The Morning Report - 12/27/19

"Something a bit different before we delve into the continuing sham-peachment and related Deep State anti-Trump coup developments."

A couple of links caught my attention because they are both happening in my home state and perfectly illustrate the absolute insanity of Leftism. First up, as the Empire State's new law allowing illegal aliens to obtain driver licenses went into effect last week, it also cut off ICE and the Border Patrol from access to its database. As completely insane as that is from the standpoint of greasing the wheels of massive voter fraud, it makes the state and the entire nation incredibly vulnerable to all sorts of serious violent crime up to and including terrorism. 

After collapsing to the pavement with that punch to the gut, the state then grinds its hobnailed boot into your head with another law that, get this, allows accused criminals to examine the scenes of their alleged crimes and obtain the names of potential witnesses against them. What could possibly go wrong? 

Although these truly hideous stories at first glance don't fit into the impeachment and coup buckets, the fact is that these policies come directly from one of the two states that are at the heart of the current insurrection against President Trump, and the multi-decade multi-generational effort to overthrow America as founded; an effort that Trump and we the people have halted, at least temporarily. Notice the lineup at any press conference the Dems hold these days, and the one thing to note is that everyone up there is either from New York or California .. a perfect illustration of what will happen if the electoral college is ever abolished.

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NEXT: Amazon's Merry Christmas Bad News for Sanders, Warren, and Proggieland

Delivering Glorious Amounts of Capitalism and Probably a Trump Victory

While watching the Democrats run to the leftmost reaches of political insanity on their way to 2020, one of the more perplexing repetitive themes from progressives Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders has been portraying Amazon as Satan incarnate. They complain about Jeff Bezos being wealthy. They complain about wages. They complain about working conditions.

The good news for America, capitalism, and every sane person who doesn’t want to see one of the socialist loons become president, is that Amazon is weathering the attacks just fine.

The New York Post:

Amazon’s “record-breaking” holiday season drove the stock up 4.5% on Thursday and helped lift the Nasdaq composite index above 9,000 for the first time ever.

There are layers of deliciousness in this news. The first is that it .. triggers the progs.

It also clearly indicates the stark disconnect between the real world and the guaranteed applause points at the progressive rallies of Lizzie and Bernie. While the two of them are demonizing one of the greatest success stories in the history of all-American capitalism, hundreds of thousands of people are working for Amazon and millions more keep spending money with the company.

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