America First: New poll says voters ready for Trump 2020

“With the midterm election in the books, voters are shifting their attention to the presidential election in 2020 and are growing more convinced that there’s a second term in sight for the 45th president,” says a new Rasmussen Reports analysis, which conducted a new survey Nov. 7 — just 24 hours after the Election Day.

It found that 47 percent of all U.S. voters believe that it is “likely Trump will be re-elected in 2020,” a finding which is up by 8 percentage points since August. There’s are negative aspects with lesser impact: 29 percent think the president will be defeated by the Democratic nominee in 2020, while 16 percent say Mr. Trump will be impeached and convicted before finishing a full term in the White House.

A separate Rasmussen survey also has some findings which lean in favor of the president and his policies.

“President Trump was criticized at a summit with European leaders this week for putting America’s interests ahead of global needs. Voters still share the president’s ‘America First’ attitude,” the poll analysis said. “When they think about problems in the world, 50 percent of likely U.S. voters still are more interested in finding a solution that most benefits the United States as opposed to one that is better for the whole world.”

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House Republicans voted 159 to 43 for Kevin McCarthy as their new House leader.

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He was expected to secure it, but still faced a notable challenge by Freedom Caucus member Jim Jordan

 Connor D. Wolf
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Know Your Enemy - What is going on with these crazy Donkeys?

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles"

Sun Tzu-The Art of War

"Nancy Pelosi, long the leftward fringe of her party, is no longer representative of the new Jacobins who form the center of power"


Socialist know-nothing Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is the future of the Democrat Party. Nancy Pelosi is its past. The Ocasio-Cortez contingent in the party has determined that Nancy Pelosi simply isn’t radical enough.

For Republicans, Pelosi's a radical who favors amnesty, citizenship, and voting rights for illegal aliens, government funded abortion on demand, and impeaching the president. But in the current Democrat Party she’s a mushy moderate.

For her part, Ocasio-Cortez spent Tuesday, her first day in Washington, DC, protesting climate change in Pelosi’s office.

So what do Democrats want? For one thing, they seem to want people decidedly to the Left of Pelosi. After all, in the recently past election they elected not only Ocasio-Cortez but also fellow-travelers like Lauren Underwood in Illinois and the Israel hating Ilhan Omar who has been accused of marrying her brother.

Democrats have, as ever, an aggressive legislative agenda that would, in Barack Obama’s words, ‘fundamentally transform the country’ but they know it’s going nowhere. House Democrats will probably pass a massive expansion of Medicaid, an amnesty bill, and maybe legislation to take control of elections away from the states. They won’t become law, but they will whet the appetite of their base and give them rallying points for their campaign to take control of the Senate in 2020 when Republicans will be defending 22 seats. But for now, with a divided Congress, everything but essential legislation will be mooted until 2021.

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By Christopher Buskirk


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DOJ expected to publish a legal opinion in support of Matthew Whitaker’s installation as acting AG

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By Matt Vespa
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“The mob is becoming in some ways as powerful as the French rabble who cheered on the guillotine”


The Present American Revolution

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Martha McSally Could Still Represent Arizona In The Senate

It will take Republican Gov. Doug Ducey, who trounced his Democratic opponent to win another term, to sign off on it, and current Sen. Jon Kyl needs to resign. Kyl was appointed to fill the vacancy left by the late Sen. John McCain. The discussions on this route have already begun, as Kyl has zero interest in returning to public life.

More than one million Arizona voters wanted to see the former fighter-pilot-turned-southern-Arizona congresswoman in the Senate.

Election results






















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By Matt Vespa 

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Israel Attacked: Hamas fired more than 400 rockets in 5 and-a-half hours on Monday, Nov. 12

Israel’s deterrent strength is on the line after the Palestinian Hamas fired more than 400 rockets in 5 and-a-half hours on Monday, Nov. 12. After their massive barrage, Hamas and its terrorist allies threatened to expand their targets beyond the South if the Israel air force on missions in Gaza Monday night goes beyond its routine tit-for-tat reprisals against empty buildings in the Gaza Strip.

An escalation of violence is therefore unavoidable in the next hours.

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Feel Good Again - 'Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) is the insurgency that will stop the rise of socialism in America.'

"The Democrat Socialists stand against nearly every principle YAL holds dear.

YAL is the insurgency that will stop the rise of socialism in America."


Generation Z may be the heir to a bankrupt social security system and over $21.6 trillion of debt, but unlike generations before them, they aren’t buying into socialism, and they aren’t kicking the can down the road.  

A student army, nine years in the making, descended into state house districts across the United States, knocked on over 1 million doors, and clinched 35 midterm wins for libertarian-leaning candidates as part of a project called Operation Win at the Door.”  

First, the plan called for identifying candidates running on liberty-based principles and vetting them via survey. The survey contained 29 questions related to taxes, spending, civil liberties, regulation reform, etc. to determine which candidates supported free minds, free markets, and limited government.

Secondly, the plan called for hiring, training, and deploying activists.  Teams consisting of 10 activists would be assembled and sent to targeted house districts with the mission of knocking on 35,000 doors and talking to likely voters three times; ultimately making sure voters turn up to support the YAL endorsed candidate on Election Day.   

Election night vindicated YAL’s tactics as they brought home 35 wins. 

'Operation Win at the Door' by Young Americans for Liberty (“YAL”)

is the brainchild of President Cliff Maloney Jr.

Read it all @ Operation Win at the Door - By Lindsay Marie 

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The fight for Florida continues.

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

The Florida Election should be called in favor of Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis in that large numbers of new ballots showed up out of nowhere, and many ballots are missing or forged. An honest vote count is no longer possible-ballots massively infected. Must go with Election Night!

Rick Scott Files Another Election Lawsuit

Rick Scott Files Another Election Lawsuit, Dems Say He's Acting Like a Dictator

Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s Senate campaign filed emergency motions Sunday to have the election equipment used in Broward and Palm Beach Counties impounded and secured by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and sheriff’s deputies when votes are not in the process of being counted.


By Leah Barkoukis


A Broward Circuit Court judge has denied Florida governor and Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rick Scott‘s injunction request, which asked for the judge to “impound and secure” voting machines and ballots at the Broward Election office as the winds of recount controversy swirl. Judge Jack Tuter notably shut down that request because he hasn’t seen evidence that would require him to grant it.

Nonetheless, Tuter said, the public’s confidence in the vote counting process is of paramount importance. The judge even suggested sending three more armed Broward County Sheriff’s deputies to election headquarters as supervisors.

“There needs to be an additional layer of confidence,” Tuter said. According to CBS Miami, Tuter suggested that the county send two deputies to the election office to watch cameras and USB drives, and a third deputy to monitor the other deputies.

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Duty. Honor. Country. Remember Our Veterans

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President Trump is in Paris .. but has his eye on the FL recounts

Donald J. Trump 


Trying to STEAL two big elections in Florida! We are watching closely!

In an attempt to subvert the integrity of a national election, democrat operatives in Broward & Palm Beach counties conspired to take down the current FL Governor + the next FL Governor (a former JAG officer and prosecutor) + the next U.S. Senator from FL .. and by extension, they sought to politically undermine President Trump.

That is called biting off more than you can chew.

Their scheme will FAIL. And when this recount is over .. there will be a grand juries, there will be indictments, there will be trials and there will be some donkeys going to federal prison.

Joe F.

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Recounts - We have all been here before


THANK YOU. THANK YOU  For answering the call to ACTION and volunteering to help.
Lisa Lewis is the best Supervisor of elections in Florida , when the state said do the recount , she went into action .
Machines are recounting ballots now, we have a few people there to observe, it will be over in approx 12  hours, not several days as we thought. I will keep you advised as to any more problems that come up . Recounts like this in the past never change the results , we will win both of these races.
Questions , email me 


RNC Goes to War in Florida: This Affects Every American

RNC Chairmwoman Ronna McDaniel  - "I think what’s happening in Broward County should concern every American, that Rick Scott came out of election night with 55,000 votes, a 55,000 vote lead over Senator Nelson and every day that has shrunk.
The Broward County Clerk, Brenda Snipes, was required by law after the polls closed on Tuesday night to within 30 minutes to share how many early votes were counted or cast in that county. She did not abide by the law.
She has also been required by law to give count totals every 45 minutes, she has also ignored that law. She is breaking the law, and she is breaking the trust of our democracy with the way she is handling this process.
Legal teams are engaging, but this is something that Democrats and Republicans should be coming together on because I don't know how these 80,000 votes came out of thin air and why isn't she following the law set forth by state of Florida?"
Rick Scott for Florida 


Governor Scott Wins Second Election Lawsuit

BROWARD COUNTY - Today, Broward County Circuit Judge Carol-Lisa Phillips ruled in favor of Governor Scott and ordered the immediate release of voter information from the county’s supervisor of elections. 

This order is the result of the lawsuit filed by Rick Scott for Florida late yesterday in response to the Broward County Supervisor of Elections refusing to provide information to the public. Judge Carol-Lisa Phillips also found that Brenda Snipes violated Florida’s open records laws by failing to turn over the information. See the original filing HERE.

“We are glad that the Broward Supervisor of Elections is being held accountable for this unethical failure. Bill Nelson and his rag tag group of liberal lawyers from D.C. keep trying to steal this election, but they won’t get away with it. Floridians deserve transparency, and we are going to keep fighting to protect the choice the voters made in this election.” – Chris Hartline, Spokesman for Scott for Florida  


"Following Republican nominee Donald Trump's electoral college victory in the United States presidential election of 2016, a group of computer scientists, cyber security experts, and election monitors raised concerns about the integrity of the election results.
They urged the campaign staff of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who had conceded the campaign on November 9, to petition for a recount in three key states: Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. 
When the Clinton campaign declined to file for recounts, Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein agreed to spearhead the recount effort on November 23, on the grounds that unspecified "anomalies" may have affected the election's outcome.
The Clinton team subsequently pledged to support the recount efforts "in order to ensure the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides.
Two other states were the subject of recount bids that were separate from Stein's efforts in the Rust Belt states: American Delta Party/Reform Party presidential candidate Rocky De La Fuente filed for a partial recount in Nevada on November 30, and three Florida citizens filed for a complete hand recount in their state on December 6." (Wikipedia)


UPDATED Nov 9 @ 1pm: Many have asked me how I believe this will turn out. Here's my take:

LastBestHope  LastBestHope 

To win, the Dems will have to do some galactic cheating to overcome a sitting governor using the full authority of his office .. and the POTUS using federal authority .. with both willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the integrity of the election.

If there was a bet to made in Las Vegas re: the outcome, I'd bet the ranch on the Dems losing .. with a side bet that a couple of donkeys end up facing felony charges.

Joe F.

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