Trump on 2022: 'The Democrat Party is a house of cards ready to come toppling down'

  • Their party has declared war on police, war on energy, war on jobs, war on work, war on parents’ rights, war on women’s sports, war on borders, war on the Second Amendment, war on free speech, war on American Culture. 
  • Never before has a political majority in Congress shown such contempt for the citizens they serve. The Democrat Party is a house of cards ready to come toppling down." 


"The old Republican Party is gone Forever. The days of fighting endless wars, supporting nation-building, loose immigration policies, idiotic trade deals, and surrendering our culture to left-wing arsonists are Over—and they are not coming back.

We are now the Working People’s party. We will be tough on crime, strong on borders, strong on trade, proud of our heritage, and proud of our American values. We will defend our citizens’ jobs and wages. We will protect our people’s homes and communities. And we will defeat the Woke Zealots trying to destroy our country.

To save our country, the Republican Party must be the party that fights fiercely for the economic interests of American Workers—the party that speaks boldly for the social interests of American Families—and the party that stands proudly for the cultural values of God-fearing American Patriots."

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"These times require someone with the courage to lead. I have led the way to make Florida the envy of America and I will continue leading Florida to new heights. Thank you for standing with me and I hope I can count on your continued support as we continue our mission to keep Florida free. I can assure you that I have only just begun to fight for Florida."


Ron DeSantis


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