After winning, Governor-elect Ron DeSantis said this:

“Campaigns are meant to be vigorously debated contests of ideas and competing visions for the future. The campaign for governor achieved this objective as evidenced by historic voter turnout from people of all parties across our state.

But campaigns of ideas must give way to governing and bringing people together to secure Florida’s future. With the campaign now over, that’s where all of my focus will be.

And, to this end, I invite Mayor Gillum to join me in the days ahead in a conversation about the future of our great state. We have both traveled the state and met Floridians from all walks of life. Sharing these experiences will, I believe, help us unite our state and build toward unity on behalf of the people of Florida.”

Be Proud Florida .. 

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  • Joe F.
    commented 2018-11-15 19:51:41 -0500
    The democrats revealed their crooked plans this midterm and it will end up being a great gift to U.S.

    With former Navy JAG officer Ron DeSantis as governor and with an overwhelming GOP majority in both houses of the legislature .. Florida will set down new election laws that cannot be misinterpreted before 2020.

    For President Trump’s reelection … DOJ / GOP and FL officials will be at the Supervisor of Elections office in every major county .. wearing badges that allow access to any closed doors the democrats try to hide behind. This is the power of overseeing a presidential year election from the Governor’s mansion.

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