Why are the Democrats so crazy? Because POTUS is Winning For U.S.

Through their constant attacks, Democrats hope to separate Trump from his supporters. All indications are that the opposite is happening. They are more bonded to him than ever.

Trump does not return Democrat hatred. He is not fazed or distracted. He maintains his happy warrior attitude, and that frustrates the hell out of his opponents. 

Democrats’ visceral hatred for Trump generates much of their ugly behavior. They perceive reality through a prism of contempt for him. Democrats despise any Trump accomplishments, such as robust economic growth, simply because the person they hate accomplished them. 

On every issue the Democrats have gotten more extreme — on immigration, abortion, health care, everything. To anyone in his right mind their policies and objectives are unrealistic, unaffordable, and wildly unpopular. They might work on some other planet, but not on Earth.

Perhaps the primary unintended consequence of the Democrat’s hard-left turn is a huge increase in clarity. That’s definitely not going to help the Democrats. Their inability to deal with Trump has caused them to reveal more than ever before who they really are. They have always managed to hide their true nature from voters in the past. That’s over.

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