Just as there are the three levels of government: Federal, State and Local, there are the three levels of the Republican
Party: National, State, and Local.

The Republican Executive Committee is the governing body of the Republican Party for Volusia County.
All political party executive committees in Florida and the Republican Party of Florida are governed by Florida
Statutes which provide for the election of one man and one woman from each voting precinct to represent their
Precinct on the Party County Executive Committee. For every 1000 voters in a Precinct one more Precinct
Committeeman and Committeewoman are allowed.

Elections Precinct Committee members of the RECVC are held in the Primary Election every 4 years during the Presidential election year.

Precinct Committeeman and Precinct Committeewoman Candidates must file a
Candidate Oath with the Supervisor of Elections and a Loyalty Oath with the Republican Party of Florida.

Vacancies in between the 4 year Elections are filled by the majority vote of the Committee for qualified applicants at RECVC Meetings.

Constitution Article II: Objectives - General purposes of this organization as a “political party” are to achieve the
following objectives and aims:
(a) Election to office of qualified Republican persons;
(b) Foster loyalty to the Republican Party;
(c) Promote an informed electorate through political education;
(d) Increase Republican Registration;
(e) Seek qualified Republicans to become candidates for local, county, state and federal offices;
(f) Promote the election of all Republican candidates in the General Election;
(g) In general to uphold the principles of freedom, equality and justice on which the Republican
Party and the government of this nation is founded, as set forth in the Constitution of the United
States and the state of Florida.

Members are expected to:
1. Abide by the loyalty oath executed pursuant to Republican Party of Florida, Rule 9, which states
the REC members “will not actively, publicly, or financially support the election of any candidate
other than the Republican candidate in a partisan unitary, general or special election, or a
registered Republican in non-partisan elections…[other than judicial races governed by Chapter
105, Florida Statutes], if there is a registered Republican running for the same office.
2. Abide by the governing documents for RECVC members. These include the applicable Florida Statutes, and state
and county party constitutions, rules and bylaws.
3. Attend all regular meetings of the REC unless appropriate excuses are requested and approved.
A County Executive Committee member who is absent for three (3) consecutive meetings without
a valid excused absence shall be removed from the County Executive Committee as of the date of
the third consecutive missed meeting.
4. Actively campaign for the party’s candidates in the member’s precinct and support activities of RECVC.

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