Happy Hanukkah 2021

Hanukkah 2021 begins at sundown on Sunday, November 28.

Hanukkah, or the Festival of Rededication, celebrates the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem. In 167 BCE, the Jews of Judea rose up in revolt against the oppression of King Antiochus IV Epiphanes. 

Antiochus went so far as to desecrate the Temple in Jerusalem by installing images of Zeus on its holy platforms and altars. This was meant to be more than a defilement of Israel’s religious ethos, but a pulverizing of its very national identity as well, since the Temple was the religious and civic symbol of Jewish nationhood.

The military leader of the first phase of the revolt was Judah the Maccabee. In the autumn of 164, Judah and his followers were able to capture the Temple in Jerusalem. They cleansed it and rededicated it to Israel’s God. 

This event was observed in an eight-day celebration. 

Like Passover, Hanukkah is a holiday that celebrates the liberation from oppression. It also provides a strong argument in favor of freedom of worship and religion.

In spite of the human action that is commemorated, never far from the surface is the theology that the liberation was possible only thanks to the miraculous support of the Divine. Read More

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We Are Thankful. We Live In The Free State of Florida.

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"Florida’s economy continues to grow faster than the nation because we put the needs of Floridians and businesses first.  We believe in lifting people upnot locking people down"

  • It’s the United States of America, Not the United School Boards of America

    • Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Legislation to Protect Florida Jobs

    • DeSantis Protecting Parents' Rights to Make Informed Health Decisions for their Children

Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Hallmark Anti-Riot Legislation in Florida 4/19/2021

  • DeSantis Signs Hallmark Anti-Riot Legislation in Florida 4/19/2021

One-on-one with DeSantis: Governor signs historic legislation banning vaccine mandates in Fla.

  • Governor signs historic legislation banning vaccine mandates in Fla.

Governor Ron DeSantis Announces $6 Million Award for Workforce Education Programs

  • DeSantis Announces $6 Million Award for Workforce Education Programs

  • Governor DeSantis Announces Terran Orbital will Invest $300 Million in Florida's Space Coast

  • Governor Ron DeSantis Thanks First Responders with $1,000 Bonuses

Gov DeSantis Fights back Against Big Tech Censorship

  • DeSantis Fights back Against Big Tech Censorship











Guest pictures are in from our epic Lincoln Day Dinner with Governor Ron DeSantis - Click this link

To see a 57min. highlights video, including excerpts of Gov. DeSantis / Rep. Waltz speaking - Click this link

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Bolsheviks Build Back Bill Passes House - without a single Republican vote.

The bill allows the government to intrude in every area of our lives.

  • The largest chunk of the bill goes to gender issues, anti-discrimination and bias training, civilian climate corps, welfare budget increases, food stamp increases.

  • It will give amnesty to the majority of illegal aliens in the United States.

  • It gives illegals welfare while slashing Border Patrol and ICE funding.

  • Funds Green New Deal communism, nearly $3 billion to 'tree equity'

  • Highest personal income tax rate in the developed world.

  • Highest capital gains tax rate since the 1970s.

  • Adds money to the pile we already send to the corrupt UN.

  • Pushes the Left’s gun control agenda.

  • 2.5 billion special tax handout for trial lawyers.

  • $1.6 billion special tax handout for media companies of any size.

  • 87,000 new IRS auditors and agents.

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The RECVC welcomes all patriots who want to Join The Fight 

Lincoln Dinner - Nov. 7, 2021 

Volunteer HERE 

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In Brandon FL. Gov. DeSantis sends a message heard 'round the whole American nation

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Mike Lindell's Interview With President Donald J. Trump


In this new video, My Pillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell scores an historic interview with President Donald J. Trump, asking the former president questions he has never been asked.

President Trump is now focused on the 2022 midterm elections and how to strengthen the Republican Party. That's our focus too. The RECVC welcomes all patriots who want to MAGA - Again

Volunteer HERE 

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Virginia is proof positive .. Republican poll watchers are vital volunteers.

LOUDOUN COUNTY, VA. Last February, a group of grassroots nonprofit organizations began an election integrity drive with the aim of using the Virginia gubernatorial election as a beta to “restore trust” in elections. They formed the Virginia Fair Elections Coalition, composed of more than 20 mostly conservative groups.

By April, the coalition was hosting a weekly teleconference for group leaders to discuss and exchange progress reports. This turned into a twice-weekly call in July and later became open to all volunteers when the early voting period began on Sept. 17. 

Republican poll watchers were present almost every day at all four polling locations throughout the 45-day early voting period, according to Shelley Oberlander, chairperson of the Election Integrity Workgroup of the Loudoun County Republicans. “I think once they start getting educated and really learning the process and what was involved and that they could make a difference in integrity, they did.”

The election integrity issue is a significant concern for many voters, according to coalition leaders. They’re confident that what has worked in Virginia can be replicated in other states. Such actions are already underway. On Nov. 10, an 18-city tour kicked off in Georgia to start building a similar coalition there, according to Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots GA. Read More

Volusia 'Election Integrity' Coordinators Nancy and Tom Coriale

Under the leadership of Republican Executive Committee Vice Chairman Tom Coriale and his wife Nancy, VOLUSIA COUNTY GOP has been on the leading edge of assuring election integrity for more than 12 years. 

In 2020, for the first time, we were able to place our 'Republican Poll Watchers' inside every voting poll in the county. We do this because 12 years ago, there were many reports of shenanigans at several democrat controlled voting locations. Once we placed our poll watching observers inside the voting polls, the reports diminished. 

In 2022, we plan on being inside the voting polls once again. You can help with this important effort. Please volunteer now and you'll be contacted to join our election integrity team. We will train and deploy you and you'll be an important part of our "trust but verify" effort. We must have confidence in the election process.

Get Involved . Volunteer HERE 

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Trump on 2022: 'The Democrat Party is a house of cards ready to come toppling down'

  • Their party has declared war on police, war on energy, war on jobs, war on work, war on parents’ rights, war on women’s sports, war on borders, war on the Second Amendment, war on free speech, war on American Culture. 
  • Never before has a political majority in Congress shown such contempt for the citizens they serve. The Democrat Party is a house of cards ready to come toppling down." 


"The old Republican Party is gone Forever. The days of fighting endless wars, supporting nation-building, loose immigration policies, idiotic trade deals, and surrendering our culture to left-wing arsonists are Over—and they are not coming back.

We are now the Working People’s party. We will be tough on crime, strong on borders, strong on trade, proud of our heritage, and proud of our American values. We will defend our citizens’ jobs and wages. We will protect our people’s homes and communities. And we will defeat the Woke Zealots trying to destroy our country.

To save our country, the Republican Party must be the party that fights fiercely for the economic interests of American Workers—the party that speaks boldly for the social interests of American Families—and the party that stands proudly for the cultural values of God-fearing American Patriots."

Join The Fight . Volunteer HERE 

"These times require someone with the courage to lead. I have led the way to make Florida the envy of America and I will continue leading Florida to new heights. Thank you for standing with me and I hope I can count on your continued support as we continue our mission to keep Florida free. I can assure you that I have only just begun to fight for Florida."


Ron DeSantis

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Remembering Our Veterans - Nov.11

Duty. Honor. Country.

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"In times like these, there is no substitute for courage"

Nov. 7, Volusia Co. Lincoln Day Dinner

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"We’ve accomplished an awful lot in the state of Florida, but I can tell you this: I’ve only begun to fight .. I’m gonna keep walking the line. I am gonna stand my ground. I am not backing down." 


Nov. 4, DeSantis Responds To Biden's New OSHA Rule For Vaccine Mandate

"We've gone from 15 days to slow the spread, to get jabbed or lose your job"



Oct. 26, Ron DeSantis at a Washington DC Republican dinner:

"You’ve got a press that for over two years created a fake conspiracy theory involving Russian collusion. I was in Congress when that started. I was only one of a handful of people who knew that was BS from the beginning. But they did it. And they milked it. And was all because they disagreed with the outcome of the 2016 election.

They never accepted Donald Trump. They created and manufactured a conspiracy theory to try to drive him out office and to kneecap him and his presidency and we know it was false. We know that there was no truth to it.

Have any of them actually apologized? Heck, have any of them even said, ‘We were wrong about that’? No, they give each other awards. They actually award Pulitzer Prizes for reporting false stories.

So that’s where we are. They gaslight. They display partisanship. They smear people. It’s all to create a blizzard of lies, trying to blind the American people from the actual truth. And so we live in Orwellian times in which the powers that be want to tell us that up is down and left is right.

And when a society like ours is veering away from the truth like we are, those that stand up and tell truth will face fire. That type of society goes after the truth-tellers more than anything because they understand those who tell the truth represent a threat to their power. So in times like these, there is no substitute for courage."

"Winston Churchill told a story during the appeasement in the 1930s when he was in the Parliament .. he talked about when he was a kid, the Barnum & Bailey Circus was coming to town and there was an act that was just too grotesque for human eyes. His nanny wouldn’t let him go see. It was called the ‘boneless wonder.’

And Churchill said, ‘I think now, where is this boneless wonder? .. it’s now no longer in the circus; it’s in the front row of the House of Commons'. These were people that weren’t standing up against Adolf Hitler.

So right now conservatives, we don’t have time for boneless wonders. The minute you go up there and you’re scared of the media, you’re scared they’re going to say bad things about you and you cave, those voters have no use for you after that. 

You get elected to office, you need to be willing to stand up. Stand up against the press. You stand up and you’re strong in your convictions, there are millions and millions of people out there that will be with you forever."

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Join The Fight . Volunteer HERE 

Congratulations to Florida Victory Director of Voter Registration Maryann Pistilli and her entire statewide team for all the hard work in flipping Florida REPUBLICAN RED for the first time in history!

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"This Is Really A Giant Experiment"

Dr. Ben Carson Rips Covid Vaccines For Kids 

Dr. Ben Carson, Housing and Urban Development Secretary under President Donald Trump, criticized Covid-19 vaccinations for children ages 5 to 11 as "a giant experiment" during a Sunday appearance on Fox News' "Sunday Morning Futures."

Asked by anchor Maria Bartiromo whether he agreed with the recent Centers for Disease Control (CDC) decision to allow children to receive Pfizer's Covid vaccine, Carson definitively replied, "absolutely not."

"The fact of the matter is, the mortality rate for children from COVID-19 is 0.025, which is very similar to the rate for seasonal flu. And we haven't been for years and years going through all these things for seasonal flu.

Plus, we don't know what the long-term impact of these vaccines is. So this is really sort of a giant experiment. Do we want to put our children at risk, when we know that the risk of the disease to them is relatively small, but we don't know what the future risks are? Why would we do a thing like that? It makes no sense whatsoever."

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