Our Elections on November 6 are going to be very close for many of our candidates.  Democrats are more committed than any time since the 2008 Election of Barrack Obama to take back control of the House, the Senate and reverse gains Republicans have made in electing Governors and State Legislatures.  Their efforts bleed over to our local elections and also hurt our Republican candidates.  Their BLUE WAVE must be stopped or all President Trump has achieved over the last 18 months will be reversed and the Nancy Polosi - Bernie Sanders BLUE congress will Impeach our President.

Every Contribution is important to the Republican Party of Volusia County!  Your $25 - $50 - $100 contribution will help fund our Red Wave Election Activities from now until November 6th.  Please click the DONATE button to contribute or mail a check to RECVC, PO Box 9096, Daytona Beach, Fl 32120.

We also depend on the commitment from those who can give more to make sure our Party Goals are met. 

These are our Red Wave SPONSORS !

We thank them and hope to properly recognize their generosity and their commitment to the Red Wave here on our website, in our E-mail Blasts and on our Facebook.  Please tell them "Thank You" the next time you see them.  We need them to all ride the Red Wave to Victory on November 6, 2018 electing our Republican candidates at all levels of government.  

Tony Ledbetter, Chairman, RECVC


For further Sponsor Information, please contact Tony Ledbetter at 386-235-7755 or E-mail at miraclevisor@msn.com







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