"It is the mainstream media that is the malefactor in our life and time. We cannot escape their Marxist/socialist opinions."

  • "We are subjected to their views and values, their plans for transforming America, all day, every day, in print and on television. 
  • Ever so gradually, though, people are waking up to the left's disdain for us all -- black, white, brown, they view us all with contempt."


The American  left to this day is unable to accept the results of the 2016 election.  So certain that their candidate would prevail they have suffered a psychotic break from which they have not recovered.  

Every sentient being now knows that it was Hillary, the DNC, FBI, DOJ, and the NSA that  collaborated to prevent Trump from becoming President.  She/they fabricated the "dossier," planted spies in the Trump campaign, falsified FISA warrants, and leaked to the media.  Their plan was a deep state coup like nothing else in US history.  All the evidence is out there for all to see and read.

All of which brings us back to the fake bombs, the left’s October surprise to swing an election.  The migrant army marching toward our southern border was likely a lefty ploy.  They hoped to have the specter of "children in cages" on Election Day to rout Republicans.  

The Democrats still have not grasped the majority of Americans' horror at this coming invasion, and it was backfiring.  So a person or persons unknown deployed the fake bomb scare; phony, inert, devices lacking detonating devices, meant to look like bombs but clearly evident as a hoax to bomb experts.

By Patricia McCarthy 

Much more @ The Left's War on U.S.  


OBTW .. Hillary Clinton is staging her comeback.

In 2016, she nearly chose Andrew Gillum to be her Vice-Presidential running mate, and now she’s having her inner circle raise millions of dollars for his gubernatorial campaign.

Ron Desantis

They’re helping Gillum raise MILLIONS from progressive mega-donors across the country, in a desperate attempt to use this election to resurrect Hillary Clinton’s failed agenda.


"If there is one thing that characterizes the left it is that they are on the same page. They do not deviate from the Schumer/Pelosi orders from headquarters.  Conservatives do not share this "all on the same page" rule.  They run the gamut from wishy-washy RINOs like Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse and Bob Corker to courageous conservatives like Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Ron De Santis."

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