They're not just fake news ... They are compromised and corrupted news.


ABC’s Jonathan Karl Invites Chinese Communist Party to Attend White House Coronavirus Briefing

In another clear example of how the U.S. media will do anything in their effort to undermine President Trump, yesterday they held hands with Chinese communists.

Yesterday, White House Correspondents Association head Jonathan Karl invited a known propagandist for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) into the briefing room to question President Trump.  However, President Trump immediately pegged the CCP propagandist and asked her directly:

Listen -
 She says no,  she works for Phoenix Media

The Hong Kong/Cayman Islands based Phoenix Media is actually owned in large part by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and by a former CCP propaganda officer. [LINK]

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She Knows Them - WATCH

 "Is Fake News a Myth?" - Sharyl Attkisson

Join Hillsdale College's National Leadership Seminar on "What is American Greatness" ... with Sharyl Attkisson, Investigative Reporter, on “Is Fake News a Myth?" Apr 11, 2018

"It's More than Fake News, It's Corrupt News"

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