What the Democrat Party is selling U.S. is toxic snake oil. But socialism is preventable: Vote Republican.


A month after Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro imposed a mandatory 60-fold wage increase (the fifth such increase this year), nearly 40 percent of all Venezuelan stores have closed. Furthermore, businesses in Venezuela cannot offset the wage increases by raising prices because Maduro’s socialist regime has also imposed price controls, arguing that price increases are not necessary.

“These decisions are leading many business people to say, ‘No, I can’t do it any more,’” Maria Carolina Uzcategui, president of the National Council of Commerce and Services of Venezuela, was quoted by Miami Herald reporter Antonio Maria Delgado as saying.“

And anyone who protests against these measures runs the risk of going to jail, without the right to appeal, without the right to anything, simply because the official whose turn it was to inspect the store just felt like arresting you. He did it, and that’s all,” Uzcategui continued.

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It's all just evermore talk except for 1 thing - the results of an election.

At every level in our system of government the winner of an election gains legitimate power that cannot be taken away until the next election. (there are exceptions but rarely). This is the great gift of The Founders, who put us in charge of who leads U.S.

We saw in 2016 what can happen if we, the Deplorables, vote en masse. And unless we do this again in November the democrats will regain power in the House. The resulting impeachment riot will eat up the remainder of Trump's first term. Months and months of impeachment hearings + breathless media hype will usher in a whole new level of hatred. This will divide the nation like it hasn't been since the Civil War, making a poisonous mess that will roll into the 2020 elections like volcanic ash and cover the entire political landscape.

This can all be avoided if We The People get out and vote in the midterms. A red wave will send the donkeys into their own civil war as they blame each other for yet another election FAIL. They will be ruined. America wins.


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