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"The Great Revolt Enters a New Phase: How the Populist Uprising of 2016 Will Reverberate in 2020"

The shocking result in 2016 wasn't a black swan, an irregular election deviating from normalcy, but instead the indicator of the realignment we describe in "The Great Revolt: Inside the Populist Coalition Reshaping American Politics," now available in a new a paperback edition in time for the 2020 election season.

The story of America's evolving political topography is one of tectonic plates that slowly grind against one another until a break notably alters the landscape with seismic consequences -- a sudden lurch long in development.

The election of President Donald Trump cemented a realignment of the two political parties rooted in cultural and economic change years in the making. Although he has been the epicenter of all politics since his announcement of candidacy in 2015, Trump is the product of this realignment more than its cause, a fact that becomes clear as you travel the back roads to the places that made him the most unlikely president of our era.

Trump's 2016 victory came in spite of his historically weak performance in the suburbs long dominated by Republicans. The key was that he more than overcame his suburban weakness with the mass conversion of blue-collar voters in ancestrally Democratic bastions of the Midwest, and he inspired irregular voters who mistrust both parties.

For "The Great Revolt," we traveled to the counties in the Great Lakes states that Trump wrested away from Democratic heritage to find examples of the voter archetypes that define the Trump coalition. Large strata of the population are now not just eager to vote in the next race for president but eager to vote against the party of their ancestry. This enthusiasm for new alliances is perhaps the greatest indicator of lasting realignment.

The election of Trump glued populism to conservatism .. In Trump, Republicans have embraced, or have been forced to embrace, a more muscular and activist approach


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2020 - The Year We Keep America Great

Reelect the President + Take Back the Congress =

A Bold Immigration Plan for the 21st Century

When President Donald J. Trump addressed Americans from the White House Rose Garden on Thursday, May 21, 2019 he unveiled an immigration plan that will turn America’s broken immigration system from a source of national division into a point of pride and national unity.

The President’s plan has two parts. First, it recognizes that full border security is the bedrock of any functioning immigration system and proposes functional, operational, and structural reforms to strengthen America’s border infrastructure and laws. Second, it creates a new merit-based legal immigration system that protects American wages and safety net programs, prioritizes immediate families, and creates a fair and transparent process for immigration to America.


  • Fully secure the border. The President’s plan creates a permanent, self-sustaining border security fund. Paid for with fees and revenues generated at ports of entry, the trust fund will ensure that law enforcement officers never have to wait on Congress to give them the resources to do their jobs. It would also make certain that 100 percent of people and goods entering the United States are properly inspected at ports of entry. The plan will facilitate quick completion of barrier construction in strategic locations and combat visa overstays through legal and infrastructural enhancements.
  • Restore integrity to America’s exploited asylum process. Loopholes in U.S. immigration laws are driving a flood of human smuggling and other fraudulent activities along the southern border. President Trump wants to expedite relief for legitimate asylum seekers—and send those who abuse the system home promptly.
  • Modernize the legal immigration process to protect American workers. About 70 percent of immigrants who come to the United States today are admitted based on family relationships or through a random visa lottery—a system that favors random chance over the skills our economy needs. Through a point-based merit system, the President’s plan increases the number of legal immigrants selected based on skill or merit from 12 percent to 57 percent. The plan also has layers of protection for American jobs and wages, including recruitment requirements, displacement prohibitions, and wage floors.
  • Promote national unity. The President’s plan is designed to attract immigrants who are ready to integrate into America’s melting pot. Before being able to apply, green card applicants must pass a U.S. civics exam and demonstrate English proficiency. The plan also gives priority to young applicants who are likely to build long-term ties and contribute to our society over their lifetimes.
  • Prioritize the immediate families of U.S. citizens and new immigrants. Spouses and children of U.S. citizens and initiating immigrants should be at the front of the line to obtain a green card. The President’s plan prioritizes immediate family members of U.S. citizens and permanent residents.
  • Increases diversity and equality. No matter where in the world someone is born or who their relatives are, if they want to become American, they should face the same standard as anyone else applying. The “Build America Visa” will use a clear, fair point-based criteria—one that prizes extraordinary achievement and potential to contribute to our Nation—to determine who should be issued a green card for permanent residence in the United States.


The big idea in President Trump’s plan is that “pro-America” and “pro-immigrant” are synonyms. Illegal immigration hurts everyone. A random, unfair entry process hurts everyone. Underfunded law enforcement hurts everyone. Fixing these things will make life better for our citizens while increasing the odds dramatically that new immigrants are put in the best position possible to succeed.

It’s revealing that the only ones opposed to a safer, stronger immigration system are special interests who profit off the horrible status quo. Those forces against change include everyone from the corporations who exploit cheap, illegal labor to the career politicians who benefit from never solving the issue. The inertia against reform is powerful, but Americans across the spectrum delivered a strong rebuke to Washington “business-as-usual” when they elected President Trump in 2016.

“Many of the Democrats have claimed to be for these concepts at different times in their careers and, in many cases, in very recent history,” President Trump said on Thursday. “And I hope that they will end up joining me and all of the people gathered together today in putting politics aside, putting security and wages first, and pursuing these historic reforms.”


America has not seriously reformed its legal admissions system in more than 50 years, since Lyndon Baines Johnson was less than two years into his tenure as President. As a result, the developed world today from Canada to Australia is outpacing the U.S. with modern immigration systems that attract the best talent and offer the most opportunity of anywhere on Earth.

Our Nation was once the melting pot of the world. It’s time to restore the American Dream for everyone—citizens and newcomers alike—with an immigration system that works.

Read the full transcript of President Trump’s immigration speech

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2019 - The Year That Made America Great Again

First and foremost, our economy continued to surge ahead, the stock market soared, and job and salary growth drove unemployment rates lower and the standard of living ever higher.

In foreign policy, President Trump resisted the siren song of the warmongers and neocons, avoiding new military entanglements and setting us on the path of eventual withdrawal from Syria, Afghanistan, and West Africa. He continued to extend an olive branch to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, which may or may not be accepted someday. He successfully challenged our NATO allies to shoulder more of the burden of our common defense. Above all, Trump has been true to his word: he has been an “America First” president who involves the United States in foreign conflicts only when our vital national interests are at stake.

On trade, President Trump achieved major new free trade agreements with Japan and Canada/Mexico, and he stood firm in our trade war with China — the first American president to stand up to China and its trade manipulation in the post-Cold War era. America's willingness to play hard ball on trade even had the important consequence that Mexico stepped up its efforts to combat illegal immigration. A year that began with a tidal wave of irregular migration, much of it from Central America, is ending with many miles of new border fortifications in place, and illegal crossings way down.

President Trump secured record levels of funding for the U.S. military and for veterans, keeping his promise to maintain our national security and to do right by the brave men and women who fight, and have fought, on our behalf. Moreover, Trump added a new branch to the U.S. armed forces for the first time in more than 70 years: the Space Force. America is thus well-positioned to be a leader in both the civilian and military exploitation of space, the “Final Frontier”

Perhaps most consequentially, in the medium term, President Trump, in cooperation with Mitch McConnell and a solid Republican majority in the Senate, maintained a steady flow of conservative, originalist judges onto the federal bench. This is the Trumpian accomplishment that inflicts the most consternation on liberals, and, not coincidentally, it is the accomplishment that patriots and conservatives should most prize, because it guarantees that those who believe in and cherish our Constitution will have a powerful voice in debates about our country's future for decades to come.


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Launch of “Evangelicals for Trump” will be held in Miami on Jan. 3

Florida megachurch El Rey Jesús chosen as the site

The event is scheduled for 5 p.m. Jan. 3.

“The event will bring together evangelicals from across the nation who support President Trump’s re-election”

According to Christian News Report, the church is the largest Hispanic church in the United States, with a general attendance between 15,000 and 20,000 individuals per week While the church has long been known as El Rey Jesús, as the church continues to reach out to a multicultural region, the anglicized name of King Jesus Ministry is becoming known throughout the Miami area.


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We Have Been Warned ... Leftist voters are not hiding their intentions

"443 likely Democrat primary voters were polled, providing a sample size of significance"

Click on image

The key to victory is 


If we lose here in Florida, we lose the election.

It Takes a Team


Please email or call Trump Victory Florida State Director of Voter Registration

Maryann Pistilli 

386-689-2164 -- MPistilli@flvictory.com


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The Morning Report - 12/27/19

"Something a bit different before we delve into the continuing sham-peachment and related Deep State anti-Trump coup developments."

A couple of links caught my attention because they are both happening in my home state and perfectly illustrate the absolute insanity of Leftism. First up, as the Empire State's new law allowing illegal aliens to obtain driver licenses went into effect last week, it also cut off ICE and the Border Patrol from access to its database. As completely insane as that is from the standpoint of greasing the wheels of massive voter fraud, it makes the state and the entire nation incredibly vulnerable to all sorts of serious violent crime up to and including terrorism. 

After collapsing to the pavement with that punch to the gut, the state then grinds its hobnailed boot into your head with another law that, get this, allows accused criminals to examine the scenes of their alleged crimes and obtain the names of potential witnesses against them. What could possibly go wrong? 

Although these truly hideous stories at first glance don't fit into the impeachment and coup buckets, the fact is that these policies come directly from one of the two states that are at the heart of the current insurrection against President Trump, and the multi-decade multi-generational effort to overthrow America as founded; an effort that Trump and we the people have halted, at least temporarily. Notice the lineup at any press conference the Dems hold these days, and the one thing to note is that everyone up there is either from New York or California .. a perfect illustration of what will happen if the electoral college is ever abolished.

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NEXT: Amazon's Merry Christmas Bad News for Sanders, Warren, and Proggieland

Delivering Glorious Amounts of Capitalism and Probably a Trump Victory

While watching the Democrats run to the leftmost reaches of political insanity on their way to 2020, one of the more perplexing repetitive themes from progressives Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders has been portraying Amazon as Satan incarnate. They complain about Jeff Bezos being wealthy. They complain about wages. They complain about working conditions.

The good news for America, capitalism, and every sane person who doesn’t want to see one of the socialist loons become president, is that Amazon is weathering the attacks just fine.

The New York Post:

Amazon’s “record-breaking” holiday season drove the stock up 4.5% on Thursday and helped lift the Nasdaq composite index above 9,000 for the first time ever.

There are layers of deliciousness in this news. The first is that it .. triggers the progs.

It also clearly indicates the stark disconnect between the real world and the guaranteed applause points at the progressive rallies of Lizzie and Bernie. While the two of them are demonizing one of the greatest success stories in the history of all-American capitalism, hundreds of thousands of people are working for Amazon and millions more keep spending money with the company.

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The Rise of Deplorables

"It isn’t just in America.  The world as a whole is pivoting.  The dogmatic socialist established order is ending.  We enter the age of the Deplorables.  The Deplorables are ascending in America, with Trump, in Britain with Brexit, in Hong Kong, in much of Europe, in Latin America, in Iran.  Deplorables are the antidote to arrogant globalist socialists."

What is it with the Deplorables?  What gives them such power?  Three things, I believe, are elevating them.  Deplorables are pragmatic.  They are not wedded to any extreme ideology.  Deplorables will go with anything that works.  It is no wonder that the Deplorables began in America.  For, as Americans we inherit the pragmatism of our pioneering ancestors.

Second, the Deplorables adhere to the original American ideology of free individuals.  They reject the concentration of government power that has accumulated over the past century.

The third energizer is a technological miracle – the internet.  Establishments everywhere fear the internet.  And properly so.  For the first time we can instantly communicate across the world.  We can find like-minded people everywhere.  We have discovered just how very many people agree with us.

It follows that Deplorables are no longer just an American phenomenon, the phenomenon resonates with people everywhere.  People around the world are much the same.  They value their traditions and customs.  They value their families, their values, their spiritual heritage.  They value their nation.  They resent the imposition of intrusive government by strangers, by bureaucratic globalists.  They are becoming Deplorables.

Born in the still free parts of America, this new movement seems destined to chart the course for the whole world -- for this century and beyond.

Read it all -

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From The Chairman - Merry Christmas

Paul Deering - Volusia County Republican Chairman


"I want to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas as we prepare to celebrate together with friends and loved ones"

. Winning For Florida - Gov. Ron DeSantisWinning For CD6 - Rep. Michael Waltz

In spite of a hyper-partisan Democrat House vote to Impeach President Donald Trump, he continues his remarkable job of keeping promises to those of us who elected him. 

.Winning For America

The USMCA trade agreement with Mexico and Canada is on its way to final ratification in the Senate. 

The President has won record funding for our military and authorization to create a new Space Force for the 21st Century. 

The stock market has hit all-time highs, filling Christmas stockings with visions of healthy retirement funds and investments. We are at virtually full employment with no end in sight.

MAGAnomic $uper-Winning: $aturday $ales $34.4 BILLION - 

Biggest Shopping Day in U.S. Retail History

According to the latest data stats from last weekend, Saturday holiday shopping in the U.S. was more than $34.4 billion in sales.  That’s the largest single day in the history of U.S. retail sales.  Higher wages, record employment, low inflation, consumer confidence and economic security means more disposable income… boy howdy, these numbers are huge. Keep in mind U.S. retail sales account for two-thirds of U.S. GDP growth.

Our President is the only force standing in the way of a radical transformation of America into an Orwellian nightmare of socialism, taxation and government intrusion into our lives.

  Click links below to see more:

Volunteer here

Donate here

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Happy Hanukah 2019

"Hanukah: The First Battle against Transnationalism and the Deep State"

By Rabbi Aryeh Spero

"Many think of Hanukah as a fight for religious freedom. While religious freedom was at stake, it was part of a broader battle in behalf of the concept of national identity. The Maccabees, local Judeans who spearheaded the revolt against the overpowering northern Syrian Greeks and who inspired the grassroots, did so for the overarching cause of retaining Judea’s identity and Jewish character, which were under assault by those trying to denude Judea of its distinctiveness."

The story begins in the waning years of the Greek empire, 150 years after the death of Alexander the Great ...


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Christmas 2019 - Mary did you know that your baby boy is Lord of all creation?

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