This is the special page for digital and social media enthusiasts (of which there are many in Volusia County!).  

If you have visited our Volunteer page and checked off the 'Digital/SocialMedia' checkbox, you will see a special Activist Checklist (ACL) menu on the right, that only the Digital/SocialMedia people get to see.  If you want to see how you stack up against the mainstream digital activists, you can visit our Leaderboard page.  But the ACL menu helps you qualify for higher-level digital activism that will help the Volusia GOP even more. 

The ACL menu is actually 'instrumentation' that can tell you if you've hit a milestone that we measure, and you can click it to get it done if you have not done the item yet.

But the Volusia County GOP also has a growing need for more elite digital volunteers, and that's what the ACL is all about.  It'll help you get there.  We have an online back-office where we add events to the calendar, answer incoming emails and much more.  Working through the ACL will help you qualify (and understand the tech, and understand our priorities) to help in that area.  Yes!  We need your help!  Will you work, and help, to become qualified for that important set of tasks?

Priorities... and why

Yes, we have online priorities that are important to the party's growth in Volusia County and in Florida. 

1. Recruiting: we want to recruit more web site members!  Most of our activists us our Spread the Word page and use the social media controls to share on Facebook and Twitter, but also via email. 

When you click a sharing link on our site, it's coded just for you, and you get credit for the people who respond to your post or email.  That includes the sharing links on the lower left of nearly every page - we hope you'll use them!

2.  Out in the Real World:  please do RSVP for our events and attend them.  You can even help govern our local party.  Host events - even a small event like a coffee or a meet-up at a restaurant - details on our Host Your Own Event page.  If you're not inclined to host an event yourself, you can also help find and identify people willing to host events.  Consider 'taking it to the street' as well as helping online.  

3. Social Media Sharing: Sounds like a repeat of #1 above, right?  But sometimes you're sharing just because what you saw is a great idea, and not just to recruit.  Your link is still coded and you still get the credit if your share results in a site recruit, though.

4. Teaching: help others understand just how important good digital is to our effort.  For most folks, it's not really a big journey.  We have videos online that can help - look for them at right on your ACL menu.

5. Conference Calls: you may get an email about our periodic conference calls on special projects.  If you do get one, please do join us!

Special Tool for Events: You recall passing clipboards around for contact info at events, right??  Now, there's an electronic version available to you.  Simply navigate to on your phone, ipad or tablet and scroll to the very bottom, then click (or tap) 'Mobile Signup'.  You can, if you wish, leave everything blank except email address and just record that.  The recipient will get an email from us with a link to set a password and give other info such as name and phone.  When you're done recording one person, it's ready for you to record the next person.  We suggest you not use this from a notebook or laptop. 


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