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** 7/26/2019 - Letter to the Editor

Report fell flat

Democrats set out to derail the Trump Train. Instead, they've fallen victim to a political train wreck of their own making. They may have sealed the president's re-election.

Far from a towering champion of justice, Robert Mueller has exposed himself as nothing more than a feeble front man for a team of hyper-partisan character assassins who tried to take down a president but missed by miles.

Mueller seemed incapable of comprehending questions about his two-year inquisition. He seemed unfamiliar with the actual language in the 448 page document that bears his name. He had to be reminded that his own report equated the words “collusion” and “conspiracy.”

He failed to recognize the name of Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm that Hillary's campaign paid to produce Christopher Steele's unverifiable dossier on Trump.

He had to retract an earlier statement that Trump was spared obstruction charges only because of DOJ policy against charging a sitting president.

It seems the truth about this slow-motion deep state coup attempt against President Trump was not in Mueller's “purview.”

I am convinced that Mueller's highly partisan hitman Andrew Weissmann was the actual author of the so-called “Mueller Report.” Mueller's pathetic and fumbling testimony furthers the suspicion that the “special” counsel hasn't even read it.

Impeachment is dead. Put a fork in it. If Democrats insist on clinging to their “get Trump” fantasies, you can put a fork in them too.

Vic Baker, New Smyrna Beach

Baker is Republican state committeeman for Volusia County.

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