The Grand Compromise: Placing Illegal Immigrants in Sanctuary Cities

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'Why Relocating Illegal Aliens To Sanctuary Cities Is A Brilliant, Win-Win Idea'

On April 12, President Trump tweeted a win-win solution: Relocate foreign trespassers to states and communities that have already voted to welcome them. “We are indeed, as reported, giving strong considerations to placing illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities only,” he tweeted.

Many of those sanctuaries are among the nicest places in America. Foreign law-breakers can relocate to the posh and overwhelmingly white Nassau County, New York, or the Washington, DC suburb of Montgomery County, Maryland. Or much of the Pacific Northwest.

The compromise would help Democrat political machines keep control in cities and states, but, because the sanctuary states themselves are already progressive, the population increase would have no effect on the Electoral College. Win-win again.

There are, of course, occasional mean-spirited people who oppose the Trump compromise.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi denounced it as “vengeful.” She sounded as if, in her heart, she doesn’t really find illegal immigration an enrichment of the diverse social fabric of America. 

(the median income in Pelosi’s sanctuary San Francisco district is in the six figures. Moving in thousands of illegals will lower the median income level to something more in line with the rest of the world’s. How about that equality)

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J. Michael Waller is vice president for government affairs at the Center for Security Policy in Washington DC. Follow him on Twitter @JMichaelWaller.

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