Counteroffer to the democrat's Green New Deal: A Red, White and Blue New Deal



I know many Americans are chomping at the bit to turn our entire economy over to a bunch of coastal blue city hipsters and college professors, along with all our money and our personal freedom, because of a dubious moral panic over future weather, but I’d like to suggest a better idea ... click and read 

 A Red, White And Blue New Deal

"Support your own damn self and leave me the hell alone"

By Kurt Schlichter 

The Green New Deal is all about its version of “economic justice,” so under the plan we taxpayers would provide an income to those “unwilling” to work. (How freebies for malingerers cools the planet is unclear.)
Regardless, my Red, White and Blue New Deal – which is Support your own damn self and leave me the hell alone – takes a slightly different approach. That is, if you are unwilling to work, you get nothing.
One of the virtues of my innovative proposal is its simplicity. It requires no “massive” mobilization of our whole society in a collective campaign to pursue some arbitrary goal that a bunch of liberals who never ran anything but their lying mouths picked out for us.
It requires no additional national debt. It requires no huge, unresponsive deadweight bureaucracy to implement. In fact, it requires nothing at all besides what you and me have always done – work for a living.
Now, the left is going to find this comprehensive scheme problematic for many reasons, primarily among them because it does not take the fruits of our labor and our freedom and hand them over to those very same leftists.

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