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  • published Soviets in VOLUSIA GOP FRONT PAGE 2022-06-10 13:49:00 -0400

    Pelosi, her apparatchiks and American-Pravda Media reboot a Soviet Union show trial

    "Da, we knew our model was good one"

    Nancy Pelosi’s inner circle of flying monkeys, eager to do as much damage to Republicans as possible – hired the former head of ABC News to “produce” their big prime time J6 hearing. The simple fact of the matter is the American people don’t give a damn about any of this. Was the January 6th riot good? Hell no. It was stupid. But was it a “threat to democracy”? Absolutely not. There was no plan, no plot. To the extent that anything was coordinated it was between a couple of guys no one has ever heard of who, for reasons maybe someone should ask the FBI, did their best to stir people up. (link)

    So, how will this play in Peoria? Peoria, Arizona, that is. This Phoenix suburb is located about 30 minutes north of downtown. Its partisan mix is 43% Republican, 31% Independent, and 25% Democrat. Most of these voters will view Thursday’s “made-for television” show trial with a jaundiced eye, regarding the whole tawdry spectacle as yet another mendacious Democrat attempt to distract the public from their party’s ever-growing catalogue of failures. (link)

    Sen. Marco Rubio captured their ineptitude perfectly in this tweet:

    “Instead of focusing on $5 gas, 6000 illegal immigrants a day, record fentanyl deaths, or the violent criminals terrorizing America, Democrats use taxpayer money on a TV producer for the primetime political infomercial from the Jan 6th circus.”

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    "We were lucky Donald Trump stepped into the fray"

    The conservative movement has reached a definitive turning point in 2022.  We can clearly see the emergence of a new right forming before our very eyes. 

    A true America First platform is the only way forward.


    Red state America was stunned by the rise of Obama in 2008, but even then, the establishment Republican Party was frozen in a retrograde response, plagiarizing talking points from pages from the Reagan administration. Instead, the rebellion against Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America was left to the grassroots. Thus, the Tea Party movement began.

    Millions of Americans joined, organized, and donated to Tea Party groups in the hope of stalling President Obama’s agenda. The Tea Party was comprised of a ragtag group of everyday activists who spread the message to millions more. 

    Racial tensions were inflamed during the Obama years, with the Black Lives Matter movement being born from media lies like “Hands up, don’t shoot” in the wake of the Michael Brown shooting. Meanwhile, the rise of Bernie Sanders surprised many across the aisle, proving that when our economy isn’t rewarding every day, middle-class workers, left-wing socialists rise. By the time the 2016 election came, we needed more than just the Tea Party.

    We were lucky, then, that Donald Trump stepped into the fray. Only Trump could bulldoze the Republican establishment—which had actively fought the grassroots from taking control of the party—radically reshaping and challenging GOP orthodoxy in a hostile takeover.

    The Trump presidency came and went with a series of great accomplishments. Let nobody downplay the successes of those four years–there were tremendous victories both at home and abroad. Most importantly, there were four years of a president who didn’t cower to the media, the deep state, or the political establishment of either party.

    However, it is also true that Trump was hamstrung by several factors. Despite Republican majorities for two years, Trump had to deal with a Paul Ryan-led House that diverted crucial attention and political capital away from important campaign promises like building the wall, restricting immigration, and taking on left-wing corporations. 

    There was also the deep state’s unrelenting war waged on Trump’s presidency. First, there was Russiagate and Comey, which morphed into the Mueller investigation, a farce that dragged on for two years only to produce nothing (and has recently been tied directly to the Hillary Clinton Campaign).

    Then there was the failed CIA-instigated impeachment of Trump over his “perfect” phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Finally, there was the COVID-19 pandemic, which not only crushed America under a series of lockdown measures, but also served as the pretext for massive vote-by-mail schemes that likely succeeded in preventing Trump’s second term. Finally, Trump was impeached yet again in the aftermath of January 6th.

    This brings us to the current moment

    • It starts with establishing an immigration system that ensures our country is no longer taken advantage of. No issue is more important in determining the future of our country. We need an immigration policy that prioritizes American workers, not foreign nationals. We need to build the wall and end illegal immigration completely. 

    • Second, we must reorient American foreign policy in a realistic, America First direction. For 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, America has engaged in many useless conflicts aimed at creating democracy in far-flung corners of the world. We’re done with that.  We should not rely on old ways of thinking and failed globalist policies. This also means targeting the Washington, D.C. cabal of corrupt foreign lobbying from unfriendly powers, and of course, the military industrial complex that seeks to profit from endless U.S. adventurism abroad.

    • Third, there needs to be a total and complete war on wokeness. At school boards, in state houses, inside corporate boardrooms, and on college campuses, wokeness needs to be eradicated. The toxic ideology of Critical Race Theory, pronouns, the radical trans madness, and the myriad attacks on our history must be destroyed. Wokeness and intersectionality are cancers. The conservative movement needs to identify threats and fight them on every front.

     . DeSantis Vows to End Child Transgender Surgery

    • Fourth, the new right must focus on economic patriotism. Corporations that push woke values on our children will find no friends on the new right. Gov. Ron DeSantis’ crackdown on Disney is a model for all to follow. We must use state power to regulate big tech corporations. When conservatives have the right to unfettered speech online, a massive pillar of the left’s power will be taken away.

    • Fifth, we must become the most pro-family, pro-parents party the country has ever known. Fundamentally, the new right must be about decentralizing power away from the D.C. bureaucrats and the consultant class, and there is no purer path to doing so than empowering the American family. If we are truly going to be America first, we must put American families first.

    Finally, nothing we do to save our civilization will be worth it if we lose God. America, its system of law, and its very character have all been forged in the Judeo-Christian heritage passed down to us from our Founders.  We must fight the civilizational ennui that results from atheism and postmodernism. 

    Along with this comes a broader defense of our history. Western Civilization, rooted in faith and its traditions–legal, intellectual, spiritual–must thrive if America is to thrive. The new right can be the catalyst for this spiritual renewal.

    Read it all . Charlie KirkThe Claremont Institute

  • published Courage in VOLUSIA GOP FRONT PAGE 2022-05-31 07:12:58 -0400

    SAVE AMERICA: Winston Churchill and the ‘Courage to See’

    Churchill insisted “upon the supreme value of action,” and spoke freely and unapologetically about “the battle between simple good and simple evil, between life and death.” 

    He ads that he “slept soundly throughout the war .. and had no need for cheering dreams." 
    “Facts are better than dreams” .. noble and humane “greatness of spirit” informed by practical wisdom and true moderation, is indeed a “moral fact” of a very high order. .

    Read it all:  Churchill, Political Judgment, and the ‘Courage to See’

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    " It’s no wonder why so many people are heading to Florida for jobs."

    The Free State of Florida Leads Nation in Wage Growth

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the County Employment and Wages Summary on May 25. [DATA HERE].  

    The economic tracking measures the employment and wage increases at a county level throughout 343 counties in the nation. (The BLS measures the data on an annual basis from December 2020 through December 2021)

    The national average rate of wage growth at a county level was 5.9%, far lower than the measured 8.5% inflation rate.  That means real wages, the income of most Americans at the county level have dropped.

    23 Florida counties are included in the BLS tracking.  An incredible 21 out of 23 Florida counties have wage growth that far exceeds the national average. [BLS, Table-1]

    Additionally, Florida holds the top spot for the highest annual rate of wage growth in Palm Beach County with 15.6%…. AND… Florida holds the top spot for the highest annual rate of wage growth amid the ten largest counties, with Miami-Dade wage gains of 11.1%. [BLS, Table-2]

    Read: Freedom in Floridaby Sundance

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    Washington Post "investigates" press secretary Christina Pushaw .. of course THEY do.

    The Washington Post assigned their single creepiest reporter to investigate the love life of Ron DeSantis' press secretary @ChristinaPushaw. It's clear the paper is afraid that DeSantis might run for president, so they want to get a head start on destroying everyone around him.

    Christina Pushaw  @ChristinaPushaw
    The Washington Post reporter working on the hit piece about me is Paul Farhi. Update on @washingtonpost hit piece: The reporter hasn’t showed up on my parents’ doorstep (and I warn him not to try it), but he HAS asked my former assistant in Georgia if I was dating anyone when I lived there.  What if a conservative man did this to a liberal spokeswoman?  

    THEY have declared War on anyone who opposes Them .. but this ain't RINO-land

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    MAGA living rent-free in Biden's brain: Joe Labels Trump “The Great MAGA King”

    During a speech in Chicago on May 11. 2022, filled with excuses, nonsense and economic doublespeak, Joe Biden called President Donald Trump “The Great MAGA King,”  (link)

    On May 4,  Biden called our MAGA movement "the most extreme political organization that's existed in American history." (link)

    We’ve gone from Deplorables, to MAGA extremists, to ultra-MAGA (link) .. now Trump is The Great MAGA King.


    We shall celebrate our latest elevation with the dance of The Great MAGA King


  • published schools in VOLUSIA GOP FRONT PAGE 2022-05-10 22:23:30 -0400

    Electing Our School Board: "Support candidates who are going to be reflective of our values.”

    Florida Republicans are amping up their focus on these non-partisan school board contests, promoting a sophisticated training and broad recruitment campaign expected to result in dozens of conservative contenders entering this year’s roughly 120 school board races, which formally begin with next month’s candidate qualifying.

    The goal: Win command of more of Florida's 67 school districts.

    Governor DeSantis said that he plans "to be involved in school board races. We’re going to make sure we’re going to be able to support the candidates who are going to be reflective of our values.”

    FLORIDA parents to regroup and continue fight to force Volusia County ...

    “You can throw the bums out in the election. If they mistreated your kids or they didn’t follow the law…you have an opportunity, for many of them will be up for re-election."

    DeSantis sounded that rallying cry in Daytona Beach several weeks ago after signing legislation imposing 12-year term limits on school board members and subjecting most material in school libraries and classrooms to new governmental oversight and approval practices.

    Some of the fiercest school board election fights are expected to emerge in the 12 counties whose school boards defied DeSantis’ executive order last year that barred mandatory masks in classrooms.

    The state budget approved by lawmakers in March specifically punishes these counties by excluding them from $200 million in school recognition money. Some are counties with sizable numbers of Republican voters and party leaders were antagonized when their school boards broke with the governor.

    Those districts are Alachua, Brevard, Broward, Duval, Hillsborough, Indian River, Leon, Miami-Dade, Orange, Palm Beach, Sarasota and Volusia counties. More

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    Proverbs 22:6  "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

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    Movie Review . "2000 Mules proves there was massive election fraud"

    "Dinesh D’Souza is an effective filmmaker and he didn’t disappoint with 2000 Mules, a riveting documentary"


    By Andrea Widburg @ American Thinker

    2000 Mules begins with the premise that Trump voters have found it impossible to believe that Trump lost the election. When they contrast his campaign appearances (60,000 screaming fans) with Biden’s campaign appearances (6 vaguely animated lumps sitting in little circles); the bellwether states showing Trump winning by a large margin; the significant gains Trump made with Hispanics and Blacks; the millions of votes Trump gained over the four years of his presidency; and the mysterious overnight counting shut-down in the states that ultimately gave Biden his “victory,” they know that something is wrong.

    The folks at True the Vote also suspected that something was wrong, very wrong. The founder, Catherine Engelbrecht, working with Gregg Philips and a team of computer analysts, came up with a very clever way to determine whether there was fraud. They suspected it, thanks to the way in which Democrats in key states used COVID as an excuse to increase absentee voting, including states that allowed only absentee voting with drop boxes across cities and towns, there had been massive ballot harvesting. That is, people, both real and fake, didn’t fill out their own ballots. Instead, they were collected, completed, and put into drop boxes by partisan and paid activists.

    To prove this theory, True the Vote obtained geo-tracking information for major urban areas in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona, allowing them to follow cell phone signals. They marked all the drop boxes and all the facilities for left-wing non-profits. They then looked for cell phones that traveled between the non-profits and drop boxes at least ten times (to be sure to winnow out statistical noise). Through FOIA requests, they also obtained as many videos as they could showing people stuffing multiple ballots into the drop boxes, a completely illegal act.

    Their data revealed 2,200 mules in just five cities, visiting between 20 and 45 drop boxes each, at which they dropped off an average of five ballots. When you do the math, the numbers are staggering:

    Donald J. Trump . May 3rd, 2022: "Ignorance is not bliss. Sky high inflation, threats of World War III, and the invasion across our borders are a direct consequence of the stolen 2020 election. What happened in 2020 can never be allowed to happen again!"

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    MAGA soldiers never retreat ... because their General never does.

    All 22 candidates in Ohio and Indiana endorsed by former President Donald J. Trump completed a clean sweep of Tuesday’s primaries, indicating the strength of a Trump endorsement is as mighty as it has ever been.

    Former White House political director Brian Jack exclusively tells Breitbart News:

    What we saw in Texas earlier this year was confirmed yet again tonight: President Trump’s endorsement is the most important endorsement in politics. His endorsed candidates are a combined 55-0 in 2022 primaries, a continuation of the historic endorsement streak of success that started during his time at The White House. 

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    Elon Musk is challenging Twitter's despotic control of public speech.

    Updated: April 25, 2022 - 3:16pm

    Billionaire Elon Musk reached a deal Monday to purchase social media giant Twitter for a sum of $44 billion.

    "Free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated," Musk said, per Reuters.

    Twitter has been mired in accusations of censorship for years, earning particular scorn from conservatives for banning for President Donald Trump from the platform. MORE



     Is DeSantis going to be the one who finally breaks Twitter?

     DeSantis & Musk have become partners in the Twitter takeover. DeSantis announced he’s looking into actions he can take against Twitter's board of directors for attempts to block Musk from buying Twitter, as Florida is an investor in the platform through the state's pension fund. Twitter may be ground zero for political social media, but the company has always struggled financially. 

    Why would any competent board of directors try to literally poison pill an ailing company from realizing greater profits or increasing capital gains for its shareholders?

    The New York Post (link) reports on DeSantis' answer:

    • “They rejected it because they know they can’t control Elon Musk, they know that he will not accept the narrative, and that their little play toy of Twitter would not be used to enforce orthodoxy and to basically prop up the regime and these failed legacy media outlets.”
    Why doesn’t every Republican governor stand up to Big Tech like this?  (link)


    "If you notice, the people that are most hostile to Musk are people from the legacy media outlets like the Washington Post and CNN... Nobody trusts these people anymore." - Gov. Ron DeSantis

    WATCH - DeSantis Blasts Legacy Media for Attacking Elon Musk & Free Speech

    Gov. DeSantis Blasts Legacy Media for Attacking Elon Musk & Free Speech


    Unchecked Censorship Isolates People.

     Whenever a self-anointed elite sets up a Ministry of Truth, the link between censorship and disinformation becomes clear. Before long, they invent reality and punish anyone who expresses a different viewpoint. One of the most telling incidents of censorship over the past year was Twitter’s take-down of virologist and vaccine inventor Dr. Robert Malone, claiming he was “spreading misinformation”—i.e., spreading a second opinion—about Covid vaccines and treatments. Open discussion of such things would erode the illusions big media and big tech so doggedly prop up.

    • Dr. Malone explained how a propaganda-saturated population can end up in a state of mass hypnosis that renders people incapable of seeing reality. He described how social isolation, a high level of discontent, and a strong sense of free-floating anxiety are keys to the development of this psychosis. The anxiety is so painful that it causes people to cling, trancelike, to any narrative that seems to offer stability. Once all other views are censored, people become so invested in the narrative that they cannot consider any alternative views. They will even mob anyone who endangers the narrative. 

    Read it all


    During a recent monologue, Fox News host Tucker Carlson called Elon Musk’s attempt to takeover Twitter “the single most important development for free speech in the modern history of the United States.”

    Watch Tucker

    Elon Musk: “Twitter has become the de facto town square, so it’s important that people have both the reality and perception that they’re able to speak freely ...

    Having tweets being mysteriously promoted or demoted with no insight into what’s going on, having a black vault algorithm promote some things and not other things — I think this can be quite dangerous ...

    One of the things I think Twitter should do is open-source the algorithm to show how the social media platform amplifies or censors content."

    • Twitter misuses its vast power to amplify the Left and suppress the political right.
    • Twitter has misused its reach to wield political power and to demonize those who have different ideas. 
    • Twitter is overwhelmingly cozy with Democrat political players. Former Obama Administration officials have embedded themselves like ticks throughout Silicon Valley.

    Elon Musk is a visionary, an immigrant to America who has built his fortune on relentless work and an ardent belief in first principles. But conservatives should not depend on Elon Musk to fight for free speech for them. He’s not your savior. More

  • published TooFar in VOLUSIA GOP FRONT PAGE 2022-04-08 17:43:38 -0400

    DISNEY is the straw that breaks the Donkey's back.

    .Rep. Michael Waltz pens children's book to combat liberal agenda

    Waltz teamed up with Braves Books, which aims to "teach foundational conservative values" by "dispelling the progressive agenda aimed at teaching our kids all the wrong lessons," according to its official online store

    Cover of Rep. Waltz's new children's book "Dawn of the Brave."
    Cover of Rep. Waltz's new children's book "Dawn of the Brave."

    "Dawn of the Brave" is the ninth and final book in a series, as each character previously had their own adventures. All the characters reflect traditional values of faith, family, the right of every family to defend themselves, and Waltz – who joined other conservatives who penned the previous books -- was able to bring them all together to work as a team defending Freedom Island from evil rat wolves. 

    "It tries to teach our young, our young kids is that serving your country, serving each other, serving your community, and that self-sacrifice is something that needs to be taught, and they need to emulate and that'll make our country greater and make them better citizens," he said. 

    "In the case of Florida, where they're opposing a law that says we shouldn't be talking about sex and gender for five-year-olds and free kindergartners and first-graders. So I think they're the left, it will be headlong on their agenda. But we have to start pushing back. We have to start fighting back," he said. "Complaining about it and pushing back isn't enough. How do we fill that void with traditional conservative values in content? That's what ‘Dawn of the Brave’ and Brave books seeks to do." MORE


    The Democrat Party and their corporate/media co-conspirators are anti-parents, anti-borders, anti-police, anti-1st Amendment, anti-2nd Amendment, anti-working class/middle class people.

    • And now they are using elementary schools to groom our children for entry into their dystopian sexual identity nightmare. Disney has vowed to use their vast resources to fight for this vile agenda. (Link)

    Click on image

    We The People have seen and heard enough. Awake (not WOKE) citizens all across America, representing every demographic, are demanding action against this arrogant, ignorant, malignant leftist onslaught. 

    The good news is that the political pendulum has never, in the whole of human history, stayed on one side of a swing. The inevitable backlash from tyrannical overreach has always been proportionate to how far off center it went before coming back.

    • Right now we’re staring at a whole lot of our country .. 90% of the land mass, with 70% of the population .. that is 100% fed up. 

    Trump Wins Map 2016


    JOIN U.S.

  • published Earthquake in VOLUSIA GOP FRONT PAGE 2022-04-04 10:06:26 -0400

    Democrats fleeing DC are predicting a massive political earthquake.

    Animals predicting earthquakes:

    • Evidence that animals can “predict” earthquakes dates back to 373BC, when Greek historian Thucydides wrote of rats, snakes, weasels and insects fleeing the city of Helice before a massive earthquake.


    WATCH . “All of these Democrat Congresspeople are retiring because they’re getting their asses kicked in every poll”

    “Historians will record this period of American history as a catastrophic low point, and a stain upon our once great reputation."

    Be Deplorable . Click on Image

  • published WEAREGOP in VOLUSIA GOP FRONT PAGE 2022-03-30 21:34:04 -0400

    WINNERS . We Are The Republican Party of Volusia County . FLORIDA

    At the end of 2021, Florida GOP voter registration numbers officially overtook the Democrat Party for the first time in state history.

    The Republican Party lead is now +100,000 over the Democrats.

    In May 2017, Volusia GOP voter registration numbers officially overtook the Democrat Party for the first time in county history. That lead is today +27,712 over the Dems.

    Registered Republican voters in Florida now outnumber Democrats by over 100,000. A spokesperson for DeSantis’ campaign told Fox News Digital that the surge in Republican voters broke 101,000 as of Tuesday morning.

    The upswing in registered Republican voters has been going on for nearly two years, with Republicans outperforming Democrats in new voter registrations in 21 of the past 22 months - Read it HERE 

    Registered Republicans in Florida have increased by 363,000 since 2018, when DeSantis took power in the state.

    "There’s no beating around the fact this historic gain is because of Governor Ron DeSantis," Republican Party of Florida executive director Helen Aguirre Ferré said in a statement to Fox News Digital. "Florida voters are appreciative of the palpable sense of freedom he has created in our state."

    "Unemployment is lower than the national average, our schools are open, there are no lockdowns, and there are no masks. Voters recognize the governor is a champion for families and businesses alike. Our voter registration numbers are impressive, but a 363,000 net change? That is unprecedented."

    The Left Must Never Control Florida - Victory 2022 Starts HERE

  • published NWOrder in VOLUSIA GOP FRONT PAGE 2022-03-26 08:12:33 -0400

    America's midterm election will be a thundering rejection of leftist-globalist ideology.


    • Every country must participate .. all aspects of our societies and economies need to be revamped .. our thinking and behavior will have to dramatically shift .. and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed.” (link)

    • In the middle of the COVID pandemic, Klaus Schwab and global elites announced a “Great Reset.” (link)
    • On Monday 3/21, while speaking with business leaders from some of the largest U.S. energy, food, and manufacturing companies, Joe Biden said there will be a “New World Order.” (link)

    These “new orders” and “resets” always entail far bigger government and more unelected, powerful bureaucracies. Elites assume that their radical changes in energy use, media reporting, voting, sovereignty, and racial and ethnic quotas will never quite apply to themselves, the architects of such top-down changes. 

    So common folk must quit fossil fuels, but not those who use corporate jets. Middle class lifestyles will be curbed as we are instructed to strive for 'sustainability' and transition to mass transit. But the Obamas will still keep their three mansions, and Silicon Valley futurists will insist on exemptions for their yachts. Walls will not mar our borders but will protect the homes of Nancy Pelosi, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. 

     WATCH - "We will never surrender America's sovereignty to an unelected, unaccountable, global bureaucracy.”

    So a reset reckoning is coming. It will be a different sort of transformation than the elites are expecting. The prophets of the new world order sowed the wind and they will soon reap the whirlwind of an angry public worn out by elite incompetence, arrogance, and ignorance.

    In the November 2022 midterms, we are likely to see a historic “No!” to the orthodox left-wing agenda that has resulted in unsustainable inflation, unaffordable energy, war, and humiliation abroad, spiraling crime, racial hostility—and arrogant defiance from those who deliberately enacted these disastrous policies. 

    Read More VDH @ 


  • published WinBack in VOLUSIA GOP FRONT PAGE 2022-03-21 08:31:47 -0400

    THEY attempted to destroy President Trump .. THEY failed.

    “You had a president that always put America First. I will be back and we will be better and stronger than ever before.” 


    Conspirators in Their Own Words

    Noble left-wing ends always justify odious means, in this case projecting one’s own conspiracist efforts by smearing innocent others as conspiracists.

    Read Victor Davis Hanson

    For the last five years, the Left—defined as the fusion of the mainstream media, Silicon Valley, the radical new Democratic Party, and the vestigial Hillary Clinton machine—has crafted all sorts of conspiracies to destroy their perceived conservative enemies. 

    Their method has focused on one major projection: alleging conspiracy on the part of others, which is a kind of confirmation of their own conspiracies to destroy their opponents in general, and Donald Trump in particular. 

    The Left was so giddy with their massaging of the election that they wanted their skullduggery high-fived and immortalized. So the “conspiracy” was lauded in detail in Molly Ball’s infamous Time magazine essay, “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election.” 

    Note what she boasted about:

    "This is the inside story of the conspiracy to save the 2020 election, based on access to the group’s inner workings, never-before-seen documents, and interviews with dozens of those involved from across the political spectrum. . . . The participants want the secret history of the 2020 election told, even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream—a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information. 

    Their work touched every aspect of the election. They got states to change voting systems and laws and helped secure hundreds of millions in public and private funding. They fended off voter-suppression lawsuits, recruited armies of poll workers and got millions of people to vote by mail for the first time. They successfully pressured social media companies to take a harder line against disinformation and used data-driven strategies to fight viral smears."

    Ball even bragged of a new “conspiracy” between “left-wing activists” and corporate CEOs. The former on cue were to taper off their post-George Floyd street violence and the latter were to begin sounding off about social justice issues: 

    “There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs. Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans.” 

    Read More 


    ”Don’t let these people [Democrats] ever have power again” 

  • Children will be protected -- THIS. IS. FLORIDA.

    "Ron DeSantis has the DeSantis Doctrine, sort of like the Monroe Doctrine, except instead of keeping shady foreigners out of our hemisphere, the DeSantis Doctrine keeps woke fascists out of our lives."

    "You gotta hand it to a guy who convinces Democrats to die on the hill of defending perverted groomers talking about sex with little school kids. You would think that Democrats actually want to win elections. But no – they want to make the schools safe for pedos, and they don't care who knows it. But they'll care plenty in November when parents around the country come out and vote."

     The Daily Wire commissioned a poll (link) that presented the respondents in its study with the actual language from the Florida bill’s most criticized passage and then asked them to react to it:

    Below is a passage from a new state education law. Please indicate whether you support or oppose it: "Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through third grade or in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.”

    The poll results indicate that Americans across racial, party, and age lines support the Florida proposal:

    • More than 6 in 10 Americans (64%) support the Florida bill’s ban on classroom instructions on sexual orientation and gender identity in grades K-3, or at any level if it is not presented in a manner that is age or developmentally appropriate. Twenty-one percent said they oppose the bill.
    • The Florida measure is backed by 69% of Republicans, 62% of Democrats, and 57% of Independents. There were also no notable differences among whites (63%), blacks (66%), and Latinos (62%) or by age.

    Florida House Speaker Chris Sprowls said, “This polling reflects what our common sense already tells us. Only fanatics think the classroom curriculum from kindergarten through 3rd grade should include teaching little children about gender identity.”

    Governor DeSantis’ press secretary, Christina Pushaw, said the poll’s national findings are consistent with what Floridians are saying about HB 1557. “Radical progressives know their agenda is unpopular with the majority of Americans. That’s why they resort to telling flat-out lies — and the corporate media acts as the DNC’s comms shop”

    Among Democrats familiar with the law, 47% said they heard about it from national networks, such as NBC, ABC, and CBS and 25% said cable networks like MSNBC and CNN.


    Parental Rights in Education (HB 1557) made it through the Florida legislature. It is now headed to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ desk, and he’s promised to sign it into law. So, why is this bill being so maligned?

    The answer is that it dares to disallow teaching sexual and gender ideology to Pre-K through third-grade students (that translates to ages 3-7)

    Here’s the reality of the Parental Rights in Education bill. It’s an anti-grooming law. There is no justification for a teacher to ever speak to a small child about “gender ideology” and sexuality, and any adult wanting to do that should be investigated for pedophilia. Parents are not going to sit by and allow that kind of insanity to be normalized and pushed on their children.

    Some Republicans may cower in the face of the LGBT+ whatever lobby on these issues .. DeSantis isn’t going to. (link)

    Of course, since everything is stupid, Disney Corp. has now gotten involved, denouncing the bill publicly. After requesting a meeting with DeSantis, Disney CEO Bob Chapek received it in the form of a phone call on Thursday. Here’s how that went:

    To summarize, Disney can go jump in a lake. Florida voters and their representatives have spoken. MORE @ RedState


    ... Click on Image

    Proverbs 22:6

    "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

  • published Jan6 in VOLUSIA GOP FRONT PAGE 2022-03-09 08:46:32 -0500

    NYT National Security Reporter: January 6th not an insurrection .. "we were just having fun!"

    NEW YORK – Mar. 8, 2022:  Project Veritas published a bombshell video showing Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times correspondent, Matthew Rosenberg, speaking about the events of January 6, 2021, in a way that contradicts his own reporting. Click on Image

    Rosenberg Thumb

    Pulitzer Prize Winning New York Times Reporter: January 6 Media Coverage ‘Overreaction,’ FBI Involved, Event Was Not Organized Despite Ongoing Narrative

    • NYT National Security Correspondent, Matthew Rosenberg, contradicts his own January 6 reporting: “There were a ton of FBI informants amongst the people who attacked the Capitol. It was like, me and two other colleagues who were there [January 6] outside and we were just having fun!”

    • Rosenberg: “I know I’m supposed to be traumatized, but like, all these colleagues who were in the [Capitol] building and are like ‘Oh my God it was so scary!’  These f*cking little dweebs who keep going on about their trauma .. it’s not the kind place I can tell someone to man up but .. dude come on, you were not in any danger."

    • Rosenberg: "They were making too big a deal. They were making this an organized thing that it wasn’t.”

    Project Veritas founder and CEO James O’Keefe revealed that Rosenberg’s article titled, The Next Big Lies: Jan 6 was No Big Deal, or A Left-Wing Plot,” was written around the same time as he was making contradictory statements to a Project Veritas undercover reporter. MORE

  • published Hiring in VOLUSIA GOP FRONT PAGE 2022-03-07 19:39:50 -0500


    *To Apply - Click on Image

    * As for temporary employment (paid position) as a Poll Worker during the election cycle coming up, please go to the Volusia Election Office website https://www.volusiaelections.gov/ and select the Poll Worker tab at the top of the page. 
    There you will find the job description for 5 positions available, pay and the application process.   Please consider these positions, we need lots of Republicans signed up for the positions. You can also call the elections office with questions on the temporary Poll Worker positions. 

  • published flaworks in VOLUSIA GOP FRONT PAGE 2022-03-06 10:35:25 -0500

    Prosperity is blooming in the Sunshine State

    "With job growth projected to outpace the entire nation, things are going exceedingly well for Florida."

    First, the state ended the unemployment bonus last May, months ahead of schedule. Shortly after, unemployment costs in the state dropped 86%. Since then, the state has regained 92.1% of the jobs it initially lost in the early days of the pandemic.

    Nationwide, 1 out of 5 workers require the government's permission to do his or her job.

    Licensing laws vary across states and even across localities. They are often duplicative and sometimes even directly conflict with each other. To solve this issue, Florida now prohibits localities from adding additional licensing requirements, allowing entrepreneurs to put that "open for business" sign up in the window sooner rather than later.

    Job training programs are not always work-centric. They are often inefficient, forcing job seekers to fill out redundant paperwork and creating administrative problems. Florida is working to ensure job training programs aren’t wasting taxpayer dollars and creating more bureaucracy. 

    To make sure the programs are working, the state will be tracking transitions out of welfare programs based on metrics such as participant completion, job attainment, and wages.

    All of these commonsense solutions passed by the legislature will serve Floridians by getting the government out of the way of economic growth, removing barriers to work, and encouraging more Floridians to start businesses in the state. MORE

    Throwing nuthin' but strikes .. Reelect Governor DeSantis

  • published President Trump @ CPAC 2022 in VOLUSIA GOP FRONT PAGE 2022-02-26 11:56:03 -0500

    President Trump says it plainly: "We’ll be doing it again a third time."

    All Trump-Endorsed Candidates Win Texas Primaries on Tuesday.

    In a statement to the former president on Wednesday (3/2/2022) Texas Lieutenant Gov. Dan Patrick (R) announced that Trump went 12-0 in his Texas primary endorsements.

    “I am proud to tell you that every candidate I asked you to endorse won or is solidly in first place going into a runoff. You were 12-0 with your Texas endorsements last night from my list of recommendations,” said Patrick.

    “Your key endorsement of strong conservative candidates, who believe in the MAGA policies, who worked hard every day for months was a winning combination over their opponents.” MORE


    “They’re going to find out the hard way starting on November 8 .. and then again, even more so, in Nov. 2024. We did it twice, and we’ll do it again. We’ll be doing it again a third time." 


    Full Speech

    “2022 will be the year that millions of everyday citizens will stand up to the left-wing fascists.” 

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