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Florida headlines CPAC

We will do what we've done right from the beginning, which is to win. We are not starting new parties, and we will not be dividing our power and our strength. Instead, we will be united and strong like never before. I am not starting a new party. That was fake news."

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  Sen. Rick Scott applauds America First

President Trump did something that has never been done in our lifetime – he stood up to all of establishment Washington and said NO. 

    • NO, I will NOT accept business as usual. 
    • NO, I will NOT allow any more bad trade deals that favor Communist China and hurt American workers. 
    • NO, I will NOT cozy up to Iran or back down from supporting Israel
    • NO, I will NOT support unnecessary foreign wars or giveaways of American treasure or lives  
    • NO, I will NOT stop pushing for secure borders. 
    • And NO, I will NOT accept your political correctness or the push to silence conservative voices in America. 

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“We are in an oasis of freedom in a nation that’s suffering from the yoke of oppressive lockdowns’'

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 "The Republican Civil War is now cancelled"

The Democrats control the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. In other words, they control Washington,” Sen. Scott writes. The memo continues:

Here is what they have done and are in the process of doing so far: cutting border security, granting amnesty to illegals, cancelling the Keystone pipeline destroying thousands of jobs, allowing males to compete in women’s sports, banning fracking on federal lands making us less energy independent and using tax dollars to pay for abortion in foreign countries. And they have built an amazing military-style wall around the US Capitol, at the same time they are stopping construction on the wall at our southern border.

Looking backward won’t help us win. Let us look forward and fix our eyes on what is important – an America with plenty of good-paying jobs, an America with great schools and safe communities, an America with freedoms and liberties people around the world would die for.  The only way we can lose is if we stop ourselves by needlessly fracturing

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 Keynote Speaker: President Donald Trump

CPAC will be held at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando Feb. 25-28. The conference, which is usually held in the Washington, D.C., area, was moved to Florida.

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