Democrat / Hollywood / Media obsession with overturning the 2016 election is taking them (and U.S.) to crazytown.


Watching the way liberals “handle” disappointment is a clear warning that they cannot be trusted in a crisis. They could no more be expected to sanely steer our Ship of State than Captain Ahab was to take proper charge of his whaling vessel.

In fact, Moby Dick is the prototype for what is happening to the obsessed minds of the liberal establishment. Like Ahab, who lost a leg to a Great White Whale, the crazed swamp-dwellers lost an election to a Great “Orange” creature that seems to have come out of nowhere. He has not only crippled them, he has blinded them with rage and plunged them into a vast sea of obsession from which they cannot seem to rescue themselves.

The lasting popularity of Melville’s novel speaks to the self-destructive power of obsession. To visit vengeance on Moby Dick, Captain Ahab would destroy everything -- not just his sea-worthy nemesis, but his entire crew -- and, indeed, what was left of his vengeful self. In the same manner, the all-consuming vendetta that grinds away at the leaders of the Democrat Party could end up destroying them and it.

The last that readers of Moby Dick see of Captain Ahab, he is lashed helplessly to the body of his mortal enemy. That is the risk fools take when they are unable to cut the punishing ropes of obsession.

Read it all @ "The Ahabs of the Left"  by Doris O'Brien  


We can beat these crazy liberals. Join US ..

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