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  • commented on stoppress 2020-03-21 09:29:32 -0400
    One of the suggestions was to record the WH briefings and then have ‘media experts’ tell U.S. what was said.

    This kind of institutional arrogance took many, many years to develop. God only knows how it will ever be fixed .. maybe cut their absurdly high salaries and let ‘em earn that $15 hourly wage they’re so enthused about.

  • commented on deplorables 2019-12-26 09:06:20 -0500
    We live in a divided country. On one side there are those who live media-centric lives. These folks either have jobs related to media-land or are full time consumers of what media-land produces. This large group of people mostly populate metropolis America.

    On the other side are those who pay little attention to media-land. These folks have jobs where the focus is on what must be done, not talked about. Their well being, financial and otherwise, is directly tied to the daily work of their hands. This large group of people populate every town across America.

    The great divide in our country is because watching and talking about things are not at all the same as actually doing them. The great divide is because metropolis America has lost contact with working class America, calling them deplorable for their faith in traditional values. This great divide is what the angry noise is all about.

    Welcome to election year 2020. Are you registered to vote?

  • commented on letter 2019-12-17 18:41:15 -0500
    “Perhaps most insulting of all is your false display of solemnity. You apparently have so little respect for the American People that you expect them to believe that you are approaching this impeachment somberly, reservedly, and reluctantly. No intelligent person believes what you are saying. Since the moment I won the election, the Democrat Party has been possessed by Impeachment Fever. There is no reticence. This is not a somber affair. You are making a mockery of impeachment and you are scarcely concealing your hatred of me, of the Republican Party, and tens of millions of patriotic Americans. The voters are wise, and they are seeing straight through this empty, hollow, and dangerous game you are playing.”

    Epic – https://www.volusiacountyrepublicans.org/letter

  • commented on UKvotes 2019-12-13 07:21:55 -0500
    The Trump Revolution is now a global phenomena. The tide has turned. The leftists are being pushed into the political wilderness and they’ll be there for a long time.

    Our friend sundance @ CTH writes;
    At the center of this realignment is “America First“. A reestablished economic leverage that can reward allies and punish adversaries. Globalism becomes a thing of the past and is replaced by economic nationalism; an international tide to lift all boats – peacefully.

    “Economic security is national security”

  • commented on IGreport 2019-12-09 19:08:19 -0500
    Why were they so unconcerned about the wide trail of evidence they were leaving behind? Because President Hillary Clinton would never allow anything they did to be scrutinized.

    Trump winning was barely conceivable in their collective minds. But just in case, Strzok had an insurance policy, which was executed with even greater stupidity than the attempt to rig 2016.

  • commented on neverseen 2019-10-02 17:34:38 -0400
    So true Sandra. Colluding to take out a POTUS used to be a serious crime. (The Lincoln conspirators were hung).
    I’d settle for some jail time, which may well be how it ends for many of our current coup conspirators. AG Barr will be heard from soon … I think.

  • commented on war1 2019-09-25 13:05:47 -0400
    Richard Winkler said -

    Create an item of conjecture (currently Ukraine)
    Stir opinion to point of frenzy (get house arguing)
    Throw more illicit allegations into the mix
    Public opinion is stirred to maximum
    Congress acts on (Surmised OPINION)
    100% correct sir. The good news is that the Dem Playbook is out of date in the age of Trump. He takes it away and slaps them with it.

  • commented on small 2019-08-15 17:14:01 -0400
    As much as someone can while living a ‘common’ life, I’ve paid attention to our national politicians since boyhood, after watching the Kennedy-Nixon debates in 1960. It all seemed very important to my young eyes and I was hooked on “The News”. This life long hobby has never made me money, nor provided happiness. But it did prepare me to notice the huge difference that is Donald John Trump. At a 2015 rally, Trump told U.S. (paraphrase) “I know these all talk, do nothing politicians, I’ve given them money because as a businessman, it’s required to get anything done. I know all of them personally and let me tell you, they are even worse than you think”

    He’s had my full attention ever since.

  • commented on newsconf 2019-06-30 07:29:12 -0400
    The North Korea problem goes back to 1950 and Harry Truman. For 69 years and after 11 presidents, No one had been able to get a grip on what to do about NK … until now.

    Our POTUS will earn the Nobel Peace Prize .. and this time it won’t be a joke.

  • commented on Orally 2019-06-19 22:06:45 -0400
    I’ve been reading what the enemies of POTUS have been saying. UniParty Inc. is stunned that after all the poison they’ve injected into the body politic, Trump is stronger than ever. The whole Never Trump universe is trying to shake off the reality of his triumph in Orlando .. a political tour de force. And the Trump 2020 campaign raising $25mil in a 24hr period only adds to their despair.

    Good times.

  • commented on gaza 2019-05-06 22:23:15 -0400
    Iran has given the scum running the Gaza terror state a new weapon. This is what the people of Israel are now facing:
    The Iranian Badr 3 missile explodes within 20m of target and releases a 1,400-piece shower of shrapnel fragments. On Monday, April 6, hours into the Gaza ceasefire, Palestinian and Iranian sources released a video showcasing the new Iranian weapon targeting Ashkelon, 13 km north of Gaza. At least four of the new Iranian missiles were shown on May 4 and 5 during the 700-rocket blitz on the Israeli population from Saturday morning.

    The Badr 3 was said by Iranian sources to have been supplied, possibly with technology and components, to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas’ partner in the latest round of rocket attacks. While earlier versions of the rocket carried 40 kilos of explosives, the Badr 3 has an explosive warhead of 250 kilos.

    The new weapon made its Middle East battlefield debut in Yamen in early April in the hands of the Iranian-backed Houthi insurgents. Jihad in Gaza was therefore the first terrorist organization to use it against Israel.

    DEBKAfile’s military sources disclose that the Badr 3 has a range of 150km. Its greatest asset is that it explodes 20 meters above the target before landing, showering 1,400 pieces of shrapnel across a wide area. This feature greatly enhances its capacity to harm multiple human targets and wreak damage to buildings over a wide radius.

    Due to this capacity, many people in Ashkelon and Ashdod were injured after hearing the rocket alerts before they were able to reach safe shelter. Four people were killed and more than 250 Israelis were injured – many from flying shrapnel and many buildings took direct hits.


  • commented on CTH 2019-04-23 13:38:59 -0400
    If sundance can lay it out for U.S in the public square like he has done. .. then you can be sure that privately the POTUS & AG Barr know all of this and More.

    The coup is collapsing but still ongoing .. and the now desperate conspirators are even more dangerous than before. The imperative is to have an indictment of one of conspirators to signal that it’s truly over.

    Arrest just one traitor who has left the most obvious trail of criminality .. and let the great unraveling begin.

  • commented on over 2019-04-18 19:18:26 -0400
    “I doubt that anyone who spent the last three years pushing utterly concocted conspiracy theories will own up to it, let alone confront any accountability or consequences for it.

    But certain facts will never go away no matter how much denial they embrace. The sweeping Mueller investigation ended with zero indictments of zero Americans for conspiring with Russia over the 2016 election. Both Donald Trump, Jr. and Jared Kushner – the key participants in the Trump Tower meeting – testified for hours and hours yet were never charged for perjury, lying or obstruction, even though Mueller proved how easily he would indict anyone who lied as part of the investigation. And this massive investigation simply did not establish any of the conspiracy theories that huge parts of the Democratic Party, the intelligence community and the U.S. media spent years encouraging the public to believe.

    Those responsible for this can refuse to acknowledge wrongdoing. They can even claim vindication if they want and will likely be cheered for doing so.

    But the contempt in which the media and political class is held by so much of the U.S. population – undoubtedly a leading factor that led to Trump’s election in the first place – will only continue to grow as a result, and deservedly so. People know they were scammed, that their politics was drowned for years by a hoax. And none of that will go away no matter how insulated media and political elites in Washington, northern Virginia, Brooklyn, and large West Coast cities keep themselves, and thus hear only in-group affirmation while blocking out all of that well-earned scorn."

    By Glenn Greenwald

    Read it all @ https://theintercept.com/2019/04/18/robert-mueller-did-not-merely-reject-the-trumprussia-conspiracy-theories-he-obliterated-them/

  • commented on cities 2019-04-13 12:13:49 -0400
    Democrat leaders / candidates who do anything less than greet illegals visiting their sanctuary cities with full welcoming honors .. are totally and forever exposed.

  • commented on Over With 2019-03-23 10:06:15 -0400
    The Russian Collusion Delusion: It was a hoax .. it was the ‘insurance policy’ that Peter Strzok and his co-conspirators planned.

    Over 2 years of our time invested .. billions of words spoken and written .. thousands of hours of TV coverage .. 100’s of millions of our $$$ spent .. untold damage done to the Trump presidency and our country.

    There will come a time to settle accounts.

  • commented on Chairman 2019-03-13 19:35:36 -0400
    Yes .. the Volusia Republican Party works hard.
    Yes .. President Trump is bringing new voters into the GOP.

    But the main driver of our success in Volusia Co. is the Democrat Party itself. They have morphed into something unrecognizable to working / middle class Americans. Democrats have allowed the most radical elements of the Left to take over their party.

    The Donkey Party is now a clique whose members reside largely in urban areas, with NYC and LA County their strongholds. These places do not represent the majority of U.S. 2020 is going to be a political war.
    “The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.”

  • commented on vagov 2019-02-02 07:58:33 -0500
    In his short time as Gov. .. Ralph did more to help re-elect Trump than anyone could have imagined. His “I have no regrets” support of infanticide permanently marked the Democrat Party as radicals and moved the needle away from their toxic brand. And unless they collectively renounce their passion for killing the unborn and the just born .. that needle won’t ever move back towards them.

  • commented on emergency 2019-01-27 09:00:59 -0500
    President Trump is trying to force Congress to own the border issue with him and in the name of the American people .. fight for our sovereignty. If that actually happened, it would be a powerful signal of national strength for all to see .. boosting every aspect of America influence across the world.

    But we know the bitter truth – The Democrats are traitors who hate the idea American greatness and want crime, drugs, disease, gangs and endless welfare for illegals inflicted on U.S. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3f8adcdd32114047edc6f534f5243d7bb69dbfd28defbbc091e7b51fa5168d51.jpg

    They’ll use these scorched earth tactics in an attempt to defeat Trump 2020 .. which is the overriding mission of the fanatical donkey party and of their state media / Hollywood co-conspirators.

  • commented on 21 2019-01-26 20:11:16 -0500
    A “cave” would be giving up on building a wall / fence and quitting on U.S. That’s not happening .. will never happen. He’s didn’t come this far only to hand Nancy the keys.


  • commented on senior 2019-01-17 09:35:58 -0500
    Most federal employees earn more, with better healthcare / pensions / vacation time, than workers in the private sector. Of course they will protect their individual fiefdoms with the last tax dollar we give them.

    And behind this army of federal sloths, squashing any hope for reform / accountability in the bureaucracy, are the all powerful unions.

    This shutdown is righteous in so many ways.

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