China wants ‘calm’ talks - "We've got two calls, very, very good calls, very productive calls," Trump told reporters.


The corporate media will never admit it, but President Trump has masterfully lined-up support for America’s pressure on China, and China has blinked and now wants “calm” talks.  Reuters reports:

China is willing to resolve its trade dispute with the United States through “calm” negotiations and resolutely opposes the escalation of the conflict, Vice Premier Liu He, who has been leading the talks with Washington, said on Monday. (snip)

Liu, speaking at a tech conference in southwest China’s Chongqing, said nobody benefited from a trade war.

“We are willing to resolve the issue through consultations and cooperation in a calm attitude and resolutely oppose the escalation of the trade war,” Liu, who is President Xi Jinping’s top economic adviser, said, according to a government transcript.

“We believe that the escalation of the trade war is not beneficial for China, the United States, nor to the interests of the people of the world,” he added.

U.S. companies are especially welcome in China, and will be treated well, Liu said.

Now that supply chains are rapidly shifting out of China, throwing millions out of work there, China sees the wisdom of “welcoming” US companies. But it is not Chinese hospitality that is at issue, it is the intellectual property theft, currency manipulation, and barriers to US exports that US tariff and trade policy are now retaliating against. Those will not go away until China takes enforceable steps to play by the same rules other OECD members observe.

Speaking to reporters at the G-7 conference in France, President Trump acknowledged the Chinese move:

"We've got two calls, very, very good calls, very productive calls," Trump told reporters. "They mean business."

Using his habitual technique, Trump once again lauded Xi personally as he turns the screw tighter on the Chinese economy:

“I have great respect for the fact that China called and they want to make a deal," Trump said, during a G-7 meeting in which allies have pressured the U.S. to ease up on the trade war with China. "I have great respect for President Xi.”

Now, Xi has to sell concessions to his own hardliners in the Chinese Politburo. Dictator though he is, Xi knows well that his hold on power is not absolute. Trump is playing him like a fiddle.

By Thomas Lifson 

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

Beijing Pledges Fight “To the End” Against U.S. Economic Confrontation – Let It Be So.

An announcement from China on Saturday, pledging a full economic war against the United States, will likely not come as a surprise for most CTH readers.  However, it does serve as emphasis for our 2017 statement: “prepare your affairs accordingly“…

When we followed up a few months later with the warning:

“There is no upper limit to the level of economic pain Team U.S.A. (America First) is willing to inflict upon China. There is no ending perimeter of action too far for President Trump to travel. Trump will battle his adversary far beyond traditional horizons and will follow them in retreat if that’s what it takes to ensure the safety of the our economic nation.”

Those words were not written lightly.  We accept Trump’s history; we accept three decades of his expressed intent on these issues; and we also accept the historic and cultural position of China which takes us into this conflict.   From Beijing today:

China on Saturday said it would continue fighting the trade war with the US “until the end” after the two sides slapped further tariffs on each other’s goods.

The commerce ministry issued a statement calling on Washington not to “misjudge the situation and underestimate the determination of Chinese people” after US President Donald Trump announced new tariffs on Chinese imports. “The US should immediately stop its wrong action, or it will have to bear all consequences,” the statement said.

An earlier commentary from Taoran Notes, a social media account affiliated with official newspaper Economic Daily, said China’s countermeasures were akin to a “precision instrument”, targeting industries such as US soybeans, crude oil and cars. (read more)

During an oval office press conference on Tuesday Aug. 20,, President Trump took several questions about China and the U.S. trade confrontation.  After receiving the third question, on the same subject, President Trump paused and then went deep into the heart of the issue.

The question was:” Mr. President, you keep insisting that your trade war with China — the trade war with China is not affecting the U.S. economy. But a lot of economists disagree with that. And they worry that if China goes into a recession, they’ll pull us down with it.”

[Transcript] … PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well — well, okay. Let me — let me tell you something. Number one, we’re doing very well as an economy. But somebody had to take China on. You know, I read and I see so much and I read so much, and I’ll see these economists saying, “Oh, give up. Give up on China. Give up.”

China has been ripping this country off for 25 years — for longer than that. And it’s about time, whether it’s good for our country or bad for our country short term. Long term, it’s imperative that somebody does this because our country cannot continue to pay China $500 billion a year because stupid people are running it.

. So I don’t mind this question.

. Whether it’s good or bad, short term, is irrelevant.

. We have to solve the problem with China because they’re taking out $500 billion a year-plus. And that doesn’t include intellectual property theft and other things. And also, national security.

. So, I am doing this whether it’s good or bad for your — your statement about, “Oh, will we fall into a recession for two months?” Okay? The fact is, somebody had to take China on.

. My life would be a lot easier if I didn’t take China on. But I like doing it because I have to do it. And we’re getting great results.

 . China has had the worst year they’ve had in 27 years. And a lot of people are saying the worst year they’ve had in 54 years. Okay? And frankly, I don’t want that to happen, but it does put us in a good negotiating position, doesn’t it? And China wants to make a deal, and that’s good. But they have to make a deal that’s fair to us. It can’t be a deal that’s not fair to us.

And you should be happy that I’m fighting this and I’m fighting this battle, because somebody had to do it. We couldn’t let this go — I don’t even think it’s sustainable to let go on what was happening.

They were stealing all of our intellectual property ideas. The theft was incredible. They call it “intellectual property theft.” And they value it at $300 billion a year. Who knows how they value it? I know how to value dollars; I don’t know how to value intellectual property theft. But they have experts that say it’s at least $300 billion a year, where they steal it.

Somebody had to do something with China.

Obama should have done it.

Bush should have done it.

Clinton should have done it.

They all should have done it. Nobody did it .. I’m doing it.

So what do you say? “Oh, my trade deals are causing them.” My trade deals aren’t causing a problem. This is something that had to be done. The only difference is I’m doing it.

I could be sitting here right now with a stock market that would be up 10,000 points higher if I didn’t want to do it. But I think we have no choice but to do it. And a lot of people that really know, people that love our country, they’re saying, “Thank you very much for taking it on.” And we’re winning because they’re having the worst year they’ve had in decades. And it’s only going to get worse.

China has lost 2 million jobs in the last month and a half because they’re moving — the people, the companies are moving to non-tariffed countries. They’ve lost over 2 million jobs in a very short period of time. They’re going to lose a lot more jobs. And if I didn’t help certain companies — there are American companies like Apple — for a very short period of time, I may help them, only until they do what they have to do, which is probably move from China. Because this would be a very short term. If I didn’t help them, they would — I mean, they would be — they would have a big problem.

Here’s the thing: Somebody had to take on what China was doing to the United States economically. We’re winning big. I took it on. And it should have been done by previous Presidents, but I took it on. And I’m happy to do it because it had to be done. And the smart people say, “Thank you very much.” And the dumb people have no idea. And then you have the political people, and they go with the wind.

But they all know — even Senator Schumer said, “Wow, Trump is doing a great job with China.” I couldn’t believe that. But Schumer thinks I’m doing the right thing. And he’s doing the right thing by saying it because he knows that China was a big economic threat. And they were taking all of that money that they were making from us, and they were building planes and ships and lots of other things. And we can’t let that happen.

Tweet dialogue boxes & Transcript link provided by The Consrveative Tree House - 

MORE: Trump Faces Down the China Threat

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Crazy Bernie: We’re Going To Stop Using Coal, Gasoline. End of Discussion.

“It is no secret that we must transition away from fossil fuels, period. End of discussion. There ain’t no middle ground…There is no middle ground."

The Vermont senator released a climate plan Thursday modeled after the “Green New Deal” that called for $16 trillion in new spending to fight climate change.

A key part of the plan is “Justice for frontline communities,” which refers to “under-resourced groups, communities of color, Native Americans, people with disabilities, children and the elderly – to recover from, and prepare for, the climate impacts, including through a $40 billion Climate Justice Resiliency Fund.”

Sanders’ plan, which is modeled as a “Green New Deal,” also targets “environmental racism.”

By Justin Caruso    

This Bernie car is a green machine .. but my feet sure get sore.

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WH Press Corp now meets POTUS outside on the driveway .. and They Don't Like It.

Our 73 yr. old president held the third press conference over thirty minutes in the past four days. No questions filtered; direct responses from President Trump; all questions answered…. and the media can’t take it.

😂 Media peeps complaining: 'he talks too long'... 'he answers too many questions'... 'it's hot here'...'he's melting us'... Halp!


 No one talks about Jim Acosta anymore

 Read The Conservative Tree House by sundance

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Here we go again POLL: Trump is a loser in 2020. Any of the 'top' democrats beat him.

 New York Times web site on Nov. 8, 2016

Several days ago, this headline ran, much to the delight of CNN and MSNBC anchors, “Fox News poll shows Trump losing to Biden, Warren, Sanders and Harris.” That’s it, then, the race is over. The message to Trump supporters is to give up in despair and leave those MAGA hats in the closet.

1. Fox News didn’t conduct the poll, however, but instead outsourced it to Braun Research Inc as noted in the poll’s methodology.

2. Opinion polls are only as good as their samples. The Fox News poll surveyed registered voters, unlike Rasmussen, which surveys likely voters. Why is that important? CNN reported that only 55 percent of eligible voters actually voted in 2016. An opinion poll that queries the half of the population that doesn’t even bother to vote will be far less accurate than one surveying those most likely to vote.

3. The Fox News poll oversampled Democrats by 8 points, 48 percent of those surveyed identified as Democrats while only 40 percent as Republican. I’m sure the pollsters have a rationale for skewing the sample to the left, perhaps scientific, or else perhaps, to get a result they want.

What do other polls say? Do they support the Fox News poll or cast doubt on its validity?

Rasmussen’s Daily Presidential Tracking poll, on August 16, showed President Trump 3 percentage points higher than President Obama at the exact same point in his presidency, 46 versus 43 percent total approval. Obama was easily reelected to a second term.

Gallup shows Trump with a 41 percent approval rating, exactly the same as Obama in the third year of his presidency. Interestingly, Ronald Reagan was only at 43 percent approval in the third year of his presidency and won a 49-state landslide reelection. In contrast, George H.W. Bush sat at 71 percent approval in his third year and lost reelection.

  • Despite the media’s pivot from Russian collusion to white supremacy and racism as the latest attack leveled against the President, “50 percent of Latinos support the job Trump is doing” according to a recent Marist poll.
  • Black support, according to Rasmussen, is hovering around 30 percent. In 2016, Trump only received 8 percent of the black vote. If he doubled or tripled his support within this core Democrat constituency, traditional electoral predictions all fly out the window.

This is the landscape before the 2020 presidential campaign has even started. Wait until Trump focuses on the eventual Democrat nominee.



READ - Have Pollsters Learned Nothing since the Last Election?

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AMERICA FIRST: "It’s a new dawn for American energy and manufacturing"

“We’re restoring the glory of American manufacturing, we are reclaiming our noble heritage as a nation of builders again.”

President Trump in Monaca, PA, at Shell's new plastics complex

 Click on image

From day one, President Trump challenged the Beltway’s prevailing wisdom and unleashed a policy agenda that’s made life easier for America’s small businesses. Employer and worker tax cuts, deregulation, and new trade deals have helped create more than 6.2 million jobs and driven the unemployment rate to a near 50-year low

It wasn’t long ago that Washington had all but given up on our country’s blue-collar workers—especially those in the supposedly outdated manufacturing and energy sectors. The message that the “experts” tried to sell was that these industries were in decline, and with the rise of globalization, nothing could be done to change that.

Former President Obama even famously mocked then-candidate Donald J. Trump’s pledge to bring these jobs back. “What magic wand do you have?” President Obama asked. It turns out no magic wand was necessary—just a President who was willing to fight for forgotten workers across our country with policies that put U.S. industry first.

🎬 Watch: President Trump tours new Pennsylvania manufacturing plant


U.S. Natural Gas Will Soon Run the World

"Fossil fuel — particularly, natural gas — will be at the forefront when it relates to soft power, national security, and robust economic growth for mature and emerging markets.  The U.S. now uses natural gas converted to liquid natural gas (LNG) from shale deposits in states such as Texas, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania to transform geopolitics.

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READY TO GO: Volusia County REC is well represented at the RPOF Quarterly

Chairman Joe Gruters opening remarks Saturday session at RPOF Quarterly


Vic BakerJoe GrutersMaryann PistilliDebbie PhillipsBarbara DeeringSandi Hodgden and Paul Deering in Sandestin, Florida.

Click on image - Join the Campaign


Do you like this table?  

Trump Table created by DME & Chase Tramont

Hillsborough Co. SCW Clarice Henderson & RPOF Vice Chairman Christian Ziegler at the Trump Table. Available for $99. Contact SCM Vic Baker. #LeadRight

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"Her hatred for Israel is greater than her love for her grandmother.”

UPDATE: Tlaib to Attend Event With Virulently Anti-Israel, Pro-BDS Group Instead of Visiting Israel

Via Free Beacon:

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.) will attend an event with a group that supports the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel one day after being denied entry into Israel in part due to her support of BDS.

Did Rashida Tlaib really want to go see grandma?

1. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said it was plain that Omar and Tlaib intended to use the visit to harm Israel.  “Several days ago, we received [Omar and Tlaib’s] trip itinerary, which clarified that they planned a visit whose sole purpose was to support boycotts and deny Israel’s legitimacy. For example, they called their destination ‘Palestine’ and not ‘Israel’ 

2. Tlaib then submitted a letter requesting to be allowed to visit despite the ban, citing her elderly grandmother, and promised not to promote boycotting Israel during her visit.

3. Israel granted the request, asking Tiaib to sign a letter promising not to promote boycotting Israel during her visit.

4. Tlaib then tweeted that allowing her to visit only under certain terms was humiliating. She stated that she would not “bow down to their oppressive & racist policies. Silencing me & treating me like a criminal is not what [my grandmother] wants for me. It would kill a piece of me. I have decided that visiting my grandmother under these oppressive conditions stands against everything I believe in — fighting against racism, oppression & injustice.”

5. In response to Tlaib’s announcement that she would not be coming after all, Interior Minister Aryeh Deri tweeted: “Apparently [her request] was a provocation to make Israel look bad. Her hatred for Israel is greater than her love for her grandmother.”

Rashida Tlaib Begs To Enter Israel, Then Rejects Invitation

 16, 2019 By 

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WE THE PEOPLE are donating 6 of every 10 dollars being raised by the Trump Campaign.

“Our movement is built on love, we love our families, we love our faith, we love our flag, and we love our freedom, that’s what it’s about. We love our neighbors and we love our country.”

Click on image

Sixty-one percent of money raised directly by the Trump campaign this election cycle came from small donors (donations under $200), according to Federal Election Commission figures. That is similar to the proportion Trump raised during the 2016 election cycle, when 65 percent of donations were under $200. 

And this is dramatically higher than previous Republican nominees. Mitt Romney raised 26 percent of his direct contributions from small donations in 2012, and John McCain raised 25 percent from small donations in 2008.

He's in a brutal fight for U.S. 

"I love our country. I am the president of the United States of America. I am not the president of the world."
President Donald Trump at rally in Manchester, NH


Our money is on him to win.

It's a good bet.

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President Trump supports the nationalistic position, purposes and intents of Brexit.

President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson are walking their respective trade teams through a process to deliver a U.S-U.K trade deal on the day after a no-deal Brexit is scheduled to happen October 31st.  An interim trade agreement that goes into effect November 1st 2019 is pure Trump win/win deal-making.

PM Johnson has promised to deliver Brexit by the mandatory date of October 31st.  One of the benefits, and also concerns amid the political left in the U.K, surrounds the economic impacts.  President Trump and PM Johnson would counter all those concerns with the announcement of an agreement for an interim bilateral trade deal ahead of Brexit.

This strategic approach, a deal that delivers both the Brexit result and the economic stability to offset any Brexit downside concerns, was the original idea that President Trump proposed to Theresa May two years ago.

by sundance  Read Conservative Tree House  

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2019 LINCOLN DAY DINNER -- Tickets Now On Sale

This is our biggest and most important fundraiser of the year, when patriots join together to ...

Click on image to reserve your table / seats

NOV. 3, 2019

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