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 Additonal guidelines for your letters provided by Opinion Editor Krys Fluker:


1. Letters are the opinion of the letter-writer, not the paper.We don't choose letters because they agree (or disagree) with our editorial positions or back a particular political view. Instead, we are looking for letters that address a single, newsworthy, current issue clearly, concisely and without personal attacks.Letters on local topics take priority.

2.Letters MUST be original. There are many groups out there conducting letter-writing campaigns, and this is fine. However, each letter must be an original composition by the person who signs it. From time to time, mass-produced form letters are sent in as letters to the editor. These willnot be published. 

3.To be considered for publication, we need to be able to verify that you were the one who sent it in. That is why we ask for a street address and telephone number with every letter, and it also allows us to reach you with any questions or concerns prior to publication. Don't worry - only your name and city will be published. But a letter sent without contact information is not likely to be considered for publication. We do not publish letters signed with pseudonyms.

4. Please keep it short.Because we get so many letters, we have instituted a maximum length of 250 words; even shorter - even better. If your letter exceeds the limit, it will be cut to conform to that length.

5.Don't get personal. If you see a letter you disagree with, and want to respond - that's great! But please keep your response to the issue at hand. Any personal comments about other letter-writers will be edited out.

6.Expect fact-checking.Your opinion is always your own, but we’ll do our best to confirm the basic facts cited in your letter. If you have sources and links, feel free to include them. Reviews or consumer complaints that focus on individual businesses are not appropriate for letters to the editor.

7.Please, no fancy formatting. Our computer system can handle .docx files, but many file formats pose a problem. The best way to submit a letter is in the body of an email.

8.Letters are limited to one per person, every 30 days.

9. No poetry. For so many reasons.

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