ON THE BALLOT: Ron DeSantis vs Socialism - UPDATED to include Gillum's Meet & Greet with NYC's radical left Mayor.


Most of the Democrat Party’s candidates for all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and the one-third of the Senate that’s in play are supporters of the anti-Trump “resistance.” A growing number of those candidates favor policies that are in sync with far-left radical groups such as the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), the largest socialist membership organization in the United States.

In Florida, the Democratic candidate for governor, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum has declined to say if he is a socialist. As an editorial in National Review cautioned, however, that Gillum “is campaigning as a member of the Sanders/Ocasio-Cortez wing of the party: He wants to abolish ICE, raise the minimum wage to $15, pass single-payer health care, and increase taxes across the board.”

A dirty little secret about the socialist left, which now includes many Democrats, is their frequent embrace of anti-Semitism. As Chris Pandolfo wrote in the Conservative Review last September:

“As insurgent hard-left socialists become the face and the ‘future‘ of the Democratic Party, their connections to anti-Semitic organizations and attitudes are becoming more apparent.” Gillum, for example, “has aligned himself with several prominent anti-Semitic organizations known for promoting boycotts of Jewish goods and individuals,” according to Adam Kredo of the Washington Free Beacon.



Floridians are not Socialists .. and are not anti-Semitic

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UPDATED: NELSON FUNDRAISING OFF OF HURRICANE --- As Gov. Scott dealt with the hurricane emergency, Bill Nelson played politics.

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Democrat Senator’s Hurricane Relief Ads Link to His Campaign Website and to the Soros-Funded Act Blue Fundraising Page

On Thursday after the devastation of Hurricane Michael, Senator Nelson posted a link to help people impacted by #HurricaneMichael.

That link brings you to his campaign website where you are asked to donate.

Another post for hurricane relief brings you to the Soros-funded Act Blue website.


Bill Nelson has been playing politics for the last 46 years.

Enough is enough.


Stay Classy, Billy: FL Democrat Won't Let A Hurricane Keep Him From Attacking Rick Scott

With Election Day less than 30 days away, the polls gridlocked, and a major hurricane slamming into the state, Nelson thought it would be best to not only run attack ads as Gov. Scott prepared the state’s panhandle for its worst hurricane strike ever. They even sent a tracker to his emergency briefing because…he was going to take the opportunity to attack Nelson? Because he might slip up and then use that as fodder in a campaign, where property and people’s lives could be lost? 

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Democrats will go low to win. We saw that with the recent Supreme Court battle. I would say Scott should do the same, but his handling of Hurricanes Irma and Maria were excellent and boosted his popularity. Also, as governor, he can’t really dabble in this nonsense given the office and the responsibility when facing a major storm. If he does manage this natural disaster well, and he should, then the political dividends he would reap should be significant, coupled with the Nelson campaign looking like a bunch of craven fools.

By Matt Vespa - Read the full article - 


Here's an  Idea .. Let's Get to Work for Florida. 

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Inviting Voter Fraud: No document required to vote in 16 states.

Who can vote in the U.S.?

Only citizens can vote in Federal, State, and most local elections.  Lawful Permanent Residents (green card holders) cannot vote until they become naturalized U.S. citizens.

Who can register to vote in the U.S.?

Only U.S. citizens can register to vote. Do not vote if you are not a U.S. citizen, even if someone tells you that you can.  


EXAMPLE OF A NO ID REQUIRED STATE: (BALLOTPEDIAAccording to the Office of the California Secretary of State, "in most cases, California voters are not required to show identification at their polling place." A voter may be asked to provide identification at the polls if it is his or her first time voting (this requirement applies if the individual registered by mail without providing a driver's license number, state identification number, or the last four digits of a Social Security number) 
So .. it's the honor system?


Voter Identification Laws in Effect in 2018

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The Daytona Beach News-Journal + The Republican Party of Florida + The Republican Executive Committee Volusia County AGREE

Vote 'No' on Amendment 3


If Amendment 3 passes, the Legislature would lose the ability to approve any further expansion of casino-style gambling in Florida, including sports betting. There are some big names behind this amendment. Disney Worldwide Services, the political arm of the mammoth Walt Disney Company, has opened its coffers in support.

There are reasons, however, to approach a sweeping prohibition like this with caution. One of them is swirling toward the Gulf of Mexico right now. With big storm after big storm battering Florida, it's easy to foresee a time when lawmakers run out of options — and money — to meet the state's most critical needs. This takes a big opportunity off the table. Gambling already generates hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for the state, including $280 million this year from the Seminole Tribe of Florida, which operates six casinos across the state.

The relationship between the tribe and the state is best summed up as “complicated.” For years, the tribal gaming compact was seen as a gentleman's agreement between Seminole leaders and lawmakers — if the Legislature didn't push for other forms of gaming, the tribe would continue to be generous with payments.

But if Amendment 3 passes, “there's nothing left to negotiate for,” says Mike Scudiero, an Ormond Beach based consultant who has worked on gaming issues. This amendment is likely to give the tribe a near-monopoly on games of chance in the state, while shutting down the possibility of negotiating other forms of gambling for anyone. On balance, it's not hard to see why the Seminole Tribe is enthusiastically, though quietly, backing Amendment 3.

The idea of voter control sounds attractive, and there are sound public-policy arguments against expanding gambling. But Amendment 3 won't make gambling go away; it's already here. Approving this prohibition would require voters to roll the dice that harder times will never force lawmakers to make tough choices like expanding gambling — and that the Seminole Tribe's generosity won't be affected if it gains such a clear upper hand in negotiations. That makes it a bad bet for Florida.

Editorial - 10/9/18 edition

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So what does a Red Wave actually look like?

The 2010 United States elections were held on Tuesday, November 2, 2010, in the middle of President Barack Obama's first term. Approximately 82.5 million people voted. The Democratic Party suffered massive defeats in many national and state level elections, with many seats switching to Republican Party control. Although the President's party usually loses congressional, statewide and local seats in midterm elections, the 2010 midterm election season featured some of the biggest losses since the Great Depression.

The Republican Party gained 63 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, recapturing the majority, ousting Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, and making it the largest seat change since 1948 and the largest for any midterm election since the 1938 midterm elections. The Republicans gained six seats in the U.S. Senate and also gained 680 seats in state legislative races.

See: 2010 RED WAVE


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Brett Michael Kavanaugh - Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.


The Kavanaugh nomination turned on two events. First, as I discussed here, Kavanaugh chose to fight. He wasn't going to quietly and gently absorb all of the false, outlandish accusations. Trump's speech October 2 in Southaven, Mississippi, was the second event that drove Kavanaugh toward confirmation. Trump rehashed Christine Ford's testimony.

"How did you get home? I don’t remember. How did you get there? I don’t remember. Where is the place? I don’t remember. How many years ago was it? I don’t know. I don’t know. I don't know."

Trump wasn't mocking Ford, he was transcribing her. It turns out Trump's transcription made the difference. He accomplished in 36 seconds what took Senator Susan Collins nearly an hour to do — shine a 100,000 megawatt spotlight on the failure of Ford to convince us that Brett Kavanaugh did anything to her.

Some will be slow to absorb this. The Woman is Always Right crowd probably never will. The ones in most need of schooling, however, are the establishment Republicans who are filled with animosity toward Trump and his tactics. Times have changed, and the Left is seeking to forever transform the country using tactics that the Old Ways can't combat. We saw it these last three weeks. Trump understands it. Matthew Continetti puts it this way:

He brags, he intimidates, he pouts, he jokes, he insults, he is purposefully ambiguous, and he leaves no criticism unanswered. He is frenetic and polarizing, a showboat and a salesman. His methods are over-the-top, combative, and divisive. Where others mindlessly repeat politically correct clichés, Trump unequivocally challenges them. He is president of a country that is wilder, zanier, and more unpredictable than before. It is also stronger.


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Promises Kept. Now he needs U.S. to VOTE

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The Democrat Party is 'morphing into a leftist party reminiscent of those in Europe and Latin America'


Dems: ‘Give in to Our Worldview or to Hell With You’


The Democrats blatant disregard of due process displayed in the Kavanaugh hearing, and their zeal to crucify his career and hang his reputation upon flimsy accusations .. returns civic discourse to the age of the Salem Witch Trials.  

The Left’s efforts, now embodied by groups such as Antifa and an increasing number of Democratic elected officials, to demonize and redefine words and concepts are not about defending their positions on policy or winning specific elections. Instead, the Left as a whole seeks to control and redefine the institutions it can, and destroy the institutions it cannot. 

The Left is challenging foundational and fundamental aspects of the country that make it viable. If Democrats succeed in redefining concepts such as justice, borders, sovereignty, and what constitutes rights, the country will no longer be recognizable.

We need to cease being polite and intellectually lazy in countering the Left’s strategy at redefining American institutions. If we do not succeed in doing this, what happened to Brett Kavanaugh will become the norm rather than the exception. 

Read it all @ THE LEFT AT WAR WITH U.S. - By  - 

#1 .. VOTE


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WH message to all GOP candidates: Get On Board The Trump Train


WASHINGTON (AP) - The White House has a message for vulnerable House Republicans tiptoeing around President Donald Trump: Get on board or start packing.

The warning comes in a memo from White House political director Bill Stepien, who argues that GOP candidates who try to distance themselves from the president are only doing themselves harm in the upcoming midterm elections.

Trump has used campaign rallies in an effort to boost Republican turnout, encouraging the voters he drew to the polls in 2016 to support more staid traditional lawmakers. Both parties largely view the 2018 contest as a race to turn out party faithful rather than an effort to attract new voters. At a rally in Southaven, Mississippi, on Tuesday, Trump told voters: “Pretend I’m on the ballot.”

He added: “This is also a referendum about me and the disgusting gridlock they’ll put this country through.”

“Watch closely where the president has and will campaign; you will see the president aggressively campaigning in districts with candidates who enthusiastically embrace the policies that have put America on the pathway to prosperity,” the memo states. “President Trump continues to be ready, willing and able to put the power and force of his coalition to work for the candidates with whom he stands, and those who stand with him.”

Read it all @ B-4 TRUMP or B-GONE

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Politician for life Bill Nelson will vote NO on Judge Kavanaugh.

CNN - Florida Sen. Bill Nelson -- a Democrat, announced that he was not going to vote to support Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court.

"I will vote no on Judge Kavanaugh. Dr. Ford's testimony was compelling and raises questions about his character and, therefore, there needs to be a full FBI investigation. As stated before, I will vote no."

Bill Nelson is the DC swamp. 

New ad. Click to watch


Time for Rick Scott.

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