Democrat-Media Complex persists in attacking the President, and rational people who support him


The weekend is here, or at least per the calendar since every day for about two weeks has just melded into each ... with only the latest scare headlines and Leftist calls for the imposition of martial law over what amounts to something slightly more deadly than seasonal flu to differentiate them.
Yes, I said it and I meant it. Despite the tragedy of people dying, logic dictates that the number of deaths per the number of confirmed cases, the probable number of those infected and the unknown number of those who had it and got over it simply do not add up to what we were being told. 
Chinese Coronavirus COVID-19, while certainly dangerous or even lethal to some, is no reason to shut down our society. If we are going to quarantine anyone, it should be the elderly and those whose compromised health puts them at greater risk to both catch and spread the contagion.
 I think President Trump should lift the state of emergency definitely by Easter and really by April 5th. 
The "evidence" and reasoning that has us in a state of siege and limbo is now provably flawed. If we continue to do things based on its premise we will do damage to the nation by orders of magnitude greater than whatever the highest death toll and hospitalization will be.

Read - The Morning Report - 3/27/20

By —J.J. Sefton 


      • Some glimmers of hope coming from the President, Dr. Fauci and the rest of the Chinese Coronavirus task force, get this, suddenly the SEIU just happened to find millions of N-95 masks and, bless their generosity, are going to sell them... at $5.00 a piece, despite the fact that Home Depot sells them for $1.20 each. We should not let a crisis got to waste; abolish the SEIU.
        Also, Israelis are giving millions of pills to the US for free. Amazing how we are witnessing both the worst and best in humanity, with the former 100% of and from the Left.
        Speaking of the Left, Michigan's AG channels her inner Gestapo, promising relief from a cancer drug, some good news from New York and Cuomo admits the quarantine might have made things worse, along with his malfeasance and sanctuary state policies, Julie Kelly rips the media attempt to make Cuomo a hero, and what we need to do when all this has passed.

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