What were your impressions of the Orlando Rally?


Hello Patriots,
The News-Journal has asked for letters from those attending (and from those watching on TV) regarding the Trump Rally.
What were your impressions of the crowd...the President...the other people on the stage? How excited were the people? What was the best "chant" that you heard?  What part of Trump`s speech was the most moving for you?  Was the president presidential?  Was the rally historic?  Were the rally folks united in support of the President?  Was the agony and difficulty of getting to the rally worthwhile? Do you think that rally attendees understand that Trump is making good on his 2016 promises? Did you notice any Russians at the rally? 😊
Take a minute and write something about this outstanding Trump announcement celebration.
The News-Journal has promised to devote space.
Tom Coriale
Chairman - RECVC Letters to the Editor

Use the online form to submit your letter by clicking on the image: 

You know he was watching

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  • Joe F.
    commented 2019-06-19 22:06:45 -0400
    I’ve been reading what the enemies of POTUS have been saying. UniParty Inc. is stunned that after all the poison they’ve injected into the body politic, Trump is stronger than ever. The whole Never Trump universe is trying to shake off the reality of his triumph in Orlando .. a political tour de force. And the Trump 2020 campaign raising $25mil in a 24hr period only adds to their despair.

    Good times.

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