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  • published michigan in VOLUSIA GOP FRONT PAGE 2020-10-02 20:26:28 -0400

    VICTORY: ‘Michigan Is Now Unlocked’

    State Supreme Court Strikes Down Emergency Powers Law

    The Michigan Supreme Court on Friday struck down a 1945 law that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) has been using to keep the state locked down since April.

    Whitmer has repeatedly extended a “state of emergency” for the past several months and pointed to a World War II-era law to do so, most recently lengthening it until October 27.  But today, the basis for the ongoing lockdown was ruled unconstitutional.

    “The governor had no right to extend the state of emergency over the Legislature’s objection. Our Constitution matters, and this was a big win for our democratic process.”

    “Michigan is now unlocked,” Fred Wszolek, spokesman for Unlock Michigan told Breitbart News.

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  • The President and First Lady Test Positive for COVID-19

    This disease, while it can hit the most vulnerable people hard and even kill, the lethality rate of 0.01% means it is still on par with seasonal flu. Both of them may remain asymptomatic. It cannot be stated enough: Infection does not equate death. But that is the propaganda we've been fed for the past 6 months.

  • published debate1 in VOLUSIA GOP FRONT PAGE 2020-09-30 07:41:24 -0400

    Donald Trump debates 2 people at the same time - Wins Again


    ** Trump was taking on two politicians
    ** Chris Wallace interrupted President Trump 76 times to just 15 times for Joe Biden
    ** Joe Biden couldn’t answer a question
    ** Joe Biden’s name-calling was disgusting and inappropriate
    ** Joe Biden made 33 false or misleading statements
    ** Democrats have to lie to the public about their policies and plans because they are so unpopular and destructive

    This will be what haunts him the rest of the way. ANTlFA is CLEARLY an organization. a VIOLENT organization.

    Democrats left the debate thoroughly defeated. They know they lost. How do we know that?
    Because top Democrats are now all calling for Joe Biden to cancel any future debates.


      Spanish speaking viewers of Telemundo poll:  66% Trump 34% Biden. #DebateTuesday

  • published amy in VOLUSIA GOP FRONT PAGE 2020-09-26 17:37:06 -0400

    For The Supreme Court of the United States ...

    Dem / Media Attacks Begin  

    "So far, Judge Barrett has been called a religious bigot, a racist, an antifeminist, anti-public health. Her opponents haven't gotten around yet to calling her an alien lizard person, but it'll come. Before it's over with, I'm afraid, that they will accuse her of drowning little newborn puppies."

    "That's not what this is all about though, and I think almost all of my Democratic colleagues know that none of these things are true. This is what they're upset about;

    Judge Barrett is a Constitutionalist, which means she's a Madisonian, which means she believes in the separation of powers, which means she believes that federal judges are not politicians in robes, which means she believes that the United States Supreme Court is not supposed to be a mini Congress, which means that she believes that federal judges are not supposed to try to rewrite the Constitution every other Thursday to advance a political or social agenda that they can't get by the voters, which means that she believes that the law is not supposed to be politics practiced a different way."

    Republican Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy


    Who is Amy Coney Barrett? 

    Amy Coney Barrett Is President Trump's Pick

    Confirmation will begin the week of Oct. 12

  • published ymca in VOLUSIA GOP FRONT PAGE 2020-09-22 11:03:15 -0400

    Be a Happy Warrior for America ...

    Melissa Wrenn (from left), Alisha Mishell and Jenna Delta of Gainesville, Florida dance to piped in music as they wait with other supporters for President Donald Trump to arrive Thursday, September 24, 2020 at the Great American Comeback Event at the Cecil Commerce Center in Jacksonville, Florida. (Click on Image)

    Donald Trump IS



    Proverbs 17:22 "A joyful heart is good medicine"

    Our fake news media forgot to mention THIS -

    Organizers estimate 100,000 people rallied in Montreal Canada on Saturday, Sept. 12, 2020 to “fight for freedom” and protest overbearing COVID-19 restrictions. Several speakers panned fake news and downplayed the seriousness of the virus. Some speakers said the virus is similar to a bad flu. They explained how the Canadian government allegedly killed thousands of people by sending COVID-19 patients to senior residences. There were scores of Trump 2020 flags with the slogan “NO MORE BULLSHIT.”


    The number of people marching and chanting ‘USA-USA-USA’ in Montreal absolutely stun onlookers.


  • published scotus1 in VOLUSIA GOP FRONT PAGE 2020-09-19 15:30:18 -0400

    "We have this obligation, without delay!"

    President Trump makes clear plan to fill Ginsburg's Supreme Court seat

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg
    Updated: September 19, 2020 - 11:43am

    President Trump on Saturday made clear his intention to get a Supreme Court nominee confirmed to the high court to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, arguing he and fellow Republicans “have this obligation, without delay!”

    Ginsburg died Friday from complications from cancer. She was 87.

    Her death immediately created a high-stakes partisan standoff about whether Trump should get to replace Ginsburg, with just 45 days before Election Day, or allow the winner of his presidential race with Democrat Joe Biden to nominate a replacement.

    “We were put in this position of power and importance to make decisions for the people who so proudly elected us, the most important of which has long been considered to be the selection of United States Supreme Court Justices. We have this obligation, without delay!” Trump tweeted Saturday morning.

    Republicans now control the Senate, in which a nominee is confirmed. However, the GOP is in jeopardy of losing its Senate majority with several races considered a tossup.

    The GOP has 53 member in the Senate and Democrats have 47 including including two independents.

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Friday that a Trump nominee will get a confirmation vote.

    By Joseph Weber

  • published afteryou in VOLUSIA GOP FRONT PAGE 2020-09-18 13:17:40 -0400

    THEY are after you - your kids, their kids - and their kids ... THEY must be stopped.

    President Trump has announced the creation of a "1776 Commission" to fight the growth of far-left revisionist history such as the 1619 Project.

    "Whether it is the mob on the street or the cancel culture in the board room, the goal is the same ... To silence dissent, to scare you out of speaking the truth and to bully Americans into abandoning their values, their heritage, and their very way of life.

    Divisive and distorted histories of our country—everything from Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States to The New York Times’ 1619 Project—seek to erase America’s tradition of liberty, free expression, and self-determination from memory.

    For too long, the left has been winning that fight. For example, even though the 1619 Project has been criticized as inaccurate by multiple prominent historians, it already has been quietly disseminated in 4,500 classrooms across the United States."

    "We must stop the lies in America’s classrooms"

    Click on image

    President Trump delivers remarks at the White House Conference on American History | September 17, 2020

  • published YOUR NOV 3 VOTER GUIDE in VOLUSIA GOP FRONT PAGE 2020-09-18 09:30:02 -0400


    It's time...We need your help NOW to help re-elect President Trump!

    Hello to our many volunteers
    We're scheduling now for help in the parking lots to pass out our REPUBLICAN VOTER GUIDES and for help inside the polls to oversee the voting process.
    We will call you this week. PLEASE ANSWER, so we can schedule you to either pass out our Republican Voter Guide or Poll Watch, your choice.
    Early Voting is Monday, October 19 through Sunday, November 1
    Election Day is Tuesday, November 3
    Each day, we have three shifts, 7am-11am, 11am-3pm and 3-7pm.
    Think about what day(s)?...what time? and which voting location?
    So, you'll get our call...Unknown Caller or a number you don't recognize, PLEASE ANSWER.  Or we will leave you a message and text.  PLEASE call me back.  We have thousands of names to call and we can't keep calling you back.
    HERE WE GO....Thank you in advance
    Tom and Nancy Coriale
    Poll Greeting and Poll Watching
    Volusia County Republican Party

  • published ttn917 in VOLUSIA GOP FRONT PAGE 2020-09-17 15:14:24 -0400

    TRUMP TALK NOW - Watch show #35



    September 17, 2020 at 6pm - 7pm
    Volusia Top Gun
    2900 Bellevue Avenue Ext
    Daytona Beach, FL

  • commented on backfire 2020-07-27 19:24:15 -0400
    Ken, the Democrats tried to end U.S. in1860 and they’re trying to do it again. It’s time to put an end to them by giving Trump a second term.

  • commented on rogstone 2020-07-11 08:45:36 -0400
    Trump saves the day .. again.

    But he can’t do it all. Find a way to do something to help him. Keep your eyes on the prize – Which is Nov 3 victory – Which is this generation’s D-Day, when we save ourselves and our country.

  • commented on panicporn 2020-06-30 09:21:32 -0400
    In asymmetrical warfare there is a term that describes how to defeat an enemy without firing a shot. PSYOPS means psychological operations. These kind of operations convey false / half true information that’s meant to influence emotions and objective reasoning. Mass media is the perfect delivery vehicle for this weapon. When successful, PSYOPS can ultimately influence the behavior of governments, groups, and individuals.

    We should all understand this term and how it applies to what fake news media is doing to the America people. Used in every war, ancient or modern, in one form or another, the goal of PSYOPS is to confuse and then kill the spirit to fight back. But, and this the key, it only works if people believe the lies they’re being told.

    Enemies, foreign and domestic, have been using PSYOPS on U.S. everyday. They want us discouraged. They want us afraid. They want us to give up. Be aware of it, don’t be played, fight back.

    The Trump Victory Train 2020 is moving fast now and this train is bound for glory. This train’s not slowing down and those who seek to derail the Trump Train by laying across the tracks are going to be upset when they find themselves crushed beneath the wheels.

  • commented on Tulsa 2020-06-21 11:50:07 -0400
    Great rally in Tulsa. POTUS was in excellent form. His West Point story was hilarious. His hits on Biden and the dems were sharp and it’s only the beginning. Donkeys offer a target rich environment and Trump is an expert marksman.

    Of course fake news is featuring the empty seats and praising tik-tok teenagers who tried to game the ticket request system. This new gotcha moment by the usual suspects is the usual nonsense. There is no reserved seating, it’s first come first served, the tickets are free. And by helping to run up the requests for tickets numbers, teenage idiot tik-toks gave the Trump campaign a nice headline, while doing zero to affect attendance. OBTW .. thanks for giving up your data kiddies.

    A Trump Rally is like going to a major sports night time event that’s gonna be on TV anyway. Being there is fun but parking is bad,, your car may get vandalized and going home ya might run into muggers.

    The hate U.S. crowd will hover over every rally, as they have to one degree or another since the beginning. Some Trump supporters may choose TV more often than before but their votes stay same.

    Trump Victory 2020.

  • commented on riots 2020-06-01 08:28:12 -0400
    Posted by Jim Donahue
    Jun 1, 2020 | CopConscience

    Manufactured Outrage – The George Floyd Story

    Last Monday, May 25, 2020, was Memorial Day in the United States. It was also George Floyd’s last day on earth. At the early age of 46, Mr. Floyd passed away during a medical procedure in a Minneapolis hospital, according to police reports.

    In the years prior to his death, Floyd spent five years in prison for armed robbery. He was no angel (not that any of us are) and being handled by law enforcement and corrections officers was not new to him.

    In the hours immediately preceding his death, he broke the law by attempting to make a purchase with a counterfeit twenty-dollar bill. In the process of being arrested, Mr. Floyd was taken to the ground by the officers at the scene. After he was handcuffed, he was held in place by Officer Derek Chauvin who used a neck restraint.

    Watching Ofc. Chauvin use the restraint was not a pretty sight. But then, most use-of-force events are not pretty to watch, especially if you are an untrained civilian. It was reported that Floyd told the attending officers, “I cannot breathe,” more than once. Sounds bad.

    Once on the street, rookie cops quickly learn that it is quite common for people who have been arrested and are on their way to jail to suddenly claim some kind of horrible medical problem.

    “I can’t breathe.”
    “I’m having horrible chest pains.”
    “I’m feeling dizzy and have no sensation on my left/right side.”
    “When you punched me, I think you broke my arm, wrist, hand, shoulder, ribs, yadda, yadda, yadda. I need to go to the hospital.”

    Experienced lawbreakers are doing everything they can to delay their entrance into the jail because they know that they have a much better chance of escaping from a medical facility than they will have escaping from a jail cell.

    It’s an old song and most cops quickly grow tired of hearing it. It is usually shrugged-off unless there has been some evidence of the problem previously as the incident unfolded.

    Ultimately, after an unknown amount of time dealing with the criminal, (Floyd) at or near the store, medics arrived to check him over and he is then he was whisked off to be checked at the hospital and ultimately, held at the local Iron Hotel.


    As is common these days, members of the public were recording videos of the incident. A few seconds of it were parsed and presented to public via social media.

    It was intended to show the ‘awful’ things the four ‘bully cops’ did to this poor, defenseless, unarmed man who did not deserve such harsh treatment. As a result, Minneapolis citizens began to protest against what they saw as excessive force being used by their local cops.

    They didn’t like it and they took to the streets to let their opinions be known.

    They had every right to do that.

    Over the years, experience has taught cops everywhere a lesson. The average Joe in the community believes this falsehood: Contemporaneous videos which are recorded at the scene and shown later tell the entire story. And, of course, they are always 100% accurate.

    Many times, the videos meet those expectations. In this case though, the video led the viewer to a conclusion which was 180 degrees off-the-mark.

    People demonstrated in the streets of Minneapolis. They appeared in huge numbers and their voices were loud. Their demands and their desires sincere. All of that is very much part of the fabric of America; it has been since our founding.

    Read more – https://copblue.com/manufactured-outrage-the-george-floyd-story/

  • commented on travesty 2020-04-14 07:34:20 -0400
    Former lawyer and current journalist Laura Ingraham recently interviewed Attorney General William Barr for two hours, aired on her TV news show ‘The Ingraham Angle". It was a wide ranging discussion covering many subjects, but of particular interest was Mr. Barr’s comments re: the ongoing investigation of what’s called ‘Spygate’, a term that refers to events where high ranking officials in various government agencies allegedly abused their power to illegally spy on the 2016 campaign of Donald Trump.

    During this extraordinary interview Mr. Barr said; “My own view is that the evidence shows that we’re not dealing with just mistakes and sloppiness. There’s something far more troubling here.”

    He went on to say; “I think what happened to him [Trump] was one of the greatest travesties in American history, and without any basis they started this investigation of his campaign, and even more concerning actually, is what happened after the campaign, a whole pattern of events while he was president to sabotage the presidency.”

    In a pre-virus news world, these statements would have made headlines everywhere. Nonetheless, in language that is as forthcoming as could be considering the case against these high ranking suspects is still being built, the Attorney General is telling us that there was a soft coup attempt to “sabotage the presidency.”

    What remains is for prosecutors to present irrefutable evidence in open court that can withstand a defense team’s obfuscatory strategy. We’ve never seen anything like this because there’s never been anything like this.

    Stay tuned.

  • commented on stoppress 2020-03-21 09:29:32 -0400
    One of the suggestions was to record the WH briefings and then have ‘media experts’ tell U.S. what was said.

    This kind of institutional arrogance took many, many years to develop. God only knows how it will ever be fixed .. maybe cut their absurdly high salaries and let ‘em earn that $15 hourly wage they’re so enthused about.

  • commented on deplorables 2019-12-26 09:06:20 -0500
    We live in a divided country. On one side there are those who live media-centric lives. These folks either have jobs related to media-land or are full time consumers of what media-land produces. This large group of people mostly populate metropolis America.

    On the other side are those who pay little attention to media-land. These folks have jobs where the focus is on what must be done, not talked about. Their well being, financial and otherwise, is directly tied to the daily work of their hands. This large group of people populate every town across America.

    The great divide in our country is because watching and talking about things are not at all the same as actually doing them. The great divide is because metropolis America has lost contact with working class America, calling them deplorable for their faith in traditional values. This great divide is what the angry noise is all about.

    Welcome to election year 2020. Are you registered to vote?

  • commented on letter 2019-12-17 18:41:15 -0500
    “Perhaps most insulting of all is your false display of solemnity. You apparently have so little respect for the American People that you expect them to believe that you are approaching this impeachment somberly, reservedly, and reluctantly. No intelligent person believes what you are saying. Since the moment I won the election, the Democrat Party has been possessed by Impeachment Fever. There is no reticence. This is not a somber affair. You are making a mockery of impeachment and you are scarcely concealing your hatred of me, of the Republican Party, and tens of millions of patriotic Americans. The voters are wise, and they are seeing straight through this empty, hollow, and dangerous game you are playing.”

    Epic – https://www.volusiacountyrepublicans.org/letter

  • commented on UKvotes 2019-12-13 07:21:55 -0500
    The Trump Revolution is now a global phenomena. The tide has turned. The leftists are being pushed into the political wilderness and they’ll be there for a long time.

    Our friend sundance @ CTH writes;
    At the center of this realignment is “America First“. A reestablished economic leverage that can reward allies and punish adversaries. Globalism becomes a thing of the past and is replaced by economic nationalism; an international tide to lift all boats – peacefully.

    “Economic security is national security”

  • commented on IGreport 2019-12-09 19:08:19 -0500
    Why were they so unconcerned about the wide trail of evidence they were leaving behind? Because President Hillary Clinton would never allow anything they did to be scrutinized.

    Trump winning was barely conceivable in their collective minds. But just in case, Strzok had an insurance policy, which was executed with even greater stupidity than the attempt to rig 2016.

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