"The United States cannot continue to be the policeman of the world"

"Donald Trump has been complaining for years about the promiscuous use of American military personnel. Two weeks ago, he did something about it, announcing the withdrawal of 2,000 troops from Syria and 7,000 from Afghanistan"

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

Does the USA want to be the Policeman of the Middle East, getting NOTHING but spending precious lives and trillions of dollars protecting others who, in almost all cases, do not appreciate what we are doing? Do we want to be there forever? Time for others to finally fight.....

....Russia, Iran, Syria & many others are not happy about the U.S. leaving, despite what the Fake News says, because now they will have to fight ISIS and others, who they hate, without us. I am building by far the most powerful military in the world. ISIS hits us they are doomed!

(Excerpt)  "We're spread out all over the world. We're in countries that most people have never even heard about, and frankly, it's ridiculous," Trump said during his visit to Iraq last week.

Even such ardent interventionists as Sen. Lindsey Graham .. have trouble keeping track of the country's military operations. "I didn't know there was 1,000 troops in Niger," Graham, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, confessed after four American soldiers were killed there in October 2017.

With U.S. troops deployed in more than 150 countries, perhaps Graham can be forgiven for overlooking a few. Hawks such as Graham assume all those deployments -- even the ones they don't know about -- are justified. Trump argues that at least some of them are not. Which seems likelier to be true?

New York Times reporter Mark Landler said the abruptness of Trump's decisions regarding Syria and Afghanistan "unite the left and right against a plan to extract the United States from two long, costly and increasingly futile conflicts." Although there are strong arguments for withdrawing from both places, Landler wrote, "the president's move short-circuited what many say is a much-needed national debate about the future of America's wars."

Nonsense. We are having that debate now, and it is long overdue.

 By Jacob Sullum - Read it all @ Trump's Right  

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A Happy New Years Eve Prediction: Mad democrats will fight each other in 2019

We're already seeing an early skirmish: Bernie versus Beto: Democrat cannibalization begins

But this is only the beginning of the fun. Nearly three dozen people are definitely or theoretically interested in the 2020 Democrat nomination. The race to see who can be the most radical leftist during the primary season will be a Donkey demolition derby of epic proportions.

This race to the bottom will include their two favorite things to obsess over: Trump and ObamaCare

(Excerpt) - The complete and total implosion of the Democrats, especially the majority in the House, will be the story of 2019. We will see the implosion over two issues: health care and the mad impulse to get Trump.

On health care, the Democrats are deeply divided between the socialized medicine crowd and a realistic wing that knows we don't have the money to do it.  Many of this "realist wing" was elected in competitive districts and have a tough reelection waiting for them in 2020.

On "getting Trump," they will find that impeachment is about "high crimes and misdemeanors," not defeating Hillary Clinton or appointing conservative judges.

By the fall of 2019, the cracks will be very evident.


.Read it all @ Donkeys vs Donkeys

.By Silvio Canto, Jr. 


Happy New Year

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Give 'em more rope -- Democrats hanging themselves with their radical left agenda.

Outgoing Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill is warning incoming progressive lawmakers that alienating the white working class is a recipe for disaster for Democrats.  Claire McCaskill To Ocasio-Cortez: Don’t Anger Working Class White People
“I hope she also realizes that the parts of the country that are rejecting the Democratic Party, like a whole lot of white working-class voters, need to hear about how their work is going to be respected, and the dignity of their jobs, and how we can really stick to issues that we can actually accomplish something on.”
McCaskill is not alone in noting how far left the donkeys are moving: 
JOE DONNELLY ECHOS MCCASKILL’S WARNING: DEMS NEED TO LAY OFF LEFT-WING POLITICS - “When you talk ‘Medicare-for-all’ … you start losing the people in my state. The talk on the coasts just doesn’t get it done in the middle.”

Ocasio-Cortez’s strident opposition to the fossil fuel industry is already roiling manufacturers in so-called fly-over states. Terry O’Sullivan, general president of the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA), for one, took issue with her anti-oil mission. 

“To me the Green new Deal is just a regurgitation of the keep it in the ground movement. What I’ve seen so far I’m not that impressed with. It scares the heck out of me.”

Chris White | Energy Reporter 

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No border = No country: Globalist World Order vs President Trump / America First

Nation states must today be prepared to give up their sovereignty .. German Chancellor Angela Merkel told attendants at an event by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Berlin.

Her words echo recent comments by the deeply unpopular French President Emmanuel Macron who stated in a Remembrance Day speech that patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism [because] nationalism is treason.” He went on to demand, just like Merkel, that EU member states surrender national sovereignty to Brussels over “foreign affairs, migration, and development” as well as giving “an increasing part of our budgets and even fiscal resources”.

Macron, whose lack of leadership is proving unable to deal with growing protests in France, told the Bundestag that France and Germany should be at the center of the emerging New World Order.

Read it all @ New World Order

by Tyler Durden 

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"The big story of the 2018 election is the swing of the rich toward the Democrats."

The nonpartisan OpenSecrets website that tracks political spending revealed that Wall Street Democrats crushed Main Street Republicans in 2018 midterm fundraising by $385.4 million. Democrats also beat Republicans in the number of total contributors to their candidates and in every other major category of fat-cat giving.

Democrats went all-in with Wall Street and Silicon Valley fat-cat cash to gain control of the House in the midterms, but the “blue cash tsunami” did not prevent Main Street friendly Republicans from enhancing Senate control (53-47).

Most Democrats ran on a promise to overturn the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United free speech decision in order to supposedly keep big money out of politics. But Williams College Political Science Professor Darrel Paul commented after analyzing the richest 15 percent of congressional districts, "the big story of the 2018 election is the swing of the rich toward the Democrats."

Read it all @ FAT-CAT DEMS

by Chriss Street 

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'We Have Incredible People Representing Our Country'


Dec 27, 2018 - Just hours after US President Donald Trump flew out of the US Al Asad base in western Iraq, the US embassy in Baghdad’s Green Zone came under attack on Thursday morning. Witnesses reported that a series of explosions were followed by a mortar attack in the vicinity of the embassy building. The US Marines guarding the embassy compound shut all the entrances to the building and fired warning shots.

DEBKAfile: This attack was staged either by ISIS, which regularly plagues the Iraqi capital with terrorist attacks, or the pro-Iranian Iraqi Shiite militias which are dedicated to driving US forces out of the country.


© LifeZette 

Trump Is Back from Iraq: 

“We’re no longer the suckers, folks. We’re respected again as a nation.”


President and first lady return after surprise visit to U.S. troops, who are still fighting ISIS

 Louis Casiano
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Wall St. Journal: Shoppers delivered the strongest holiday sales increase for U.S. retailers in six years



DOW +1,086

“Wall Street is running around like a chicken with its head cut off, while Mr. and Mrs. Main Street are happy with their jobs, enjoying their best wage increases in a decade”…

~ Craig Johnson, president of Customer Growth Partners

"There really is a big disconnect between Wall Street and Main Street"

The US economy continues to see tremendous growth. Retailers see the strongest holiday sales in six years according to initial reports. U.S. holiday retail sales rose 5.1% from a year earlier, according to Mastercard, the strongest increase in six years

Wall Street is being impacted by their multinational reliance which is heavily weighted toward global investments.  Main Street is driven by the actual U.S.A. checkbook economic factors.  This is the modern disconnect.  After decades of Wall Street companies investing overseas, and generating investment products that are fundamentally detached from the U.S. economy, they do not benefit from a strong U.S. economy.  However, Main Street directly gains from internal U.S. economic growth.

It is likely retail stocks with a heavy weight on the U.S. consumer market will see a resurgence in stock market value.  Last year’s 2017 holiday sales were approximately $598 billion as measured by Consumer Growth Partners.  This year’s holiday sales look to be around $850 billion, as measured by the same data firm.

Bottom Line: U.S. companies who have actual connection to a growing U.S. economy can succeed; based on the advantages of the new economic environment and MAGA policy, specifically in the areas of manufacturing, trade and the ancillary consumer benefactors.

by  @ Conservative Tree House (aka The Last Refuge

Read it all @ Follow The Money 

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Click to see the USAF Band at the National Air and Space Museum



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Christmas Eve 2018 - O come, O come Emmanuel


O come, O come Emmanuel

click and see

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