"The whole thing is a sham. It’s the same people, it’s the same scam. And what we are in the middle of now, folks, is a Cold Civil War."

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UPDATE: "It is a COUP"

He would not say it unless He knew it to be true.
It’s terrible They did this treason but ..
The Truth Will Set U.S. Free.


WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee raised $125 million in the third quarter of the year, a presidential fundraising record.

The pro-Trump effort said Tuesday that it has raised more than $308 million in 2019 and has more than $156 million in the bank. Republicans aim to use the fundraising haul to fight off Democrats’ impeachment effort.

Former President Barack Obama and the DNC raised just over $70 million in the third quarter of 2011.

“President Trump has built a juggernaut of a campaign, raising record amounts of money at a record pace,” said Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel credited Democratic attacks on Trump for motivating supporters to donate in record numbers.

“We are investing millions on the airwaves and on the ground to hold House Democrats accountable, highlight their obstruction, and take back the House and reelect President Trump in 2020."

The fundraising announcement comes as the pro-Trump efforts launched their first major advertising campaign of the cycle. Trump’s team aims to devote $1 billion to his reelection.



Sean Hannity asked Sen. Lindsey Graham if he believed the U.K., Italy and Australia participated in a covert scheme with U.S. intelligence to subvert U.S. laws and target the Trump campaign?   Graham’s response was a little surprising:

[03:30]…”I don’t know, but I know we’re going to find out about that in two weeks.”

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Rush Limbaugh: "Nothing about this is genuine."

There’s no real whistleblower who’s terribly alarmed and upset over what Trump said in a phone call. The whistleblower didn’t even hear it. It’s just the next phase. It’s the same play run to the different side of the line.

It’s about making sure the American people do not learn the extent of the corruption in the Obama administration and the Democrat Party at large, and particularly among these people in the deep state who did what they did to deny Trump his election victory.

The media is not media. It’s just Democrats who work in the media, and the whole group of ’em is aligned. And what we are in the middle of now, folks, is a Cold Civil War.

Bottom line, there isn’t anything really new here. This is just the next phase of “Get Trump.” This is the next phase of the operation to overturn the election results of 2016. It’s the same players, it’s the same technique, it’s the same play. 

Nothing about this is genuine. It’s just the next phase."


1600 Daily
The White House • September 30, 2019

Watch: New hoax, same swamp

First, Democrats in Congress and their footsoldiers in the mainstream media tried to overturn the 2016 election with an exhausting two-year investigation on alleged Russia collusion. It ended when a case built entirely on lies and deception collapsed in embarrassing fashion.

That they tried and failed already isn’t stopping Congressional Democrats, who are playing the same political games once again. Armed with a new fabrication, they’re determined to do what they couldn’t in a fair election: beat President Donald J. Trump.

Why are they so scared?

President Trump promised American citizens that he would fight for them—and, in the process, drain a swamp that’s served them countless empty promises for years. Democrats and the media cannot stand that President Trump has exposed their true colors with simple, brutally effective language that speaks to working Americans.

Just like last time, there’s no truth to anything they’re selling. There was no “quid pro quo” between President Trump and President Zelensky of Ukraine. There was no cover-up to a now publicly available call. And all this stemmed from the complaints of an anonymous “whistleblower” who admitted to having no firsthand knowledge of any of it.

The saddest part is that this doesn’t hurt President Trump, who won’t suffer in terms of public opinion facing another witch hunt. The only ones it hurts are the American people, who once again see their Congress squandering years on political theater rather than delivering on its promise of an agenda for the middle class.

It’s a new hoaxin the same swamp. The good news is that while the left breaks its promises once again, it will never stop President Trump from keeping his.

The Washington Times: “After failing on Russia, Democrats try a new hoax”
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Port Orange Family Days + New Voter Registrations = TRUMP VICTORY 2020

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We’ve never seen anything like this ... because there’s never been anything like this.



Why the Impeachment Frenzy May Only Strengthen Trump


Contrary to suggestions by some, most Trump supporters are not automatons or blind supporters. What bothers them, and should bother others, about the latest Ukraine hysterias is the familiar monotony of this latest scripted psychodrama.

The whistleblower admits to hearsay (“I was not a direct witness to most of the events described”). His term-paper report is laden with anonymously sourced rumors, e.g., “According to multiple White House officials I spoke with,” “I was told by White House officials,” “Based on my understanding,” “I learned from multiple officials,” “I do not know whether similar measures were taken,” “I do not know whether those officials spoke with or met with . . . ”

Between references to Internet news accounts and “I heard from” and “I learned from” and “I do not know” anonymous officials, there is nothing here to launch an impeachment of any president.

In the complaint are all the now-familiar tell-tale signs of pseudo-exactness, in the form of Mueller-report-like footnotes and page references to liberal media outlets such as Bloomberg, ABC, and the New York Times. There is the accustomed Steele-dossier scare bullet points. We see again Comey-memo-like disputes over classification status with capital letters UNCLASSIFIED stamped as headers and footers and TOP SECRET lined out.

Scary references abound to the supposed laws that the legal-eagle whistleblower believes were violated. In sum, there is all the usual evidence of an administrative-state bureaucrat, likely to be some third-tier Brennan or Clapper-like intelligence operative, who is canvassing disgruntled White House staffers, writing a report that imitates intelligence-department formats, combing the Internet, in “dream-team” and “all-star” footnote fashion, for scare quotes and anti-Trump stories, and then likely having it dressed up in legalese by an activist lawyer. Take all that away, and one is left with “I heard.”

After nearly three years of this, we know the delivery system that ensues. Along with the sensationalized initial media hype, the promised “smoking gun” leak usually follows. But when the “overwhelming” evidence or “walls are closing in” documents are released, there is no criminal act to be found other than occasional art-of-the-deal bluster from Trump. And then on to the next crude coup attempt, since the line of wannabe Glen Simpsons, Bruce Ohrs, Andrew McCabes, and John Brennans seems endless.

Lost in the conundrum is the reality that no president in recent memory has been so investigated, audited, sued, and examined as Trump without finding evidence of criminal behavior. Certainly, in the present instance, we have never before demanded and obtained transcripts of private and confidential presidential calls to foreign leaders. I assume that, from now on, such disclosures will be the standard practice (as will be the demand to disclose FBI notes of private presidential conversations). So historians can now delve into the archives to have access to any private conversation that took place between foreign leaders and our presidents in any previous administration.

Any president has a perfect right to tell a foreign head of state and recipient of major U.S. aid that his corruption-plagued country has played a destabilizing but still murky role in recent American elections and in scandals that have affected the American people, and in particular the current president of the United States — and that it would be a good thing to get to the bottom of it.

Americans, left and right, would like to know the exact nature of Ukrainian-Russian interference and the degree, if any, to which CrowdStrike played a role in the Clinton-email imbroglio and why CrowdStrike (which analyzed the server that the DNC refused to turn over to the FBI) was apparently exempt from FBI investigation.

That Biden is now a Democratic front-runner does not provide immunity or excuse the fact that he was vice president of the United States tasked with Ukrainian affairs when his problem-plagued son, without any energy or foreign-policy experience, made a great deal of money for apparently nothing more than lending his Biden name to benefit a corrupt Ukrainian-Russian-related company. Nor should we overlook that Joe Biden threatened to cut off U.S. aid — $1 billion — to Ukraine if it did not within six hours fire the too-curious prosecutor who was looking into the mess. And that prosecutor was fired. And that $1 billion in aid was not cut off. And Hunter Biden was no longer a target of any investigation. And he made a great deal of money.

The VP emeritus had the temerity, in Biden signature mock-heroic style, to boast of his intervention — he was impressing a foreign-policy symposium with his seasoned clout. “Well, son a b****, he got fired,” he bragged, prompting laughter from symposium attendees. Note that he was also emphasizing his own absolute exemption from any legal repercussions for such a blatant and explicit quid pro quo gambit.

Not just Trump supporters but the public is baffled by the apparent asymmetry in the application of the law, or at least the intention to apply the law. The Biden-Obama experience between 2009 and 2017 apparently had set a de facto precedent of what does and what does not constitute collusion.

It is apparently not improper for the president of the United States, caught in a hot-mic exchange with the Russian president, to offer a quid pro quo deal in which the United States suggests it will pull back from missile-defense agendas in exchange for good Russian behavior designed to help the president and hurt his opponent in the forthcoming reelection. And such a deal, from what we can tell, was then more or less carried out, as subsequent events suggest.

It is also not improper for a vice president or for U.S. senators to threaten a foreign government with cut-offs of designated American aid if it does not go easy (or hard) on particular American citizens, and such leverage is unapologetically memorialized in letters or public appearances, with the overt assumption that such behavior will never be questioned, much less seen as improper or illegal.

We are now witnessing just one more episode in many, and with many still to come. Yet the public is exhausted with the number of “scandals” that, despite being hyped in the press, have all failed to reveal any wrongdoing.

Ukraine comes after the suits alleging voting-machine fraud, efforts to warp the Electoral College voting, initial articles of impeachment, allegations that Trump violated the emoluments clause (while he has lost money during his presidential tenure), the would-be invocation of the Logan Act against the Trump national-security advisor, the months consumed with the 25th Amendment that at times reached the bathos of a Yale psychiatrist diagnosing the president as mentally impaired without ever examining her patient firsthand, the Comey-memo leak effort, and the appointment of Robert Mueller’s “dream team” and “all-stars” at a cost of over $30 million and 22 months in a failed effort to prove Russian “collusion” and Trump’s “obstruction” efforts to interfere with the investigation of a non-crime.

And now the Ukraine chapter. In between all these maneuvers, we have witnessed mass hysterias of Stormy! Tax Returns! Recession! Racism! along with the Covington Kids and Kavanaugh 1.0 and 2.0 manias (so far nuns have not started biting each other or investors cornering the Dutch tulip market) — and the constant celebrity and media effort to compete over the best way of metamorphically burning up, shooting, decapitating, beating up, stabbing, dismembering, or caging the president, in an age when a Missouri State Fair clown was banned for wearing a comic Obama mask.

These episodes are not just designed to drive down polls or crowd out coverage of real achievement on economic growth, energy development, low unemployment, judicial appointments, deregulation, tax reform, and clarity overseas on Iran, China, Russia, and North Korea. They are veritable coups aimed at aborting a presidency before a scheduled election, either out of unhinged hatred for Trump or out of desperation that an extremist counter-agenda, as witnessed in the first three Democratic debates, is apt to turn off most voters.

And there is a monotony in the scripts. So often we hear from a whistleblower who claims to have a superior moral conscious — “higher loyalty” Jim Comey, or the anonymous “Resistance” fighter who wrote the 2018 New York Times op-ed, or boy scout Andy McCabe forced to initiate a veritable coup to surveille and catch the president in an incriminating statement, or an outraged John Brennan or James Clapper or Bruce Ohr coming forward with “damning” information on Trump. Then the requisite Democratic senate staffer or administrative-state bureaucrat takes action, often with the help of some congressional official, Fusion GPS factotum, or Lawfare busybody, but not before the accusation is leaked and blared on cable news, the New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR, etc. and billed as the magic bullet that will finally bring down the Trump monster.

After nearly three years of this, the mystery is not that it continues, given the opposition’s perceived limited alternatives, but that there is still any expectation of novelty, sincerity, or believability. A wearied public has reached the point of no return. From now on, it is far more likely that each new feigned outrage will have the opposite effect of helping Trump and hurting his accusers. After all, we are now reduced to Representative Adam Schiff (D., Calif.) supposedly reading the transcript of the Trump phone call, but instead making things up as he does, editorializing, and adding and subtracting, as he pleases, from what was actually said. And when caught, Schiff can only stammer that as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee he was actually offering a “parody” of the supposed grounds-for-impeachment document.

In this entire melodrama Biden will become the real casualty, and Trump the benefactor, at least in the long term.

When the entire nature of the whistleblower, his handlers, and his media enablers is fully known, when attention turns, as it already has, to Biden’s real legal exposure, two things will follow:

Biden will get snappy, befuddled, and indignant to questions, to the extent he will even entertain them — all the while losing ground to Elizabeth Warren. Trump will be the eventual beneficiary of Warren’s more likely and more alienating candidacy. And, even if impeached, Trump will be perceived, rightly or wrongly, as growing stronger for enduring ever shriller and more monotonous attacks.


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Promises Made, Promises Kept -- These are developments that were promised in the last election:

Four large secrets that most of the American media are afraid to utter:

  1. The American economy is growing in a way that is directly helpful to the most vulnerable segments of society;
  2. The administration’s trade policy is clearly working;
  3. The flow of illegal immigrants is sharply diminishing;
  4. For the first time in 65 years, the United States has practically ceased to be a net oil importer.

** The census report ten days ago revealed workers’ earnings increasing at 3.4 percent annually, a rate not seen since the best of the Reagan years, and the poverty rate has declined to 11.8 percent, the best figure that has been recorded since the end of the Clinton administration.

The percentage of total families at the lowest economic levels has fallen by over 1 whole percent and the brackets from $50,000 to $150,000 and above $200,000 have both increased by almost 1 whole percent (several million people in each case). There were sharp increases in the incomes of younger families (up to age 34).

The plain message from the census figures and accompanying current statistics from the Labor Department show that the administration that puts economic growth (Trump) ahead of direct tax-and-spend transfers to combat inequality (Obama) achieves more for both economic growth and reduction of inequality

** The wall is being built; Mexico will substantially pay for it through the revised terms of the trade deal with Mexico, and the new Mexican president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the most leftward leader Mexico has had in many decades, is deploying 27,000 soldiers near the border and has revised the former Mexican practice of passing migrants through Mexico in huge numbers, from Central America to the United States.

President Trump’s tackling of the problem where his predecessors failed is a formidable achievement. The era of the Mexicans’ attracting American factories to Mexico and shipping back illegal migrants and unemployment, but not the profits of relocated American companies, is ending.

** The United States became a net oil importer in the Eisenhower years, and peaked at 15 million barrels a day (over $400 billion annually) with President Clinton. This declined to ten million barrels a day with President George W. Bush, to five million a day under President Obama, and is now almost zero under President Trump.

Increased offshore drilling and substitution of natural gas, fracking (horizontal shale drilling), and conservation have all contributed to this benign trend, but it cannot be said that windmills and solar panels had much to do with it.

NOTE: The U.S. will start exporting more energy products than it imports next year, the U.S. Energy Information Administration says.

Read It All by Conrad Black

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The swamp is beyond parody, but the American people aren’t laughing

There are a handful of real, pressing concerns on the minds of American families today. 
They want pro-worker trade deals such as USMCA. Affordable prescription drug prices. Strong border security. Real gun safety. Even a bit of progress on any one of these issues would bring a huge sigh of relief from citizens that Washington is finally putting them first. 
While this checklist is only a start, all of these items have something important in common: Congress could have taken meaningful action on any one of them this week.
Instead, Congressional Democrats chose to dedicate their time to yet another political circus hearing, this time about a “whistleblower” report. This latest conspiracy theory alleges that the Trump Administration tried to cover up a transcript of a phone call between President Trump and President Zelensky of Ukraine. 
The White House has made the call available for all to see, but that’s not even the best part. It turns out the “whistleblower” had no first-hand knowledge of anything being alleged. 
You can’t make this stuff up.  
Of course, the political theater took over Washington once again with wall-to-wall coverage from the left’s usual media allies. It was yet another week completely wasted for Congress, who has real work to do keeping its promises to American voters. But like cats chasing a laser pointer, Democrats and their surrogates are jumping at anything that moves if it means they can avoid actually having to get anything done for a little bit longer.
The scariest part? This might only be the beginning. With House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s caucus increasingly dominated by a radical left wing that demands open borders, socialized medicine, and a complete government takeover of the economy under euphemisms like the “Green New Deal,” political theater for the adoring liberal press may be the only thing holding the left together. Democrat leaders have no power against the rising Democratic Socialist stars in their party, so they have no choice but to give in to their childish antics. 
So while Democrats in Congress have thrown nearly 3 years down the drain as a result, President Trump is keeping his focus on what matters to working Americans, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said today:
“Nothing has changed with the release of this complaint, which is nothing more than a collection of third-hand accounts of events and cobbled-together press clippings—all of which shows nothing improper. The President took the extraordinary and transparent steps of releasing the full, unredacted, and declassified transcript of his call with President Zelensky, which forms the heart of the complaint, as well as the complaint itself. That is because he has nothing to hide. The White House will continue to push back on the hysteria and false narratives being peddled by Democrats and many in the mainstream media, and President Trump will continue to work hard on behalf of the American people as he always does.”  

Gallup: Americans' trust in the media is falling – down to 36% for Independents
Par for the course: Schiff opens hearing by ‘making up quotes’


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President Trump to World Leaders: "We reject the ideology of globalism"


This is why They want Him gone.

He said:

America is governed by Americans. We reject the ideology of globalism, and we embrace the doctrine of patriotism.

Around the world, responsible nations must defend against threats to sovereignty not just from global governance, but also from other, new forms of coercion and domination.

He said:

The United States lost over 3 million manufacturing jobs, nearly a quarter of all steel jobs, and 60,000 factories after China joined the WTO.  And we have racked up $13 trillion in trade deficits over the last two decades.

But those days are over.  We will no longer tolerate such abuse.  We will not allow our workers to be victimized, our companies to be cheated, and our wealth to be plundered and transferred.  America will never apologize for protecting its citizens.

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The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
September 26, 2019



Joint Base Andrews
Prince George’s County, Maryland

** 1:00 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody. I just watched a little bit of this on television. It’s a disgrace to our country. It's another witch hunt. Here we go again. It's Adam Schiff and his crew making up stories and sitting there like pious whatever you want to call them. It's just a -- really, it’s a disgrace.

It's a terrible thing for our country. They can't do any work. They're frozen -- the Democrats. They're going to lose the election; they know it. That’s why they're doing it. And it should never be allowed, what's happened to this President.

And despite that, I think I've done just about more than any President in his first two and a half years in office. If you look, I think you'll see very few could compete with the things we've done for our military, for the economy. We have the best economy anywhere in the world, by far. We've rebuilt our military. We've done so many things that are so incredible with tax cuts and regulations. And I have to put up with Adam Schiff on a per- -- on an absolutely perfect phone call to the new President of Ukraine. That was a perfect call.

But Adam Schiff doesn’t talk about Joe Biden and his son walking away with millions of dollars from Ukraine, and then millions of dollars from China. Walking away -- in a quick meeting, walking away with millions of dollars. He doesn’t talk about Joe Biden firing a prosecutor, and if that prosecutor is not fired, he's not going to give him money from the United States of America. They don’t talk about that.

My call was perfect. The President, yesterday, of Ukraine said there was no pressure put on him whatsoever. None whatsoever. And he said it loud and clear for the press. What these guys are doing -- Democrats -- are doing to this country is a disgrace and it shouldn’t be allowed. There should be a way of stopping it -- maybe legally, through the courts. But they're going to tie up our country. We can't talk about gun regulation. We can't talk about anything because, frankly, they're so tied up. They're so screwed up, nothing gets done --except for when I do it.

I'm using Mexico to protect our border because the Democrats won't change loopholes and asylum. When you think of that -- and I want to -- I'll tell you, I want to thank Mexico. Twenty-seven thousand soldiers they have. But think of how bad that is -- think of it -- where we use Mexico because the Democrats won't fix our broken immigration system. We need their votes. If we don’t get their votes, we can't do it.

And the Republicans are all onboard. They want to fix it, but the Democrats won't do it. They don’t want to talk about infrastructure. They don’t want to talk about lowering drug prices. They don’t want to talk about anything because they're fixated on this. And Nancy Pelosi has been hijacked by the radical left, and everybody knows it.

Thank you.

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When the Democrats won the House in 2018 .. their only goal was impeachment.

"Washington, DC is a members-only city.  Trump and his supporters were never members, could never be members, even those few who live there. Tasked with representing American citizens, the Democrats in Congress represent only themselves and their own radical agenda. To this day the denizens of the beltway cannot abide an outsider in the White House, and Trump is the ultimate outsider. That is why he won the election.

The American people are sick to death of pompous insiders who claim to be our betters. These Democrats who have yet to give up on impeaching Trump are a strange mixture of complete stupidity and naked ambition. They do not deserve, nor are they qualified, to speak for any of us.

Pelosi and her party are worse than petty and vindictive, they are treasonous. They are ready and willing to destroy our President in furtherance of their anti-capitalist, socialist agenda.  So, Trump's approval ratings are bound to go up again.  A 2020 Trump landslide victory is the likely outcome of all this vitriolic nonsense."

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We'll see what happens

July 6, 2017 - By Janice Shaw Crouse

Our President Is a Street Fighter

He has seen the political establishment coast along without direction or impact. He intends to be an effective president and the media-political complex believe it is up to them to stop him. They are determined and will stoop to any level.

The degree of personal vitriol and the politics of personal destruction that we are seeing today were rare in the past and was immediately squelched when it erupted. The current levels of public ridicule and character assassination against a sitting President and his family are unprecedented.

"The corrupt, contemptible media-political complex has met its match in what appears to be turning into a duel to the death."

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President Trump to the United Nations: “The future belongs to sovereign and independent nations who protect their citizens"

“The future does not belong to globalists. The future belongs to patriots.”

“Looking around and all over this large, magnificent planet, the truth is plain to see,” Trump said. “If you want freedom, take pride in your country. If you want democracy, hold onto your sovereignty. And if you want peace, love your nation. Wise leaders always put the good of their own people and their own country first.”

“The future belongs to sovereign and independent nations who protect their citizens, respect their neighbors, and honor the differences that make each country special and unique. It is why we in the United States have embarked on an exciting program of national renewal. In everything we do, we are focused on empowering the dreams and aspirations of our citizens.”

Trump segued into abortion, not a usual topic for U.S. presidents speaking at the U.N.

“We want to support religious freedom for all. And Americans will never tire of defending innocent life. We are aware that many United Nations projects assert a global right to taxpayer-funded abortion on demand. Right up until the moment of delivery,” he said.

“Global bureaucrats have absolutely no business attacking the sovereignty of nations that wish to protect innocent life. Like many nations, we in America believe, that every child, born and unborn, is a sacred gift from God. There’s no circumstance under which the United States will allow international entities to trample on the rights of our citizens.”


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NON STOP: President Trump spoke to a packed house in Houston on Sunday .. then went to Ohio for another rally.

UPDATE: 2nd Rally w/ Aussie PM

Click on Image

President Trump held a joint rally with Indian Prime Minister Modi

50,000 Indian-Americans attended .. the largest crowd that Donald Trump has ever addressed.

The CROWD ROARED and JUMPED TO THEIR FEET when President Trump told the stadium crowd,

“We stand proudly in the defense of liberty and we are committed to protecting innocent civilians from the threat of radical Islamic terrorism"

Click to Watch

More @ 

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President Trump slaps down fake news 'whistleblower' story.


Q Do you want to address this whistleblower story?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: It’s a ridiculous story. It’s a partisan whistleblower. Shouldn’t even have information. I’ve had conversations with many leaders. They’re always appropriate. I think Scott can tell you that. Always appropriate. At the highest level, always appropriate. And anything I do, I fight for this country. I fight so strongly for this country. It’s just another political hack job.

Q Mr. President, on that point, did you discuss Joe Biden, his son, or his family with the leader of Ukraine?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: It doesn’t matter what I discuss. But I will say this: Somebody ought to look into Joe Biden’s statement, because it was disgraceful, where he talked about billions of dollars that he’s not giving to a certain country unless a certain prosecutor is taken off the case.

So, somebody ought to look into that. And you wouldn’t, because he’s a Democrat. And the Fake News doesn’t look into things like that. It’s a disgrace.

But I had a great conversation with numerous people. I don’t even know exactly who you’re talking about, but I had a great conversation with numerous people — numerous leaders. And I always look for the conversation that’s going to help the United States the most. That’s very important.

Q Mr. President, on the whistleblower, have you read the complaint? Have you read the complaint of the —

PRESIDENT TRUMP: It’s another media disaster. The media has lost so much credibility in this country. Our media has become the laughingstock of the world.

When you look at what they did to Justice Kavanaugh and so many other things last week, I think this is one of the worst weeks in the history of the fake news media. You have been wrong on so many things and this one will be — I wouldn’t say it will top the list, because I think you can’t do worse than some of the stories you missed over the last week or two, but the media of our country is laughed at all over the world now. You’re a joke.

Okay, what else?


.Read the full story @ The Conservative Tree House

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The Wall .. mile by mile, day by day, despite all opposition, He will keep this promise.

White House Video: President Trump tours border wall progress

The Interior Department transferred 500 acres of public land to the Pentagon this week to build 70 miles of border wall.


Click on image to watch

The Interior Department is transferring about 500 acres of public land to the Pentagon in order to construct about 70 miles of President Trump’s border wall, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The land was previously monitored by the Bureau of Land Management and will now be overseen by the U.S. Army. The 560 acre expanse includes 213 acres in New Mexico, 301 acres in Arizona and 44 acres in San Diego, California.

More @ Talking Points Memo 

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