PROMISE MADE: The Constitution Will Guide Our Federal Courts

When Trump ran for the office he promised conservative voters that he would take recommendations from groups like the Federalist Society. 


Senate Confirms More Judicial Picks

This week the Republican-led Senate confirmed 13 new federal judges. President Trump’s total is now 144

 99 District Judges — 43 Circuit Judges — 2 Supreme Court Justices

The very best part of this success is that the judicial slots are being filled by young (ish) nominees who will sit on the bench for many years to come. The move back to judicial decisions based on the Constitution rather than Democrat feel-good ideology will be sustained well into the future.

Conservatives fed up with decisions made by liberal judges can rest assured that McConnell has got this. Take that, 9th Circuit of Appeals. That court’s liberal dominance is in the crosshairs, too.


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