July 1st .. Time To Go All In


Our 2020 Volusia County Republican voter guides are here!  Please print copies as you make your decisions for the August 18th primary election.

Our Trump Victory campaign season is kicking into full gear with grand openings around Volusia.  We invite you to volunteer for our voter registration Please click the red button to volunteer for shifts with our booth at the Daytona Flea Market:

Watch for Grand openings of Volusia County Republican Headquarters in Port Orange 

West Volusia Republican Club Headquarters in DeLand

Coming soon!

The madness of tearing down America's heritage has to stop! 

President Trump is the President we need to preserve our American Constitution, values, rights and ideals.

Enthusiasm for President Trump is Unmatched

  • Across Trump campaign digital platforms and on Fox News, nearly 20 million viewers tuned into the President’s Keep America Great rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 
  • Joe Biden cannot fill an arena like President Trump can and when he emerges from his basement bunker, voters are reminded how liberal his agenda is.
  • In Tulsa, President Trump directly addressed the American people — in person—and reminded the country that the Great American Comeback is underway.
  • There is no denying there is unmatched enthusiasm for President Trump.
    • The RNC and Trump campaign have more than a $150 million cash on hand advantage over the DNC and Biden campaign.
    • Trump Victory has engaged and trained over 1 million volunteers.
    • Trump Victory operation has state directors in 23 states and more than 1,100 staff in the field.
    • In contrast, Joe Biden has no state directors in PA, MI, FL, NC, WI, NV, IA, OH, GA, MN, CO, and NH. 
  • Poll after poll shows Americans trust President Trump over Joe Biden to bring our economy back to greatness.
    • The left-wing mob controlling Joe Biden’s campaign and the Democratic Party has gone too far.
    • Joe Biden has been part of a failed Washington establishment for more than 40 years and has little to show for it.
    • Joe Biden cannot claim to be a candidate that would bring change to Washington, DC.

Trump Victory needs volunteers now for phone banks and door to door voter outreach!

 Volunteers are welcome.

JOIN OUR TEAM! - Call Maryann Pistilli: 386-689-2164 - email: mpistilli@flvictory.com.

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