Democrats say they're the party of science, but in reality ...

... They're the party of fear, runaway emotions and myth.

Mask Confusion:

"U.S. health officials have refused to say when U.S. health agencies will no longer recommend Americans to wear masks in public. In February, Dr. Anthony Fauci suggested masks could continue to be around into 2022."

Poll: One of Four Americans Say It Is "Safe" for Them to Go Out in Public Without a Mask


WH COVID Coordinator: In Time, CDC 'Will Allow Vaccinated People More...Privileges to Take Off That Mask'

The Biden administration will not be satisfied until 70 percent of Americans are vaccinated. In the meantime, keep your mask handy until the CDC allows you the "privilege" of not wearing one. 

A Plague of Politicians

So what might have happened if lockdowns had never been imposed? 

  •  We would have seen far fewer COVID deaths as effective health care information would have been widely disseminated, focused care of the most vulnerable implemented, and new therapeutics rapidly evaluated.
  •  Tens of millions of jobs would be intact.
  •  Black and Hispanic employment would be at record highs.
  •  Our civil rights, rule of law, and our Constitution would still be intact.
  •  There would be no vaccine passports.
  •  Trump would likely still be president.


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Celebrate Mother's Day

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"When President DeSantis is sworn in at 12:00 pm on January 20, 2025 ...

He should give a short speech and by 12:10 be firing people. Lots of people. And right away."

  • He needs to fire Christopher Wray at the FBI and most of the failed Bureau’s leadership.

  • He needs to fire much of the Justice Department.

  • He needs to rampage through the rest of the bureaucracy, firing to and fro.

Then there’s the Pentagon – there’s a lot of firing to be done there. Trump was always impressed by generals. That was a huge mistake. DeSantis was in the Navy. He gets it .. by the time generals pin on that fourth star, they are all-in on the establishment. Why do you think they are so eager to invoke the woke? Because that’s who they are. Fire them.

Then reach down in the ranks to find the guys who aren’t poisoned by leftism and promote them. And take a serious interest in who gets promoted in the future – don’t rubber stamp the promotion lists the Pentagon generates. 

Trump used to believe in our institutions and it took him a while to see how totally corrupt they truly are. He thought, for too long, that the DoJ and FBI and other agencies really had America’s interests at heart instead of the liberal establishment’s priorities.

Trump had no (political) Rolodex. Trump had no one to call. That’s a big part of why his administration was staffed with people who had zero loyalty and spent their time undermining him and his policies. It was only at the end that Trump found trustworthy folks who would do their jobs instead of pursue outside agendas.

President DeSantis will not have that problem – there’s a whole generation of experienced conservatives out there to call upon to staff his administration. And they will to be ready to separate the wheat form the chaff when they take up their places. Time to play by the new rules – we didn’t make them, but we need to play by them.

Clean House in 2025

Kurt Schlichter was personally recruited to write conservative commentary by Andrew Breitbart. He is a name partner at a growing Los Angeles trial lawyer, a retired Army Infantry colonel with a masters in Strategic Studies from the United States Army War College, and a former stand-up comic.
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“Supporting our law enforcement and first responders .. to express our gratitude for their selflessness.”

 Ron DeSantis @GovRonDeSantis

"Some want to defund the police. In Florida, we’re funding them & then some by providing all of our heroes $1,000 bonuses. This represents more than 174,000 first responders across the state!"

🚔 .🚒 .,🚑
Ron DeSantis announced on Wednesday that his administration is giving $1,000 bonuses to all of Florida’s 174,000 first responders, including law enforcement officers, paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), and firefighters.
The authorization comes following the Governor’s call for the bonuses in March, with the bonuses included in the 2021-22 state budget. While the budget is not yet signed, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) is working to immediately implement this bonus program, expediting the distribution effort. Approximately $208 million has been allocated from DEO for over 174,000 first responders across the state, including 49,405 sworn law enforcement officers, 40,732 EMTs, 35,811 firefighters and 33,185 paramedics in Florida.
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“From the Desk of Donald J. Trump”

 President Trump Launches New Website

 - Click on image

 “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” can be found at

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Volusia County Turns Red .. 4 Years Ago Today

On Thursday May 4th 2017 'Trump Talk Live' producer Vic Baker was preparing for our REC's weekly 7pm radio show. Checking the homepage of Volusia County Department of Elections, what he saw was a milestone in our history: 

For the first time ever, going back to the 1870's, Volusia Co. had more registered Republicans than Democrats.

Upon hearing of the county’s shift from Democrat to Republican, Kit Martin, a longtime Daytona Beach resident who was involved in organizing local GOP clubs as early as the 1964 election, had a two-word reaction. “Happy day,” she said.

She recalled the day when she, newly arrived from West Virginia, went to register to vote. She told the elections supervisor’s clerk her party choice. “Are you sure you want to register Republican?” came the response. “I said, ‘What is your name? I think it is illegal to try to influence my registration,’” Martin responded.

Tony Ledbetter, the Volusia County Republican chairman, said the party remained almost 3,000 voters behind Democrats on Jan. 1. He attributes the closed gap to a backlash to negative mainstream media coverage of Trump. Ledbetter views Volusia as a harbinger of Florida, which still tilted Democratic by about 330,000 voters out of a total of 13 million, as of Dec. 31, 2016. “We have a campaign push all over Florida, all 67 counties,” he said. “We’re working to make Florida red.”

More @ Volusia is RED

Current Registration Numbers -  May the 4th be with you!

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Common Sense + Uncommon Courage = Real Leadership

 --- DeSantis ends COVID-19 restrictions statewide

The legislation, passed by the Florida Legislature last week, bars state and local governments from shuttering businesses and schools during health emergencies and bans “vaccine passports.”

“The bill ensures that neither the state or local governments can close businesses or keep kids out of in-person instruction unless they satisfy a demanding and continuous justification,” DeSantis told reporters, adding that Florida is no longer in a state of emergency.

Ron DeSantis Climbs Another Rung Up the Presidential Ladder

"With his latest pronouncement about Critical Race Theory, DeSantis shows the kind of political courage every Republican politician should have."

WATCH: Ron DeSantis Calls Critical Race Theory "A Bunch of Horse Manure"

"I mean, give me a break. This country has had more opportunity for more people than any country in the history of the world and it doesn't matter where you trace your ancestry from. We've had people who have been able to succeed and all."

Ron DeSantis To Sign Bill Banning Biological Males From Competing In Girls Sports

"Oh, yes. We're going to protect our girls. I have a four-year-old daughter and a one-year-old daughter, and they're very athletic. And we want to have opportunities for our girls. They deserve an even playing field. And that's what we're doing, with what Mississippi did, with what Florida did, and I know what other states are going to do. So, I look forward to being able to sign that into law."


100+ Headlines with links -- 

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Had Enough Corporate Media Propaganda?

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WINNER: New Gaming Deal = $2.5 billion to the state in the first 5 years, w/annual payments of $500 million.

On Friday, April 23, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced a groundbreaking new gaming compact with the Seminole Tribe that will officially legalize sports betting for Florida gamblers.

"I’m excited to announce the signing of a new compact between the State of Florida and the Seminole Tribe of Florida, which will generate the state $2.5 billion in new revenue over the next five years and $6 billion through 2030."

State gamblers will be able to place wagers on professional sports, collegiate sports, Olympic or international sports competition, motor vehicle race, or individual performance statistics of an athlete or any individual participant. All sports wagering will be completed exclusively through Seminole Tribe controlled sports books, or qualified pari-mutuel permit holders to offer sports betting at their facilities. 

The agreed upon deal will be signed by the Florida legislature in a special session during the week of May 17 and must also receive approval from the federal Secretary of the Interior.

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"Hear me clearly: America is not a racist country"

 Democrats go full racist as they attack Tim Scott (click on image)


A hundred years ago, kids in classrooms were taught the color of their skin was their most important characteristic — and if they looked a certain way, they were inferior.

Today, kids are being taught that the color of their skin defines them again -- and if they look a certain way, they're an oppressor. From colleges to corporations to our culture, people are making money and gaining power by pretending we haven't made any progress at all, by doubling down on the divisions we've worked so hard to heal.

You know this stuff is wrong. Hear me clearly: America is not a racist country. It's backwards to fight discrimination with different types of discrimination. And it's wrong to try to use our painful past to dishonestly shut down debates in the present.

I'm an African American who has voted in the South my entire life. I take voting rights personally. Republicans support making it easier to vote and harder to cheat. And so do the voters! Big majorities of Americans support early voting, and big majorities support Voter I.D. -- including African Americans and Hispanics. Common sense makes common ground.

But today, this conversation has collapsed. The state of Georgia passed a law that expands early voting; preserves no-excuse mail-in voting; and, despite what the president claimed, did not reduce Election Day hours. If you actually read this law, it's mainstream! It will be easier to vote early in Georgia than in Democrat-run New York.

But the Left doesn't want you to know that. They want people virtue-signaling by yelling about a law they haven't even read! Fact-checkers have called out the White House for misstatements. The president absurdly claims this is worse than Jim Crow.

What is going on here? I'll tell you. A Washington power grab. This misplaced outrage is supposed to justify Democrats' new sweeping bill that would take over elections for all 50 states; it would send public funds to political campaigns you disagree with, and make the bipartisan Federal Elections Commission partisan!

This is not about civil rights, or our racial past. It's about rigging elections in the future.

Daily Wire News


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Ending social media censorship and bias against conservatives.

Ron DeSantis Scores Another Major Victory 

FL Senate Passes Anti Censorship Bill 

The Republican governor is gaining massive popularity among Trump supporters and the GOP for taking action on BLM riots and big tech censorship.

MORE - click on image

*The latest bill could be the end for Wikipedia, Facebook fact checking, and social media censorship and bias against conservatives.

*The bill creates a private action for lawsuit against tech companies for cases of deplatforming.

*Further the bill forbids changes in a tech monopolies' policy being applied retroactively -- they can change their standards, but must candidly disclose those changes, and can only apply them going forward, after a month.

*Further, they cannot change their standards willy-nilly and case-by-case as they do now: they can only change them once per month. Period.

*No more magically appearing new criteria about "hacked materials," which then disappears in a few days after its been used to stifle political speech (as in the case of the New York Post's Hunter Biden scoop).


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The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery has unveiled new artwork ...

Why Trump Won - His Epic Speech on October 13, 2016

"The only thing that can stop this corrupt machine is you"

Click to watch - Excerpt (5:48)


45th President of the United States of America

Behind President Trump, who is seated behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, are the flags of the then-five branches of the Armed Forces, including the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Trump later created Space Force, which is now the sixth branch of the Armed Forces. The museum adds new presidential portraits to its permanent exhibition with each new U.S. president.

Daily Wire
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Democrat Party imposing fundamental transformation on U.S. (because America bad/Marxist-Leninism good)

"If that really were the case, then the Left would not be importing millions upon millions of illiterate foreign peasants to boost the Democrat voter rolls - that is when they're not rigging elections to get the "right outcome" - or using the cover of a viral pandemic to strangle small business and "the middle class" in order to turn them into a permanent underclass dependent upon government and institute a command and control economy, or foment racial and ethnic strife to keep down close to two-thirds of the population who are not on board with "fundamental transformation."

If this country and society were so horrendous, Saul Alinsky would never have become a thing. The central tenet of Rules for Radicals is lying and deception to gain political advantage .. intended to make you doubt your beliefs and to give the appearance that the Leftist worldview was in the majority and ascendant here in the nation formerly known as the United States of America. Karl Marx invented the notion of "false consciousness" to explain why people who are flourishing in a prosperous, open society only think that they are flourishing and prosperous when in reality they are slaves to the upper class.

By the end of 2019, President Trump's economic miracle had elevated so many blacks, Latinos and lower income people in general and in so doing absolutely crushed the myth of Democrat-Leftist economic policy that had kept them in misery for decades. Minority unemployment was at record lows along with a concomitant record number of same leaving the welfare and food stamp rolls.

The laughable clown show that was the Democrat primary season only underscored how totally out of touch that party had become with its base, an underclass of the poor and disenfranchised who in truth were only poor and disenfranchised because of decades of Democrat policy they had been duped into voting for. Cue the greatest psy-op warfare weapon of all time and then the arrest of George Floyd. And the rest as they say is history.

But it's a history that is still being written. In spite of it all, there is a vast SILENCED majority of people who know that what we are living through right now is wrong.

And that is why the Enemy is going pedal-to-the-metal to brainwash the next generation of children into hating themselves, their parents and their history ... while being given absolutely zero instruction in the basic skills that would make them independent, functioning, moral individuals - the exact opposite of what a communist totalitarian state needs to maintain power."

The Morning Report - By J.J. Sefton

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Why are Democrats relentlessly pushing racial division? Why?


  "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

I Have a Dream speech 

(Excerpt - 13,270,567 views)
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Joe Biden is ‘An Aggressive Left-Wing Culture Warrior’

Click on image

Gov. DeSantis appeared on ‘Tucker Carlson Today’ where he assailed Biden as an “aggressive left-wing culture warrior,” a complete opposite of the “moderate” that was promised during the campaign. 

Carlson asked; “Why did they get angrier when they won?”

The governor answered, “I think they have a fraction of their base that is just perpetually angry. I think they’re very caustic and nasty. I think unless they make us a complete socialist country, these people are never going to be happy .. I think anything short of complete domination of conservatism, making sure people that have conservative views are shut out, anything short of that, they’re just not going to be happy. 

I think they’re captive to that part of their base and I think that’s ultimately going to be their undoing in 2022 and then I think probably in 2024.”

As the target of a spectacularly failed hit piece by CBS flagship “60 Minutes,” DeSantis also addressed the problem of a media that has lost credibility for its false narratives and open advocacy for the Democrats.

Carson asked whether it is sustainable to have a country where nobody believes the news media.”

DeSantis replied, “I think it’s a big problem. If you look, the corporate media has always had you know, a liberal bias but if you go back 20, 30 years,” he said, “it would always be through a liberal prism but they wouldn’t just do some of the stuff that they do now; they are actively partisan and not only that, it’s all about crafting a narrative regardless of the facts."

He continued; “So if there’s a fact that’s inconvenient to the narrative, they’ll smother the fact, they’ll ignore the fact in order to be able to continue with the narrative. Think about some of the stuff that’s been put out since Trump’s been president. Russia collusion, false. Jessie Smollett, false. Some of the stuff they tried to accuse Don Jr. of doing this or that, Cohen (referring to Trump’s rat lawyer) all these bombshells turned out to be false.”

DeSantis added; “the phone call that Trump supposedly had with Georgia, where they fabricated the quotes, they aren’t even real quotes and so I think it’s a big problem for a democracy. There’s no accountability for the corporate press, they can do this with impunity and no one really holds them accountable, I think their model is kind of smear their opponents for clicks.

Trending Politics

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PATRIOT TALK NOW - Thursday 4/22

Watch Here

April 22, 2021 at 6pm - 7pm
Volusia Top Gun
2900 Bellevue Avenue Ext
Daytona Beach, FL.



  • &
    RECVC ChairmanPaul Deering
    State Committeewoman Debbie Phillips
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FOR AMERICA FIRST --> All roads lead to Mar-a-Lago.

  Ron DeSantis Meets With Trump, Here's What I Think It Means -

By Bonchie | Apr 19, 2021 . 

Click on image


Nearly three months after Donald Trump's departure from the White House, his plans for a politically active post-presidential role are coming into public focus

Most prominently, there is the former president's leadership PAC — the Save America PAC — which has a war chest totaling more than $85 million heading into the second quarter of this year. That sum positions Trump to make a hefty impact on the upcoming 2022 midterm elections, during which Republicans will attempt to take back control of the House and Senate.

Top Trump communications adviser Jason Miller recently told "Just the News AM" that the former president is seeking out candidates who are first and foremost "America First conservatives."

"That means someone who supports conservative grassroots when it comes to the more populist positions on trade agreements, trying to get out of some of these endless wars, and trying to make sure that we're not throwing big, massive breaks to the fat cats on Wall Street and in D.C.," said Miller. "We're looking for someone that actually boosts up the working class men and women in America."

Another development on that front is the creation of the former president's Super PAC, which Trump 2016 Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski has been tapped to lead. "We're not looking to defeat Republicans who are in districts where if they lose the primary, the seat is going to go to a Democrat," Lewandowski said, adding that he believes "we can beat Liz Cheney in Wyoming and Lisa Murkowski in Alaska."

Efforts have accelerated in April, with the announcement of Stephen Miller's "America First Legal," an organization the Trump policy and messaging stalwart has branded a conservative response to the ACLU. "Anything the president does that we believe to be illegal is fair game," Miller told the Wall Street Journal upon announcing the group. Former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows will also play a role inside the organization.

This week, Trump alumni launched the largest post-administration group to date with the America First Policy Institute (AFPI), a 35-person nonprofit aiming to continue to advance the former president's populist policy agenda. The group will be headed by Brooke Rollins, the former head of Trump's Domestic Policy Council. While primarily based in D.C., the institute will reportedly also have offices in Miami and New York.

Rounding out this emerging array of funding, policy, and legal arms is an expected social media network. Since the permanent banning of the nation's 45th president from Twitter and Facebook in January, Team Trump has been brainstorming a platform of their own, a place for the former president to share his thoughts, along with the growing ranks of conservatives who fear retaliation from Big Tech companies that have been aggressively purging or limiting the reach of conservative users on their platforms.

"We're probably a couple months away from having that ready to go," said Miller, confirming he'd recently spoken to the former president about the project. "But the president is moving along on that."

By Sophie Mann 

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Republican Club of SE Volusia .. Patriots Gather Together

Huge turnout of American Patriots for today's gathering to save America sponsored by the Republican Club of SE Volusia... featuring former Florida Legislator and retired Air Force Captain Mike Hill, Kiyan & Bobby Michael, advocates for immigration enforcement, Author and powerful political voice CS Bennett (also a vet), Frederick Douglass Republican KCarl Smith, and community conservative grassroots leader Maria Martinez-Trent.


Go To - Republican Club of Southeast Volusia

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DeSantis To Sign Florida Anti-Riot Bill

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is expected to sign a tough new anti-riot bill. This latest bill will harshly punish mob violence and protect police budgets from ideologically driven local Democrat politicians.

“This legislation strikes the appropriate balance of safeguarding every Floridian’s constitutional right to peacefully assemble while ensuring that those who hide behind peaceful protest to cause violence in our communities will be punished. Further, this legislation ensures that no community in the state engages in defunding of their police”.

  • The law would require state approval for any cuts to police funding by municipalities
  • Increasing penalties for defacing or destroying statues & monuments
  • Attacking police during a “protest”
  • It would also give civil legal immunity to those who may drive through rioters blocking roadways if they are in fear for their safety.
  • Rioters will be ineligible for bail until after their first court appearance, to prevent them from being bailed out of jail and quickly rejoining the riot.

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Winning is not about watching .. it needs doing.

Washington, D.C. – NRSC Chairman Rick Scott presented President Trump with the NRSC’s inaugural Champion for Freedom Award. 

“President Trump is a proven champion for all Americans,” said NRSC Chairman Rick Scott. “Throughout his administration, he made clear his commitment to getting government out of the way of people’s success, paving the way for American families and job creators to reach new heights. President Trump fought for American workers, secured the border, and protected our constitutional rights. We are grateful for his service to our country and are honored to present him with the NRSC’s first Champion for Freedom award.” 


Donations To DeSantis Have Surged Since March

Pro-America candidates continue to get stronger. 

From The Daily Caller:

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has raked in $6 million since the beginning of March, far out-raising the Democrat who is expected to challenge him in 2022.

DeSantis has raised a total of $11.3 million since he continued fundraising for reelection in October, Politico reported. The Florida governor had paused campaign contributions during the first several months of the pandemic.


Senate Republicans Start 2022 Cycle with More Than $17 Million Cash on Hand 

Washington, D.C. – Today, Chairman Rick Scott announced that the National Republican Senatorial Committee raised more than $8.3 million in January of 2021, with more than $6.8 million raised after the Georgia runoffs. The Committee ended the first month of the 2022 cycle with $17.2 million cash on hand. By comparison, in January of 2019, the NRSC raised $5.5 million and had $7.6 million cash on hand.

The NRSC’s total fundraising for the month of January includes $4.24 million raised online, with more than 85,000 donors and an average donation of $32. The NRSC raised more than $100,000 online every day in the month of January.

“The NRSC starts the 2022 cycle in a strong financial position,” said Chairman Rick Scott. “While we know the Democrats’ support for Socialism, higher taxes, more regulation, bigger government and cancel culture is bad for America, it’s certainly motivated patriotic Americans across the country to support the fight for freedom and opportunity.”

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Fake News media is selling us Fear .. time to stop buying it.

CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester: "COVID? Gangbusters with ratings, right?

Which is why we [CNN] constantly have the [COVID] death toll on the side, which I have a major problem with – with how we’re tallying how many people die every day.”

 “It's fear. Fear really drives numbers [TV ratings] ..

Fear is the thing that keeps you tuned in.”

Chester: Any reporter on CNN -- what they're actually doing is they're telling the person what to say. It's always like leading them in a direction before they even open their mouths. 

 “I think there’s an art to manipulation .. Inflection, saying things twice - there's little subtleties to how to manipulate people .. I mean, it's enough to change the world, you know?”

Chester: No one ever says those things out loud, but it's obvious based on the amount of stories that we [CNN] do. The fact that we have a segment called 'The Good Stuff', which is a feel-good thing, but it's a dedicated moment at the end to almost be the ice cream to alleviate everything that you've been through. Something sweet to end it with, because everything else is doom and gloom.

Click on image - Hear how propaganda poison is made

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Volusia Republicans Don't Retreat - They Step Up

 Volusia County Republican Party at LPGA International. Daytona Beach, FL 
Volusia GOP Chairman Paul Deering administers the loyalty oath to a dozen newly Republican Precinct Committeemen and Committeewomen at the April monthly meeting of the Republican Executive Committee of Volusia County.


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The Federal Courts: Cowardice, Corruption, Compromised.


"The Trump campaign launched 28 lawsuits against individual incidences of apparent illegalities in the counting of decisive numbers of votes in swing states, including the Texas attorney general’s direct appeal to the Supreme Court supported by 18 other states on the issue of the unconstitutional failure of several of those states to comply with the requirement to ensure a fair presidential election result. None of these cases was adjudicated—judges invoked technical reasons to avoid addressing the merits.

The Supreme Court presumably ducked the Texas case because of the extreme controversy that would have arisen had it reversed the election result, and also to reduce in advance the prospect of a court-packing bill and to preserve the integrity of the court for possible challenges to the Democrats’ planned assault on the entire system of free elections in H.R. 1."

"Whatever their reasons, the judiciary abdicated."

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We Can Defeat Leftist Tyranny

It is up to the Red States.

Election laws were unlawfully changed in the lead-up to the 2020 election because of lawsuits by Democrat lawyers, generally bypassing the state legislatures, who constitutionally have the final say on election law.

It is up to the Red States. 

Each state dominated by Republicans, where Republicans hold both houses of the state Legislature (there are 31) which would also include the governorship (there are 24) should pass election integrity laws.  

Eliminate unsolicited mail-in ballots, something done unnecessarily because of COVID.

Mandate one election "day" .. Declare it a holiday. Limit early voting to two weeks

Require proof of citizenship - Mandate photo ID, something that for Democrats, is akin to daylight for vampires. 

But there is more.

No longer can conservatives sit by and allow companies and sports entities to bully and abuse us. Any company / sports entity who threatens or implements a boycott of a red state for passing entirely legitimate legislation should be banned from all future and existing state contracts, tax breaks, set-asides, anti-trust protections and further business dealings with the state.  

Legislation considered within the purview of the state would contain laws and protections involving religious liberty and protecting children and students from the various and sundry depredations of leftist theories and policies, including such gems as transgenderism and Critical Race Theory, bogus refugee and illegal alien resettlement. 

Attorneys general of red states should pursue litigation against left-wing corporations that infringe on the rights of their states' citizens, "canceling" individuals who espouse conservative or traditional beliefs; and otherwise prohibiting normal, free, and open expression.

States like Texas and Florida, with their large populations and economic clout and with supportive governors — notably Ron DeSantis of Florida — can take the lead, but any state so inclined can move aggressively.  

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Trump OPENS door for 2024

From NewsmaxPresident Donald Trump speaking at a closed-door GOP event on Saturday April 10:

“We are gathered tonight to talk about the future of the Republican Party — and what we must do to set our candidates on a course to victory. I stand before you this evening filled with confidence that in 2022, we are going to take back the House and we are going to reclaim the Senate — and then in 2024, a Republican candidate is going to win the White House.”

A. Republican. Candidate.

Trump NOT saying, even in a joking way, that it will be his name on the ticket… that’s saying a lot actually.

It’s opening the door.

And who just happens to be speaking at the same event?

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Re-elect Rubio 2022 gets YUGE boost

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