Every once in a while, the GOP gets its act together.  In this case, the goal is to register as many unregistered GOP voters as possible.  Democrats  have long outpaced the GOP in voter registration.  Until now.

The GOP has long been rather lackadaisical about things that have propelled the leftist crazies to their current level of prominence in our society, culture, and politics.  Republicans seemed to imagine that being right is might, that winning the day is a matter of being the most reasonable and most unifying (in terms of eschewing identity politics and embracingallAmericans as Americans).  The idea seems to have been that defeating the anti-American Marxist and anarchist union of conflicting purpose is best achieved by ignoring it.

No longer.  The GOP under President Trump’s leadership suddenly understands that being proactive, fighting Democrats on their own turf, is not only important but vital. To that end, the GOP has stepped up its voter registration efforts and is outpacing Democrats in this—historically their own—arena.

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