Middle Class Americans Working = Economic Expansion = MAGA = Re-Election = KAG

Remember when the financial media and democrats were assuring everyone the U.S. economy was guaranteed to enter a recessionary phase? Well, apparently MAGA Trump cancelled it… with the help of millions of U.S. middle-class workers who are spending their wage increases, bigly.

Main Street consumer spending was up $64 billion on goods and $36 billion on services. As those who follow MAGAnomics closely will remember, the Main Street economy is founded upon middle-class spending. Strong jobs, wage growth, low taxes, low inflation, and low energy costs, means more disposable income.  Disposable income grew 4.5% in the third quarter.

The U.S. economy is strong because approximately 80% of everything produced inside our economy is consumed inside our economy. As long as the underlying jobs market stays strong, consumer spending leads to self-fulfilling economic expansion.

Third Quarter GDP +1.9%, Main Street Consumer Spending Way Up, Goods: +$64B, Services +$36B, Disposable Income +4.5% 

U.S. Commerce Department - 10/30/19

Wait .. what? Who cancelled the recession?

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