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Volusia was already doing great digital when I got here.  Now they have simply put the icing on a very tasty cake!  --Ron Robinson -- -- 626.375.5472

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    Volusia GOP is ON FIRE with great people!

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    Just made a donation to VOLUSIA COUNTY GOP

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    Take the survey: Re-Elect Trump?

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    Training Videos

    Go to this link to watch the NationBuilder Webinar by Vic Baker on July 31, 2019.  This is not intended for publication.  Content is reserved for NationBuilder Volusia GOP Staffers or Administrators:

    Selecting by Date Joined (or Volunteered) - you've seen a change in the count since the last time you looked. Who are the new people?? This helps you find out.

    Single tag filters for Nationbuilder - there are two great ways to filter your people on tags - this short video deals with both of them.

    Answering emails in NB (Replying) and exporting people with given tags.

    Deleting people from Nationbuilder by tag

    Volusia GOP Training 3/10/2018 - Emails, Filters, Followups

    Our first training session

    Hints on getting the most from our conference calls (4+ minutes) Where is my mute button? How can I turn my camera off? Can I check my mic before the conference begins? Some hints on what to look for to get the settings you want.

    Official response from submitted

    Please watch the videos and rate them - you will not get credit unless you rate the video - thank you!

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    Test of host your own event page!

    Host Your Own Event

    It might just be a coffee in your home or a meet-up at a local restaurant, or something more elaborate like a fundraiser, a relevant movie or documentary screening, a debate watch party... or you may have yet another idea!  We're here to help make your event a success. 

    If you need a Volusia GOP official or a candidate to come speak, we can help you with that.  If you don't want a speaker, that's fine too.  Ask us in your description below if you need brochures or other swag to give away at your event.


    • Casual is fine!  Casual events often draw many more people than formal events.  

    • You don't always have to host for bar or food - you can describe your event as 'No Host' and save $$

    • Consider arranging with us to have a helper present to live-stream video from a phone onto our LIVE Video page or your own Facebook page.

    In your message below, please tell us the exact date/time and the exact venue/address for your event - then offer a detailed description for what you have in mind.  The more detail you supply, the more we can help you.  Thanks!


    Offer to Host

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Founder at, former National Digital Director for the Draft Carson Campaign which raised over $25million, had 40,000 volunteers and over 1,900 on Ron's digital team.
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