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    Let’s just cut to the chase. The upcoming national midterm elections are a referendum on impeachment. Democrats’ behavior during Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing was a sneak preview of what our House of Representatives will look and sound like if the Democratic Party wins a majority in November.

    Everyone by now should have a clear understanding that since Donald Trump’s election, the deep state, the bitter left, Hollywood elites and the old guard media have been attempting to overturn the result. They will do whatever it takes to regain power. For them, nothing is out of bounds. Only we the people can stop their schemes and plots against U.S.

    For patriots, a Nov. 6 Republican Party win is vital. Keeping the America First agenda on track is our mission, making America great again is our responsibility, voting is our sacred duty.

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    They have messed with the Alpha for far too long …
    They will soon find out why He is the Alpha.

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