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After years of denials, the far-left New York Times has finally admitted the Deep State is real ... and that it is a glorious institution staffed with patriots who are just doing their duty.

 They think we're deplorable AND morons

Read JOHN NOLTE @ Breitbart



"Merry Christmas America, you are getting a big fat impeachment trial from the Democrats’ Santa Claus this year. Ho, ho, ho.

Democrats have re-calibrated their impeachment timeline in order to make their case the to public.The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a dead zone here in the nation’s capitol and people are not paying attention to politics .. so this might work out well for the Democrats.

They do not want the public paying attention, hence their secret tribunals taking place in the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence star chamber." 

They're meeting in a super-secret room known as a SCIF, which stands for sensitive compartmented information facility. It is a room in the Capitol, built to be impervious to electronic surveillance so that lawmakers can discuss the nation's most important secrets without fear of discovery. SEE: Kangaroo Court: In a super-secret room, with no transcripts provided, Democrats are impeaching all of U.S.


Trump's Labeling of 'Fake News' Was an Understatement

A much, much more accurate term would be disinformation, a technique frequently employed by intelligence agencies. The Soviets were experts at it. They wrote the book on disinformation.



What our media is doing is lying unabashedly as it has been doing since the outset of the Russia probe. Every one of the respected outlets listed above repeatedly reported the existence or the imminent proof of Trump-Russia collusion based on anonymous leaks.  None of it ever happened. Those same media outlets are now making a big deal out of the Ukraine. 

Journalism isn't just dead — it's decomposed.



fire burn and cauldron bubble .. if democrats win we're all in trouble

 . Sandi Hodgden - RPOF Field Organizer for Trump Victory in Volusia County.

The President needs your help! You can go today and become a volunteer at your local Republican Club, Trump Club, Grassroots, ANY CLUB that’s supporting our President and Republicans. We can’t fight this fight alone....join today and volunteer. We have events, phones, door to door. We will find a spot for you!  #LeadRight #KAG

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