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Mike Casey, RECVC Statistician

The numbers this week are fantastic. We posted 709 brand new Republican registrations. I have been gathering this data ever since the 2018 election cycle. The difference of 571 new registrations between us and them is the highest I have seen since I started this.

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Registered Voters as of 07/17/2020 (Includes Active and Inactive Voters)
  Democrats Republicans NPA Other Total
Active 128,042 141,209


5,383 380,836
Inactive 13,819 10,125 14,455 265 38,664
Totals 141,861 151,334 120,657 5,648 419,500






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Weekly Voter Registration Analysis

The Supervisor of Elections posted the latest week’s voter registration totals on Friday (07/17/2020). This update covers the period from 07/02/2020 (Monday) through 07/17/2020 (Friday).

The numbers this week are fantastic. We posted a gain of 571 (709 – 138 = 571) registrations out of a total of 1165 new registrations.

The relevant numbers for the week’s five-day analysis are as follows:

Previous Date: 07/02/2020 Current Date: 07/17/2020


The Others: ---------- 141723 138 141861

The Good Guys: ---- 150625 709 151334

The High Minded: -- 120529 128 120657

Go Figure ------------- 5458 190 5648

Totals: ---------------- 418335 1165 41950

I have been gathering this data ever since the 2018 election cycle there has never been a gain such as this ever posted of NEW REGISTRATIONS

The difference of 571 new registrations between us and them is the highest I have seen since I started this little exercise.

Last week I asseverated that a downshift in expectations was in order, in light of the perceived registration slowdown caused by the CHICOM WMD. Now, predicting what may be happening is becoming a fanciful exercise using a smoky crystal ball. Since the registration books will be closed this week until the August primary, I’m not sure as to what to expect. I anticipate we will continue the registration drive but don’t quite know what effect the book closing will have on the published totals. I’m assuming that Deland will enter them into a pending file and when the books reopen will merge them into the active file. The question is will they for public consumption, post them as registered on their daily updates? Al of this makes me wonder if some of these “new” registrations were in fact laying fallow in a pending file and posted this week

Anyway, our overall lead increased from 8902 to 9473, a very nice increase indeed

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