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  • commented on over 2019-04-18 19:18:26 -0400
    “I doubt that anyone who spent the last three years pushing utterly concocted conspiracy theories will own up to it, let alone confront any accountability or consequences for it.

    But certain facts will never go away no matter how much denial they embrace. The sweeping Mueller investigation ended with zero indictments of zero Americans for conspiring with Russia over the 2016 election. Both Donald Trump, Jr. and Jared Kushner – the key participants in the Trump Tower meeting – testified for hours and hours yet were never charged for perjury, lying or obstruction, even though Mueller proved how easily he would indict anyone who lied as part of the investigation. And this massive investigation simply did not establish any of the conspiracy theories that huge parts of the Democratic Party, the intelligence community and the U.S. media spent years encouraging the public to believe.

    Those responsible for this can refuse to acknowledge wrongdoing. They can even claim vindication if they want and will likely be cheered for doing so.

    But the contempt in which the media and political class is held by so much of the U.S. population – undoubtedly a leading factor that led to Trump’s election in the first place – will only continue to grow as a result, and deservedly so. People know they were scammed, that their politics was drowned for years by a hoax. And none of that will go away no matter how insulated media and political elites in Washington, northern Virginia, Brooklyn, and large West Coast cities keep themselves, and thus hear only in-group affirmation while blocking out all of that well-earned scorn."

    By Glenn Greenwald

    Read it all @ https://theintercept.com/2019/04/18/robert-mueller-did-not-merely-reject-the-trumprussia-conspiracy-theories-he-obliterated-them/

  • commented on cities 2019-04-13 12:13:49 -0400
    Democrat leaders / candidates who do anything less than greet illegals visiting their sanctuary cities with full welcoming honors .. are totally and forever exposed.

  • commented on Over With 2019-03-23 10:06:15 -0400
    The Russian Collusion Delusion: It was a hoax .. it was the ‘insurance policy’ that Peter Strzok and his co-conspirators planned.

    Over 2 years of our time invested .. billions of words spoken and written .. thousands of hours of TV coverage .. 100’s of millions of our $$$ spent .. untold damage done to the Trump presidency and our country.

    There will come a time to settle accounts.

  • commented on Chairman 2019-03-13 19:35:36 -0400
    Yes .. the Volusia Republican Party works hard.
    Yes .. President Trump is bringing new voters into the GOP.

    But the main driver of our success in Volusia Co. is the Democrat Party itself. They have morphed into something unrecognizable to working / middle class Americans. Democrats have allowed the most radical elements of the Left to take over their party.

    The Donkey Party is now a clique whose members reside largely in urban areas, with NYC and LA County their strongholds. These places do not represent the majority of U.S. 2020 is going to be a political war.
    “The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.”

  • commented on vagov 2019-02-02 07:58:33 -0500
    In his short time as Gov. .. Ralph did more to help re-elect Trump than anyone could have imagined. His “I have no regrets” support of infanticide permanently marked the Democrat Party as radicals and moved the needle away from their toxic brand. And unless they collectively renounce their passion for killing the unborn and the just born .. that needle won’t ever move back towards them.

  • commented on emergency 2019-01-27 09:00:59 -0500
    President Trump is trying to force Congress to own the border issue with him and in the name of the American people .. fight for our sovereignty. If that actually happened, it would be a powerful signal of national strength for all to see .. boosting every aspect of America influence across the world.

    But we know the bitter truth – The Democrats are traitors who hate the idea American greatness and want crime, drugs, disease, gangs and endless welfare for illegals inflicted on U.S. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3f8adcdd32114047edc6f534f5243d7bb69dbfd28defbbc091e7b51fa5168d51.jpg

    They’ll use these scorched earth tactics in an attempt to defeat Trump 2020 .. which is the overriding mission of the fanatical donkey party and of their state media / Hollywood co-conspirators.

  • commented on 21 2019-01-26 20:11:16 -0500
    A “cave” would be giving up on building a wall / fence and quitting on U.S. That’s not happening .. will never happen. He’s didn’t come this far only to hand Nancy the keys.


  • commented on senior 2019-01-17 09:35:58 -0500
    Most federal employees earn more, with better healthcare / pensions / vacation time, than workers in the private sector. Of course they will protect their individual fiefdoms with the last tax dollar we give them.

    And behind this army of federal sloths, squashing any hope for reform / accountability in the bureaucracy, are the all powerful unions.

    This shutdown is righteous in so many ways.

  • commented on The Wall is Coming 2019-01-04 09:15:59 -0500
    Prediction –
    POTUS will declare our southern border in crisis and a threat to the peace and security of the homeland. He will use the Secure Fence Act of 2006 as his Congressional authorization to have the Army Corps of Engineers / Navy Seabees build the wall with DOD / DHS funds.

  • commented on invasion 2018-11-20 07:01:54 -0500
    The Democrats have gone silent on this mess because they are on the wrong side of the invasion. Fake News is likewise unable to spin what’s happening in a way that helps their globalist open borders narrative.

    So what we have here is Trump protecting American sovereignty (and winning reelection) as the Donkeys play pin the tail on Pelosi.

  • commented on rico 2018-11-17 09:43:53 -0500
    Ron DeSantis will appoint 3 new judges to the FL. Supreme Court on Jan 8, giving it a 6-1 conservative edge. This will last for decades as the new retirement age for them has been raised to 75.

    In FL the GOP has the governor’s mansion, both senators, the AG and big majorities in both houses of the legislature.

    Of the 67 counties in FL, 55 voted GOP in this midterm.

    https://dohdeick6sqa6.cloudfront.net/screenshots/production/live-senate-counties/[email protected]?t=2018-11-17T03:00:02.509Z

    And GOP voter registration?

    <b>Florida is registering more and more Democratic voters, right? Wrong. New state data show the Dem’s share of the electorate is shrinking.</b>


  • commented on gov 2018-11-15 19:51:41 -0500
    The democrats revealed their crooked plans this midterm and it will end up being a great gift to U.S.

    With former Navy JAG officer Ron DeSantis as governor and with an overwhelming GOP majority in both houses of the legislature .. Florida will set down new election laws that cannot be misinterpreted before 2020.

    For President Trump’s reelection … DOJ / GOP and FL officials will be at the Supervisor of Elections office in every major county .. wearing badges that allow access to any closed doors the democrats try to hide behind. This is the power of overseeing a presidential year election from the Governor’s mansion.

  • commented on BREAKING: Our Republican Party headquarters vandalized by gunfire. 2018-10-29 17:30:23 -0400
    The donkeys seem to think chaos works for them .. but the opposite is true. In times of civil disorder, people will always demand law and order. Always.

    As even small children understand, the Democrat Party is never gonna support law and order.

  • commented on lefty 2018-10-26 07:35:16 -0400
    The long persuasion phase of our indoctrination is over, ended by the election of Trump. They are now using violent coercion. They fear it’s all slipping away from them .. which it is.

  • commented on a13 2018-10-23 10:34:55 -0400
    Vote NO on 13. The drive to ban greyhound racing is not a question that should be answered with a constitutional amendment. This issue belongs in the state legislature, decided upon by our elected representatives. But those pushing Amendment 13 have successfully bypassed that normal path, their reasons as obscure as the wording used in the amendment. (Beware: it could be that there are plans for even more bans, using the courts to redefine what constitutes the ‘humane treatment of animals’).

    Dog racing is an attraction that for over ninety years has entertained families visiting our state. Our local track opened its doors in 1948 and has been a great friend to our community. All racing in Florida, dog and horse, is heavily taxed and helps the state to operate without digging deeper into our pockets. The business of greyhound racing employs thousands.

    My wife and I have adopted retired racing greyhounds for twenty-five years. If we thought the sport abused these beautiful dogs, we’d never support it. There is no systemic abuse of greyhounds. Their injury risks are less than athletes playing football. They’re treated like pets, with many husband and wife kennels doing the breeding and training. We’ve met a lot of them over the years and for them, it’s a labor of love.

    And finally, Florida Politics reports that some “90 greyhound adoption groups formally oppose” Amendment 13. Those that know the facts about greyhound racing will vote NO on 13

  • commented on nsod 2018-10-11 19:39:10 -0400
    The only way Democrats get elected is by fooling voters into thinking they’re “moderate” .. Obama being the most obvious example. But the Kavanaugh Effect has foiled their hoodwink, like Toto yanking aside the curtain hiding the Wizard of Oz.

    Nancy Soderberg is a long time, die hard liberal who will vote 100% straight Donkey Party line.

  • commented on TR2 2018-10-04 16:35:43 -0400
    Trump’s next campaign swing covers six states in 10 days – Reuters:

    “U.S. President Donald Trump plans to visit six states over the next 10 days to energize his supporters to turn out for Republicans in tight races for the House of Representatives in upcoming congressional elections, according to a White House memo. Trump’s Republican Party is at risk of losing control of the House in the Nov. 6 midterm vote at a time when, historically, the party in control of the White House loses ground in Congress. Trump heads on Thursday to Minnesota where Republicans want to give a boost to two House candidates: one in an open race and another, a first-term incumbent, who is running in a Democratic-leaning district. He then plans to visit Kansas on Saturday, Iowa on Tuesday, Pennsylvania on Wednesday, Ohio on Friday and Kentucky on Saturday, Oct. 13, according to the internal memo seen by Reuters.”

  • commented on flsc 2018-10-02 12:39:08 -0400
    “Andrew Gillum owes himself to Bernie Sanders. Gillum is financed by the extreme left and under a cloud of corruption. The Gillum agenda: Impose socialist ideas in Florida. Abusive taxes. Excessive government. Choking bureaucracy and parents losing control over the education of their children. None of these ideas have worked in the countries we know well. The Gillum agenda will bring the same results: MISERY. There is much at stake. The decision is in your hands.”

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  • commented on lg 2018-09-28 11:38:26 -0400
    Maybe it was the death of his friend John McCain that made the conservative American hiding inside Lindsey Graham explode on the Democrats. Death is a teacher. It opens us up to new courage and provides us an urgency to do the right thing, right now, because the clock is ticking.

    Graham’s whole career had been one of DC go along to get along. He was disdainful of candidate Trump and a frequent critic of President Trump. On the conservative blogs, Graham was a UniParty villain; nickname Grahamnesty (or worse). Then in a moment of clarity, he found his voice and spoke from the heart for all of U.S. He turned the tide and saved Judge Kavanaugh. We will always remember Lindsey Graham for doing this great thing.

    But there’s more. I believe Graham has changed the trajectory of the midterm elections towards a GOP victory. Denying the donkeys their expected blue wave changes everything. When the Democrats FAIL to take back the House and lose half a dozen seats in the Senate, they will have an internal civil war. Their blame game will then ruin them for 2020. They too will long remember Lindsey Graham.

  • commented on gang 2018-09-26 18:29:30 -0400
    This sick Democrat show is but a sneak preview of what all of U.S. will suffer should the donkeys win back the House. Months and months of impeachment hearings + media hype will usher in a whole new level of hatred. There will be violence beyond what the Left is already doing.


    This can all be avoided if We the People get out and vote in the midterms. Another election FAIL by the democrats and they’ll have an internal civil war, blaming each other for being losers yet again. It will ruin them for 2020.

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