Local Democrat Party held an election .. of course there were shenanigans.

Volusia Dems' election overturned 

In a dramatic twist, Volusia Democrats resolved a disputed Dec. 8, 2020, Volusia County Democratic Executive Committee election, with Jewel Dickson reclaiming the chair seat from 29 year-old Richard Thripp.

  • As a precaution against the COVID-19 pandemic, the December party election was conducted in a Zoom videoconferencing meeting, and technical problems left some voting Democratic precinct committee members unable to cast ballots that night.
  • 12 ballots were later allowed to be cast provisionally but were then discounted by Thripp.
  • Ahead of a scheduled vote before the Florida Democratic Party Judicial Council in January, both sides agreed those 12 provisional ballots should have been tallied. (according to documents provided to The News-Journal)
  • 62 Democratic precinct captains — largely supportive of Thripp — had submitted oaths that were invalid. The oaths had been notarized online by a notary who was not authorized to do so.

On Facebook, some posts made reference to going backward and sticking with a status quo that has seen Volusia Republicans overtake Democrats in registrants in recent years while sweeping the 2020 legislative races. 

“I'm furious,” said Travis Henville, former communications director for Volusia Young Democrats. “The old guard wasted six months of all of our time in an attempt to cling to power (after presiding over a decade's worth of increasingly extreme Democratic losses) and prevailed on a technicality .. no one I know thinks some minuscule notarization oversight justifies overturning the result.” 

Henville said some Volusia progressives are considering reviving the Daytona Beach chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Read it all by Mark Harper - Daytona Beach News-Journal 

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