Easter 2019

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Mueller Report: NO collusion NO obstruction

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  • 675 days from when Mueller was appointed to when he produced his final report for Attorney General Barr

  • 2,800+ subpoenas issued from the Special Counsel’s office

  • 500 witnesses interviewed

  • Nearly 500 search warrants carried out

  • More than 230 communications records demanded

  • More than $35 million spent

“As partisan Democrats and the liberal media hyperventilate over Attorney General William Barr’s release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report Thursday, they’re willfully ignoring the fact that they already know what the report concludes: Two years and $35 million was spent investigating a lie.

The report finally puts to bed the main allegation that the left has been consumed with for nearly three years. Much to their chagrin, the lie that they pushed for the entire Trump presidency has been completely dismissed by Mueller.” 

David Bossie - Fox News.
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7 things you must believe in order to vote Democrat

  • Trump colluded with the Russians

  • Obamacare would lower premiums, lower the deficit and allow you to keep your doctor and your plan.

  • Democrats are serious about immigration laws and putting US citizens first

  • The Obama administration didn’t spy on candidate Trump

  • Trump’s tax cuts only helped the rich 

  • Democrats love all life, including unborn babies living in the womb

  • Democrats will always support and defend the Constitution of the United States 






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Trump Campaign 2020 is winning the MONEY WAR

April 15, 2019

President Trump’s reelection campaign reported over the weekend that it had raised more than $30 million in the first quarter of 2019, beating the combined fundraising hauls of the two top candidates for the Democratic nomination to face him in next year’s general election.

Senator Bernie Sanders topped the list of Democratic presidential contenders, pulling in over $18 million in the first quarter, while Senator Kamala Harris took second place with about $12 million. Former Texas representative Beto O’Rourke raised $9.4 million, and formerly little-known South Bend, Ind. mayor Pete Buttigieg raised over $7 million.

The Trump campaign, meanwhile raised $30 million, 99 percent of which came from donations under $200, and now has $40.8 million in cash on hand. The Republican National Committee brought in $45.8 million, a record for a non-election year, to supplement the president’s war chest.

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Tiger Is Great Again ... just as Trump predicted.

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
Congratulations to @TigerWoods., a truly Great Champion!

Love people who are great under pressure. What a fantastic life comeback for a really great guy!

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"Tiger is back" .. President Trump tweets about round with Woods, Nicklaus

FEBRUARY 3, 2019

president trump tiger woods jack nicklaus
President Trump played with Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods earlier this year.

President Donald Trump played golf with legends Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus on Saturday at Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Fla., even tweeting a picture with the 32-time major winners. But who won the match? 
Well, according to the president's follow-up tweet on Sunday, whomever was paired with Woods must have fared pretty well. 

"Everyone is asking how Tiger played yesterday," he tweeted. "The answer is Great! He was long, straight & putted fantastically well. He shot a 64. Tiger is back & will be winning Majors again!"

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Happy Sunday .. May God Bless All of U.S.

A wonderful Easter and Passover Message from President Donald J. Trump. Thank You sir!



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President Supports Using Sanctuary Cities to Centralize Housing for Illegals


Q1 - Can you tell us your plans about sanctuary cities and illegal migrants? 


 Q2 - Are you asking for more troops on the border as well?

THE PRESIDENT: We’re going to put more troops on the border, yeah. We’re going to. And, you know, the thing is, our country is doing so well economically. We’re setting records that a lot of people are coming up for that reason. A lot of people are coming up for bad reasons too.

We have a lot of very, very bad people with big criminal records trying to get through. And the Border Patrol has done an incredible job with them. Those are our focus. They really have done a really incredible job. And when they have been through, and when they’ve been let through over the years — ICE — all over Long Island — and they come and they get them and they take them back, and we get them the hell out of here.

That’s happening all over our country. ICE. But the job that ICE and that, really, Border Patrol does is an incredible job. And law enforcement in this country is — the job they’re doing is really incredible.

You know, I don’t know if you saw the crime stats, but the statistics are that crime is way down in our country over the last year. Way, way down. And so that’s despite all of the problems we have at the border. And we’re straightening that out.

So, on sanctuary cities, as per your question, we are giving very strong consideration to having people — after a 20-day period — because, again you’re not allowed, legally, to hold them for more than that — we will move them into sanctuary cities.

Thank you very much everybody. Thank you.

Read it all @ President Supports Using Sanctuary Cities to Centralize Housing for Illegals

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$$STAMPEDE: Chairman Joe Gruters & RPOF off to fast start


The Republican Party of Florida had a strong first quarter of 2019, bringing in $5.1 million to open the year and the 2020 election cycle.

The haul, the first mostly under new Chair Joe Gruters, swamps what the Florida Democratic Party did during the same three-month period.

And perhaps more importantly for Gruters’ status, it returns the Republicans to a pattern of strong starts to election cycles after an unusually low performance, for the Florida GOP, in the first quarter of 2017.

In January, February, and March of 2019 the party collected checks totaling $5,102,175, and also received another $234,236 in in-kind contributions, mostly theme park admissions and hotel rooms for the annual getaways to Walt Disney World in January and Universal Orlando in February.

In the same period, the Florida Democratic Party reported raising $895,055 in cash. 



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TRUMP: "This was an attempted coup. This was an attempted takedown of a president”

He told everyone what he was going to do:

"All the current and former officials who paid for, promoted, and perpetuated the single greatest hoax in the history of politics in our country. They have to be, I'm sorry, they have to be accountable."

Trump in Michigan March 28, 2019

BARR: ‘I think spying did occur’ against Trump campaign

“I need to explore that … I want to say that I am reviewing this, I haven’t set up a team yet,” he said, adding that he will ask colleagues to look at the information and advise him on how to proceed.

His comments come as the president told reporters outside the White House that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation was illegal and even treasonous.

“This was an attempted coup. This was an attempted takedown of a president,” Trump said on the South Lawn at he was preparing to leave for a fundraising trip to Texas. “And we beat them. We beat them.”

He said the attorney general is “doing a great job” and is “getting started on going back to the origins of exactly where this all started, because this was an illegal witch hunt and everybody knew it, and they knew it, too.”

“What they did was treason,” Trump continued. “What they did was terrible. What they did was against our Constitution and everything we stand for.”


By Mark Moore 

“It was an illegal investigation. It was started illegally. Everything about it was crooked. Every single thing about it. There were dirty cops. These were bad people. You look at McCabe and Comey, and you look at Lisa and Peter Strzok. These were bad people, and this was an attempted coup. This was an attempted takedown of a president, and we beat them. We beat them. So the Mueller report, when they talk about obstruction? We fight back.”

Trump was just getting started. He continued:

“And do you know why we fight back? Because I knew how illegal this whole thing was. What I’m most interested in is getting started. Hopefully the attorney general — he mentioned it yesterday; he’s doing a great job — is getting started on going back to the origins of exactly where this all started. Because this was an illegal witch hunt. And everybody knew it. And they knew it too. And they got caught. And what they did was treason. There’s never been anything like it in the history of our country.”

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Friends & Allies: Prime Minister Netanyahu & President Trump


The Israeli public has chosen to end the historical role and political significance of the Israeli political left.  For many of Israel's voting public, "peace has become a dirty word."  The Likud-led platform of Jewish solidarity and support of modern Jewish nationalism based on Israel as the national homeland of the Jewish people coupled with unprecedented economic prosperity has convinced the Israeli public that the Left's vision of peace, liberal social values, and socialist economic policies belongs to the past and has been deemed as unrealistic at best and a denial of reality at worst.  

An astute observation of the Israeli election results can also have wider implications for the American elections in 2020 and the re-election prospects of President Trump.  The results of last night's election show that Likud's political strength actually rose despite Netanyahu's widely media bias–espousing, politicized accusations and alleged transgressions.  Both President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu share a loyal base, which feels cheated, deprived, ignored, swindled, and oppressed.  As a result, both political leaders have in the past and can in the future give so many disenfranchised voters hope and that their struggles are important and can no longer be ignored.

Read it all @ Israeli Voters Reject Leftist Candidates 

By Ron Jager

The writer, a 25-year veteran of the IDF, served as a field mental health officer.  Prior to retiring in 2005, he served as the commander of the Central Psychiatric Military Clinic for Reserve Soldiers at Tel-Hashomer.  Since retiring from active duty, he provides consultancy services to NGOs implementing psycho-trauma and psycho-education programs to communities in the North and South of Israel.  He was former strategic adviser at the Office of the Chief Foreign Envoy of Judea and Samaria.  To contact: medconf@gmail.com.


Netanyahu, the divisive force of nature who refused to be beaten

Even the combined might of three former IDF chiefs proves no match for a prime minister now heading for his fifth term..

.Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu embraces his wife Sara amid confetti during his victory speech before supporters at Likud party headquarters in Tel Aviv after April 9, 2019's elections. (Thomas Coex/AFP)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu embraces his wife Sara amid confetti during his victory speech before supporters at Likud party headquarters in Tel Aviv after April 9, 2019's elections.

In the end, the combined might of three former Israeli army chiefs proved no match for the political will of Benjamin Netanyahu.

A divisive force of nature who commandeered the airwaves, took over the vegetable markets, monopolized social media and even called potential voters out of the sea at Netanya beach on election day, Netanyahu simply refused to be beaten.

He had help. President Donald Trump gifted him the sensationally timed US recognition of Israeli sovereignty on the Golan late last month, and the branding of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Force as a terror group this week.

And on a related note:


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