thousands of migrants have gone back to Mexico under MPP (more than 10,000 to Juarez alone)

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Former ICE Director Tom Homan says the Supreme Court ruling allowing DoD funds to be used for border security is a huge win for the American people as the Trump administration continues to make border security a priority.

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 Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

Wow! Big VICTORY on the Wall. The United States Supreme Court overturns lower court injunction, allows Southern Border Wall to proceed. Big WIN for Border Security and the Rule of Law

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"Over the last year, more than 300 businesses and organizations have signed our Pledge to America’s Workers"

While Congressional Democrats spent the past year determined to undo the 2016 election—President Donald J. Trump has kept one of his most important promises to voters.

Thursday July 25, 2019

Watch:  12+ million commitments and counting

The Pledge is President Trump’s commitment to making sure the booming Trump Economy benefits every American worker. As the number of job openings soars and the unemployment rate plummets to a near-50-year low, American wages are starting to rise. But that great news comes with a distinct challenge, as U.S. companies struggle to find enough workers with the right skill sets to fill all these open jobs.   

That’s where the Pledge to America’s Workers comes in.

Last summer, President Trump introduced a new approach to bring more Americans off the sidelines and back into the labor force. He issued a challenge for businesses to create more career training opportunities for students and workers of all ages. To celebrate the one-year anniversary of that effort, the President invited the leaders of some of those companies—and the workers who have seen their lives change—to the White House today.

“Over the last year, more than 300 businesses and organizations, large and small, have signed our Pledge to America’s Workers, and today we celebrate reaching over 12 million pledges,” Ivanka Trump said.

Gathered in the State Dining Room of the White House earlier, the National Association of Manufacturers announced they will become the latest organization to meet the President’s challenge. With members that include American manufacturing giants such as Caterpillar and Boeing, more than 1.1 million blue-collar workers will have a chance to enhance their skills under NAM’s new pledge.

“Every single pledge is a commitment to the promise of an individual and his or her potential. We are changing the conversation on workforce development, so we can prepare for the jobs of today and tomorrow,” Ms. Trump said.

WATCH: US manufacturers pledge to train 1.2M workers

  • The National Association of Manufacturers counts Caterpillar, Merck, Salesforce and Boeing as members. 
  • By 2028, experts estimate that 2.4 million manufacturing jobs could remain vacant due to the labor shortage. But the sector is not alone in the problem.
  • Other industries are also exploring ways to upskill their employees instead of trying to compete for talent in one of the tightest job markets in decades.
  • Jobs of the future will largely require backgrounds in science, technology, engineering and math – or STEM.

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FAKE NEWS: Daytona Beach News-Journal -

 'No exoneration' headline is FAKE NEWS

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** 7/26/2019 - Letter to the Editor

Report fell flat

Democrats set out to derail the Trump Train. Instead, they've fallen victim to a political train wreck of their own making. They may have sealed the president's re-election.

Far from a towering champion of justice, Robert Mueller has exposed himself as nothing more than a feeble front man for a team of hyper-partisan character assassins who tried to take down a president but missed by miles.

Mueller seemed incapable of comprehending questions about his two-year inquisition. He seemed unfamiliar with the actual language in the 448 page document that bears his name. He had to be reminded that his own report equated the words “collusion” and “conspiracy.”

He failed to recognize the name of Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm that Hillary's campaign paid to produce Christopher Steele's unverifiable dossier on Trump.

He had to retract an earlier statement that Trump was spared obstruction charges only because of DOJ policy against charging a sitting president.

It seems the truth about this slow-motion deep state coup attempt against President Trump was not in Mueller's “purview.”

I am convinced that Mueller's highly partisan hitman Andrew Weissmann was the actual author of the so-called “Mueller Report.” Mueller's pathetic and fumbling testimony furthers the suspicion that the “special” counsel hasn't even read it.

Impeachment is dead. Put a fork in it. If Democrats insist on clinging to their “get Trump” fantasies, you can put a fork in them too.

Vic Baker, New Smyrna Beach

Baker is Republican state committeeman for Volusia County.

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