Judge Kavanaugh ... Welcome to HELL

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Welcome to HELL

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  • Joe F.
    commented 2018-09-28 11:38:26 -0400
    Maybe it was the death of his friend John McCain that made the conservative American hiding inside Lindsey Graham explode on the Democrats. Death is a teacher. It opens us up to new courage and provides us an urgency to do the right thing, right now, because the clock is ticking.

    Graham’s whole career had been one of DC go along to get along. He was disdainful of candidate Trump and a frequent critic of President Trump. On the conservative blogs, Graham was a UniParty villain; nickname Grahamnesty (or worse). Then in a moment of clarity, he found his voice and spoke from the heart for all of U.S. He turned the tide and saved Judge Kavanaugh. We will always remember Lindsey Graham for doing this great thing.

    But there’s more. I believe Graham has changed the trajectory of the midterm elections towards a GOP victory. Denying the donkeys their expected blue wave changes everything. When the Democrats FAIL to take back the House and lose half a dozen seats in the Senate, they will have an internal civil war. Their blame game will then ruin them for 2020. They too will long remember Lindsey Graham.

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